Best Buy Charges $2 Premium For Inferior Open-Box Mouse

The Best Buy in Champaign, Illinois wants Andrew to pay $2 extra for a used mouse covered with someone else’s hand gunk. We see plenty of these open-box pricing bloopers and Best Buy employees are always fast to rush to the comments screaming “But it’s policy!” We understand, but it’s a stupid policy that has a simple, albeit symbolic and ineffective solution.

Stop placing the open-box items right next to the old price tags! The pictures people send us are not (usually) staged. They are taken by ordinary shoppers who could care less about your precious policies, and who can spot idiocy when it stares them in the face. Don’t make the screw job so !@#$% obvious and we might stop making fun of you. Well, we’re going to make fun of you anyway, but geeze, make us work for it, alright?

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