The IRS is holding $1.2 billion in unclaimed refunds for 1.3 million people who still haven’t filed a 2004 tax return. [IRS]


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  1. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Hm. At what point is the IRS able to lay hold of those unclaimed funds? Ever?

  2. Froggmann says:

    I think it’s after 3 years. At least that’s what they told me when I found out my 03 return never got to them.

  3. howie_in_az says:

    I should really file my 2006 taxes…

  4. soulman901 says:

    I think they should take the Money and distribute it to the folks actually did file. Tell the other suckers, Ha Ha, you should have filed. Losers.

  5. spamtasticus says:

    It says there is 1.2 Billion “B” but then when you click on their page for a breakdown by state it totals 1.2 Million “M”.

  6. kamel5547 says:

    href=”#c4799759″>Froggmann: Interesting… this is the info from the IRS site:
    “A taxpayer may file a claim for a tax refund of an overpayment of any tax within 3 years from the time the tax return was filed with the IRS or 2 years from the time the tax was paid to the IRS, whichever period is the last. If no tax return was filed with the IRS, the claim may be made within 2 years from the date that the tax was paid to the IRS. See section 6511(a) of the Tax Code. “

    The way I read it, if you filed a very late tax return you could claim your refund? On the other hand the IRS has up to 10 years to get its money…

  7. WraithSama says:


    I’m sure it’s billion, not million. If it were 1.2 million for 1.3 million people, that’d average less than a dollar per person.

    On the other hand, if it’s 1.2 billion spread out over 1.3 million people, it’s a little over a grand each averaged out. Of course, some people will get more than others.

  8. thelushie says:

    I am pretty sure I am on that list but I know it isn’t much. I worked that year but didn’t make enough to file. (I am a student)

  9. t-r0y says:

    @spamtasticus: If you look at the top of the table, the column you’re looking at is title ‘Total Estimated Refunds ($000)*’. This means you need to multiply all numbers by 1000 to get the real number — Billions NOT millions.

  10. MoCo says:

    It’s probably mostly taxes that were withheld from illegal aliens who filed using a false SSN. Also some taxes withheld from people who died before fiiing their tax return.

  11. kiloman says:

    So how do I claim my moneys?

  12. jamesus says:

    So…how much of that is going to Wesley Snipes?