Qwest To Workers: Pee In A Urinal Bag

Union representatives are pissed that Qwest ordered field workers to pee in urinal bags so they wouldn’t waste time trying to find public bathrooms. The disposable urinal bags were distributed by a manager to 25 male field techs in Colorado.

A company spokeswoman told the Rocky Mountain News there’s no policy that requires field technicians to use urinal bags while they’re out on a job.

The Communications Workers of America local hasn’t filed a grievance.

One local administrative director said that while the union deals with a “a lot of silliness in corporate America,” this one takes the [urinal] cake.

Before complaining to a supervisor about your grumpy Qwest field tech, see if you can’t get results by pointing out a nearby McDonald’s.

Urinal Bags Don’t Sit Well With Union [WDSU]
(Photo: Getty)

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