Email Addresses For Sprint's Board Of Directors

Here are working email addresses for the Sprint board of directors. Should the special phone line Sprint set up for Consumerist readers (703-433-4401) somehow fail to work out or someday cease working, these represent yet a higher level to which you could escalate a long-standing complaint. We hear you can also use these addresses to submit hostile takeover bids.,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. hejustlaughs says:

    I really doubt these postings contribute to the greater good. Their inboxes will most likely get flooded with petty issues because you know how people are. With the hundreds (thousands?) of e-mails they’ll be receiving I believe they’ll either:

    a) ignore all of them

    b) change their e-mail address

    c) set up an autoresponder

  2. midwestkel says:


  3. Pro-Pain says:

    I have Sprint service and it’s great. I have a Palm Centro phone with a SERO plan and it CANNOT be beat by any of the other major carriers in the US. I think if Sprint can revamp their customer service department they will be sticking around for a bit.

  4. longgone1 says:

    okay – a little help here.these bank fees?
    usbank policy states they pay checks received in the order from higest amount to lowest… this it fine for them — actually it resembles racketeering..EXAMPLE:
    three $3 checks and a $10 check post to your account,where your balance is $9 they will pay all of them usually if your relationship is good — however the order of payment is policy and they will not pay what they can from available funds and charge only one od fee of $35 — no // they gouge a person — they bounce the higher amount and that places the account in default not only the amount of the ten dollar ck, but noe it carries the fee as well. then they chare three more fees for the additional checks.. as well they also have a fee for $8 per day for continuos overdraft —so long as the account remains negative balance,it costs $8 per day—
    While i have no issue with overdraft fees if you are overdrawn — i do take issue with the order of payment.
    The banks have authority to charge fees regardless of if they pay the checks or return them. So if they paid the first 3> $3 checks bringing anaxccount to zero bal. then paid the last one of $10 this would generate only on fee of $35..not at usbank…
    only wells fargo allowed me the option of deciding the order of payment — however – wells fargo would return checks –not pay them — their fee was slightly lower for returns — and the party that got a check back also charged a fee — this gets comparable all things considered. However, it is wrong that any bank is allowed to choose the order of payment for the sole purpose of generating fees…. honestly they have the right to charge fees in any order AND still return them.
    therefor shouldn’t it be they pay from the account what ever funds are there, and charge overdrafts for — overdrafts?
    The reasoning my bank gave me for this practice / policy — is that higher amounts generally are for rent utilities,car payments etc… so i asked — 10,20 30 dollar payments are not for rent?
    in conclusion — say a 50 dollar ck arrives with 5- 10 dollar cks… they will pay the fifty dollar check and the 5 – 10 dollar ones — chraging your account 5 overdraft fees…to a tune of $175 in fees when they could ave paid the 5 $10 cks and the one $50 and charged you only one OD fee of $35?
    Note I tested this personally — it is a shame.
    All cks posted at the same time on the same day… the accountant chose the order of payment based on policy.
    I argued and had some money returned — but it still is wrong.
    Pay what is available in the account or can be paid from funds available — do as you wish with the renmainder.Banks do not care about their customers — only the shareholders/profit

    any suggestions on this?like sending a message to Senator Dodd — about unfair bank policies?
    Credit cards ,bank loans,home loans,checking accounts –it don’t matter they have their hand in all of it.We must become savvy or they will destroy us as people.

  5. pestie says:

    @Pro-Pain: I agree. I’ve been extremely happy with Sprint’s service from a technical perspective (coverage, lack of dropped calls, etc.) but their customer service is a frightening nightmare. While trying to activate a used Sprint phone I bought on eBay, I actually talked to a guy (I think he was in India) who had no idea what eBay was. And this was after I had been passed around to 17 different departments and put on hold for varying amounts of time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Pro-Pain: Alltel.

  7. Pro-Pain says:

    The key to Sprint’s customer service is you have to call back a few times to get a “helpful” CSR. It can and WILL happen if you keep calling. As soon as I hear an Indian sounding accent, I immediately hang up and call again. Hassle yes, but worth it in the end.

  8. deepsprint says:

    They are not in India, they are in the Philippines.

    I have no hatred towards the Filipino people, but the Sprint call centers there are the problem. They speak English but the cultural differences are vast so the communication is poor. Combined with the fact that Sprint’s backend systems are complex and just plain hard to use the customer service experience these poorly trained people deliver is truly wretched. The out-sourced call centers get paid by the call so the workers there are under pressure to get a resolution quickly or transfer the call. That explains why when you call Sprint for anything more than the simplest issue you just get transfered around and around as everyone tries to dump the problem on someone else.

