Jack In The Box: That'll Be A $30 Minimum Charge For Credit Or Debit, Please

Reader Jereme writes:

This last evening I was hungry and decided that I wanted Jack In the Box. So I went to the Manhattan Beach, CA store on Sepulveda Ave. When I pulled up and was beginning to determine what I wanted for dinner I noticed a sign on the order board. It stated that in order to use a credit card it required a 30 dollar purchase, ID and a signature. While I have seen minimum payment requirements before at various liquor stores and restaurants I have never seen one so high especially for a drive thru window…

I did ask if they accepted debit cards which I was told no. Since I did not have any cash I left and went to another fast food drive-thru that did accept my debit card without a minimum purchase or other requirements. I have read many posts on your website regarding this and the many responses from your readers. I did not make a fuss or a scene, I simply drove past their window without making an order as I did not feel that store wanted my business. I did send a complaint to the corporate office of Jack In the Box as well regarding the violation of the merchant agreements. While reporting them to VISA may do nothing I felt that your readers should know that some franchisees are getting a but silly with their credit card use requirements.

Jereme updated us:

As a follow up, I reported to the corporate office, VISA, and my bank. I heard nothing from Jack in the Box, VISA gave me their rules on what is not allowed, and Wells Fargo stated that merchants can set minimum purchase prices. I replied back to my bank with the answer I received from VISA. I have not yet heard back from my bank since that initial response.

I just got off the phone with Jack in the Box corporate customer care. The guy on the phone was nice enough, however he was not aware of the VISA merchant agreements either. He did state that the particular restaurant has had some cc fraud issues recently. But this shouldn’t cause users to be imposed with 30 dollar minimum purchases. He asked if I was able to be able to make a purchase using alternative means, so I stated that I did not have cash and did not return. He did offer to send out a coupon for some free Jack In the Box good at any of their restaurants.

Really, Jack In The Box? $30? A fast food place is one thing, but it’s kind of sad that even Wells Fargo can’t bother to read the Visa merchant guidelines.

The relevant section reads:

Always honor valid Visa cards in your acceptance category, regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase. Imposing minimum or maximum purchase amounts in order to accept a Visa card transaction is a violation of the Visa rules.

Visa Merchant Rules (PDF) [VISA]


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  1. creamsissle says:

    It’s not just Wells Fargo. I had a similar issue recently with a Mastercard from HSBC. I received conflicting information from both parties, and neither Mastercard nor HSBC was aware that it was against the agreement for a merchant to charge a fee for credit card use.

  2. StevieD says:

    Those are the public “general” rules.

    The terms of the merchant agreements are quite different.

  3. greensmurf says:

    This must be a store managers imposed policy, There are two jack in the boxes where I live and I have used my CC there for $3-$9 purchases I think I even just got a large fry once at 4am (Jack Fries are the bomb after a night of clubing) never had a problem.
    Still if they had a problem of fraud what amt? unless someone was feeding a bus of people, I would think their losses would be small, unless they have a fraud wave of people coming in.
    This is really wierd.

  4. NcSchu says:

    I’ve never been to a Jack In The Box, but assuming it’s just like any other fast food place in terms of prices, I’d imagine it would be pretty difficult to reach a 30 dollar minimum unless you’re bingeing or have a party of like 10 people and are paying for all of them. Seems crazy on their part, I’m sure it’s turning away many customers like Jereme here.

  5. bohemian says:

    So now they will have $30 fraud charges instead of $6 fraud charges.

    The hassles in order to pay for things in CA was the part I disliked most about living there. But that was also when demanding a credit card (and they wrote it all down on the check) was required in order to write a check most places. That was also my first introduction to the pay before you pump stupidity.

  6. Boy Howdy says:

    How many dollars should I spend?


    That’s what I was thinking!

  7. forgottenpassword says:

    who the hell blows 30 bucks at a fast food place???!!!!

    Maybe if you are picking up lunch for all your coworkers (as i have done that before), but I doubt even a family of 5 couldnt blow THAT much at one fast food place!

  8. Aphex242 says:

    Even in California, $30 in fast food is a LOT of fast food. lol

  9. Gadgetgirl says:

    JinB isn’t all that damn special, and the *only* fast food joint I’d spend upwards of $30 or more (group) is White Castle, home of the sliders/belly bombers and various fried sides. usually late, and after a few (taste so much better!)

