HP Replaces Missing Laptop After 3 Months

Remember N? He last saw his laptop in December after shipping it to HP for desperately needed repairs. After posting the story HP reached out to N, who tells us that he just received a spanking new machine. Read N’s reaction and his tips for handling similar situations, after the jump.

Hi guys finally i got my notebook.. this time its an upgraded one… got a built in cam, 2Gb ram etc.. thanks for posting my situation online without it a guy name JP Szambelan who emailed me ask me about my notebook and contact HP Service… thanks to that guy and Consumerist.com

A little tip for guys having notebook service problem:

1. Post your concern on consumerist.com if its taking a company to return your stuff for sooooooo long. im sure somebody will take notice of your concerns and help you along the way. when i posted my situation online within 3 weeks i got my notebook back.

2. contact that company follow it up twice a week… chat with them.. even a little swearing at them would do.. hehehehehehe thats what i did.. (even cursed HP to burn in hell)

3. and sometimes call them and talk politely….

Reason why i didn’t do my tips on number 1 & 2 and 3

1. i got another notebook im using so i don’t mind at all.. just got pissed only when they kept on delaying when i will receive my notebook thats when it took 3 months and do my tips number 1,2 &3

and it works might be the worst advice but thats my whole experience.

The spirit of N’s advice is spot-on. Stay on top of your issue, but use firm and unfailing politeness so CSRs can empathize with your situation. If talking to the company fails to produce results, submit your story to our tipline.

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  1. DearEditor says:

    The part of the article where HP “finds” the laptop is missing. Nitpicking aside, bravi to all the champions of politeness!

  2. emptydarkone says:

    Let me get this correct. You offer three tips to guys dealing with a notebook service problem, but you didn’t follow the advice you’re giving. Or did you? I’m unsure on this point. Here’s some advice for you. Those red squiggly lines actually mean something.

    I should think that a cogent argument of your problem will get you further than swearing at a CSR you are dealing with. hehehehehehe

  3. sly100100 says:

    I’m pretty sure swearing wont help, all that will do is get them pissed off at you and that laptop you haven’t seen in three months will be going home with someone else.

  4. DearEditor says:

    Nice headline fix, no cussin’ required. Thanks.

  5. bigtimestuff says:

    I have a feeling that the writer couldn’t get his laptop back because no one could understand what he was saying. Or maybe it’s just me.

  6. RachaelMathis says:

    @bigtimestuff: I totally agree, that made no sense to me. I was wondering if it was just me and my head cold missing the point.

  7. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Don’t lose your temper, and don’t use foul language (curses!)…and don’t quit.

  8. UpsetPanda says:

    @bigtimestuff: No, I think you’re onto something. Apparently he poo-pooed punctuation. Pshaw, who needs that…

  9. oakie says:

    apparently his new laptop is devoid of a spell checking function.

  10. Nighthawke says:

    Would it be polite if you told them to “please go to hell”?

  11. ChimpWithACar says:

    I sent them my broken HP laptop about 10 days ago, and they shipped it back to me via FedEx overnight, arriving last Friday and working fine.

    Maybe they just like me because it’s a hella-expensive laptop..

  12. dragon:ONE says:

    I’ve got a Compaq C714NR going out for service today. These tips are going to be helpful to me. Thanks.

    Considering it’s a $400 machine, I don’t know what will happen, especially because it’s a problem with the onboard power connector, I hope this all turns out well.

    And the machine I’m stuck with now lags posting comments here. And it’s a huge step down from my laptop – a 400 MHz AMD K6-II.