    The only way to get decent service at Sprint is to say you are calling to cancel because that will route you to a domestic call center.

  9. dweebster says:

    @deepsprint: Just wait until you have to deal with an incorrect “overdue bill” (thanks to Sprint’s forgetting to log in some phones they received months back) being collected by Sprint’s Jamaican collection agency. Not only do you have to try understanding why the hell they think your account is overdue, you also have to deal with a very confusing accent.

    The best part is that they have no authority to FIX the problem Sprint caused, they can only illegally shake you down with the threat of cutting off your phone service the next day if you don’t pay them immediately (in my case $2000.00) for an amount you do not owe. Nothing like dealing with a human parrot that can only threaten you with the loss of your family lifeline for money you do not owe. Talk about consumer hell – Sprint’s taken me there.

    Best part: Even Sprint’s own customer service has only one way of fixing their own fuckups: adding fake credits onto the bill so Jamaica doesn’t order your phone turned off. AND, a supervisor needs to do it, AND it’s apparently done at the risk of that supervisor’s job.

    Sad thing is, the email bombs might only work so long, and in the really severe cases like “your phone is getting cut off tomorrow if you pay $2 Grand that you do not owe us” it’s highly unlikely the execs will be checking email and responding over their family dinner.

  10. topeka says:

    Sprint will just “lose” all of the e-mails when they update their systems every few days. I work for them. Bills get lost, adjustments get lost, price plans are not updated — just one big mess.

  11. faveaunt says:

    Recently needed to contact CS for Sprint due to them automatically taking payment from my checking account for my daughter’s (who lives 2,000 miles away)cell phone bill. No satisfaction over the phone, the gentleman didn’t understand what I was trying to say, no matter how simply I explained it. So I fired off e-mails to the executives at Sprint in frustration. By the next morning, my phone was ringing off the hook. Within 36 hours of said calls, my money was returned to my account with sincere apologies. Now they have shut off my son-in-law’s phone, not my daughter’s though, stating he cannot pay his bill with his checking account! My son-in-law has asked for the e-mail addresses, hoping he can get this resolved since the young man in another country swore at him over the phone yesterday, and refused to put a supervisor on the line. Our contract runs out in November and we will be switching companies!! This is ridiculous. (oh, and as a result of all of this, my bank, WAMU, will no longer do auto payments from my checking account even if we do authorize it, which messed up my MVP standing with Hollywood Video!)

  12. chino331 says:

    I used to work for sprint, Dan’s email is wrong… it’s, there’s no middle initial. The OFFICE of Dan Hesse is

  13. bmilburn says:

    I’ve had 4 lines with Sprint since July 2007. The bills are wrong at least 30% of the time. If I make no changes the bill is correct. But if I make any changes, look out.

    Once my daughter simply swapped an Rumor for an Upstage. Seems simple enough but I was charged $22.50 instead of $15 for vision.

    The latest bungle is I’m charged $248 for text messages even though I’ve always had the $20 unlimited family text plan. Customer service has promised fixes on two occasions and hung up on me once. Now they state they cannot fix it because my account is blocked for any credits. If the bill was right I’d need no credits.

    I seems instead of correcting a billing error they simply give you a credit…

    I’ll be contacting the Executives today.

    Too bad about the customer service nightmare, I love the coverage, EVDO speed and features….

  14. choripan says:

    Thanks for posting the number for the Executive CS. I called it and did seem to get a faster resolution to my problem than with regular CS. It only took about an hour on the phone with the Executive CS before they could restore my account to its regular, non-effed up status. I had earlier spent well over two hours on the phone with regular CS to no avail. I actually found this site and phone number while I was on hold, blood pressure through the roof, cursing the poor, hapless, (apparently) Filipino lady on the other end.

    Long story… It involved a misunderstanding about the vacation plan — I’ve used the vacation plan for years because I work out of the country about six months a year. I place my phone on vacation hold when I’m gone and when I return I just start using it again and it resumes my normal plan of 900 mins a month. That has worked for me for YEARS even though apparently it shouldn’t have. After returning from vacation, you’re supposed to call Sprint and restart your plan. I’ve NEVER done that and never had a problem with it until now. This time when I returned to the country and began using my phone, it charged me 75 cents a minute. For an ENTIRE month! My bill is automatically deducted from my bank account so I was a bit shocked to find that over $750 had been taken from my account! I thought, naively, that clearly they will recognize that this was a mistake and could retroactively put me back on my regular plan. Apparently not the case. They did credit me $500. That means I get off paying ONLY $250 for my mistake.

