OfficeMax Ships Spindle Of CD-Rs Without The Spindle

Hey OfficeMax, Bill ordered a spindle of CD-Rs, not a batch of CD-Rs carelessly dumped into a box without the spindle or any protective cushioning. Did you seriously think he wouldn’t notice or complain about the pell-mell packing job? Unsurprisingly, the CD-Rs are scratched and ruined. Bill isn’t pleased, but he’s taking the flub in stride.

He writes:

Howdy Consumerist,

I stumbled across your site recently and am now addicted to it. Today I got a package from OfficeMax where we recently ordered some CD-Rs.
CD%20Spindle.jpgOne of our front office gals opened the box to find the following: (attached picture #1)

Quite a bit different than what is pictured on their website.

I guess whoever packaged the cds was hard up for spindles? The shrink wrap from the spindle was still in the box, but the cds were not in the shrink wrap. We’re sending the cds back of course and hopefully the next batch won’t come unwrapped, unspindled, and with scratches all over them!

We are racking our minds for possible spindle uses that would explain the disappearance—random DIY projects like a makeshift pineapple stand, maybe? Please, if you can think of something, share your insights in the comments.