Personal Finance Roundup

7 ways to save your profits from the tax man [MSN Money] “The tax code actually can help you increase your investment profit. Here are some tips for maximizing gains, including advice on how to time purchases and sales.”

Get your stimulus tax rebate faster: The IRS tells how [Consumer Reports] “Want to get your tax rebate faster? File your taxes early and electronically, and arrange for direct deposit.”

How to Find the Best Home Appraiser [The Street] “Here’s what you need to know to find a reliable appraiser.”

Asset allocation in hard times [Bankrate] “Finding the right mix of different assets can give you the diversity to protect your money for the long haul through any market.”

Going Green While on the Go [Kiplinger] “Business travel is expensive and not particularly friendly to the environment. [Here’s] how to lessen the impact.”

(Photo: djzealot)

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