    I’m locked into my plan until next summer and then I’m definitely going to switch to a new provider. This isn’t my only gripe with Sprint billing and customer service but it has been the costliest so far — and thus the last straw. It’s too bad that their customer service and billing platform is so screwed up because they still do offer some of the cheapest packages around.

  15. Takemotowow says:

    I have had sprint for over 4 years and have lived in the same place for two where I would get decent service. Now I get no service for weeks at a time and have had to switch cell providers to ATT where I do get service. Now I am trying to cancel my account with Sprint without any cancellation fees but they are denying me that because according to their maps I have perfectly good service. After hounding them to send someone out to check they finally agreed to an engineer coming out. Now after a week and a half they have not returned my calls about the subject. I understand charging people the cancelation fee for the CUSTOMER wanting to cancel the service but after a few weeks of no service I am pretty sure Sprint already cancelled on me.

  16. DionneBandersnatch says:

    That Consumerist number works like a charm. The woman I spoke to was
    incredibly efficient and nice.

  17. DrakeAchaeus says:

    Very surpisingly, the e-mail addys DO work! I had such an issue with my Treo 755(all 4 of them) that I paid full price for…I got tired of getting devices that didn’t work, and I asked for a different device…after Sprint tried to extort me for an additional $449 for an upgrade, I sent an e-mail out to all the addys on the list….after a couple of days of back and forth, I did get an upgrade to the Treo 800 for FREE…but sadly, THAT device is now working crappy…and i’ve only had it 10 days…

  18. Chevyman15004x4 says:

    I just recenntly recived a $1600 phone bill from sprint. I have had their service for a total of 5 years and honestly while not always paying on time, I very rarly had my service suspended for more than a day. The past 2 years I have not had it suspended at all. Anyway, I Thought we had International calling and a $120 cap on my account. Well, I didin’t have international call (calling canada) and they removed my $120 cap. I called and they said they notified me by mail that my cap was removed because I had made good paymets and contuinued service. I never asked them to remove it. In the past when my cap was reached, it would shut my service off till I made the overdue payment. Now, Its unlimited. Well, After messing with the sprint reps on the low end trying to get my bill reduced, I found this web site through a friend. I called the magic number and they said they would call me back in 2 days to see if they can’t get it lowered. If that don’t work, I will try the e-mail list that is posted here. Any other Ideas?????

  19. Anonymous says:

    To Dan Hesse:
    I have been a sprint customer for several years. When my contract is up, sept. 09, I ABSOLUTELY will not renew. I have had so much trouble with my bill. I don’t know why you even offer different plans; my bill is always higher. I expect no response to this. You get my money every month and that is all that matters to sprint. My name is Dan McCario and my number is 775-671-5196. I will do my best to steer my friends to another provider.

  20. americansoldierswife says:

    Have any of you ever noticed that when you call customer service if you ever get so lucky, not, to speak to a real person, almost inevitably, it will be someone in another country? Usually, the middle east. More specifically, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Have any of you realized that we are required to give our “passcode” which just so happens to be the same one we use to access our accounts on line? Well, I did. I made contact with customer service twice in one week. I reached Pakistan and Bangladesh. Hesitantly I gave my pass code. About a week and a half later, my acount was hacked into. If you don’t believe me, I’d be happy to upload the copy. Someone ordered around 300 BlackBerry cell phones, over $30,000.00, on my account and had them shipped to a PO Box. The fraud dept. did handle it, per say. I was not charged for anything. While that is fine for me, there is a much larger picture here. Do any of you all know of someone who has lost a job recently or has had trouble getting a job recently? Are any of you aware of the fact the job market is in dire straights? In fact, President Obama recently appointed Van Jones who was going to “spend” our tax dollars to “create” jobs for Americans. People, open your eyes…we have jobs available, they are just being taken by foreigners overseas!!! Foreigners who are hacking into our accounts, stealing our identities, embezzeling money to fund terrorist groups and orginzations, and using the cell phones as explosive devices to kill our American soldiers. You think I am a nut and way over the top. I did the research. YOu can read the report at under Why Outsourcing American Jobs Threatens Our National Security, or at under a similar title, under columnist, AmericanSoldiersWife. There is so much more invovled here. Sprint is just one of the large corporations that outsources to rogue nations. These companies not only have access to our personal and private information, but also to our credit card information, bank account information, pass codes, social security numbers, etc. I urge you, look at the report. Think of me whatever you want. I don’t care. I just want you to see the report and realize that we must bring those jobs back to America and protect our soldiers, ourselves, and our nation.