    From what I understand, business aren’t allowed to impose a minimum for credit card purchases. A few do; a green grocer near me won’t accept orders under $10 for plastic payment. I’ve never bothered to take them to task as their prices are great. I suppose the the fees are bothersome for accepting credit but I’d think the advantages would far outweigh the disadvantages. Folks are carrying less paper in their wallets and credit/debit cards are easier to zip out, sign and go.

  10. Crumbles says:

    @StevieD: There is no way you are correct on that.

  11. mgy says:

    I feel as though $30 for a bacon ultimate cheeseburger is worth it. Should have done it – it woulda been goooooood.

  12. stinerman says:

    Mastercard doesn’t seem to care if their merchants are violating the agreement. I’ve reported several gross violations around my town (min. purchase + ID requirements) and I never get a reply from them.

    I’m just going to have to stop patronizing those businesses since I almost never have cash on me.

  13. snowpuff says:

    MasterCard rules are extremely clear:

    No minimum purchase required.

    No ID required.


    Visa rules are:

    No minimum purchase required.

  14. snowpuff says:

    @stinerman: Did you try complaining through the MasterCard website? I did about a local merchant and sure enough, the next time I was there they had taken down their signs about requiring ID and minimum purchases.

  15. forgottenpassword says:


    I SOOOOOOOO miss white castle! Nothign I liked more after getting off work at 5 am than stopping buy the grandview, MO whitecastle & getting a bag of bellybombers to take home. WhiteCastle closed all of its shops here in Kansas city years ago & the closest ones are all the way across the state in St Louis! :*(

    as for the article…. I hate it when companies get all militant against their customers after getting defrauded by criminals …. basically treating every customer as a potential criminal. You’d think that companies would realize that its expected to get a cetain percentage of fraud/loss & not take it out on their customers.

  16. Scuba Steve says:

    30 dollars is huge, but who knows, Jack in the box might be a fancy restaurant or something.


    Anyways, 2 things I’ll never do:

    1. Spend more than 5 bucks for fast food

    2. Give my debit/credit card to the teenager working the register.

    Alas, perhaps my penchant for planning ahead and being a cheap bastard will bite me in the ass, however, I think in the long run I’ll be ok.

  17. donTHEd says:

    What’s a Jack in the Box

  18. Karl says:


    At the Jack In The Boxes here, they have installed RFID credit card readers on all of their drive-thrus and counter cash registers, and those are only supposed to be used for small (less than $25, I think) transactions.

    Sounds like this particular franchisee didn’t want to accept credit cards at all, but JITB corporate forced them to.

  19. snowpuff says:

    Jack in the Box is fast food restaurant on the West coast that is somewhere between White Castle and McDonald’s in terms of, uh, quality.

  20. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    Who do I have to email to report this? I took at look at their site and couldn’t find any relevant email address. There are a bunch of places around me with high minimums. Since I get great rewards on my credit cards and never carry cash anyway, I can never go for something easy, like lunch. But I’m not going to fight too hard for them to take my money.

  21. ophmarketing says:

    What I find interesting is that the ‘excuse’ for the high minimum made by JITB corporate was that this particular outlet had been experiencing a good deal of credit card fraud. So…their solution is to only accept cards for really BIG purchases? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Only accept cards for small purchases. This way the fraudulent amounts will be less.

  22. valthun says:

    so I got another contact from Wells Fargo after I sent in VISA’s response. they gave me an address to write in a complaint to. I guess this is their ATM Executive Service, or something. VISA’s response to me was to also contact the bank that issued the card, and not them specifically.
    Wells Fargo Bank
    Customer Correspondence
    P.O. Box 6995
    Portland, OR 97208

  23. I carry the appropriate rules in my wallet. I haven’t had to use them yet, but I’m ready! — [james.roomfullofmirrors.com]

  24. ChuckECheese says:

    Jack in the Box leads the way (alongside Carl’s Jr.) for expensive fast food in my neck of the desert, with combo meals at $7 now. It won’t be long until you can spend $30 on a fast food meal with teh hyperinflatians. Karl’s comment got it right–the franchise holder doesn’t want credit cards (and their fees) at all.

  25. Laffy Daffy says:

    The reason for the high minimum should be obvious: this Jack wants cash only PERIOD.

  26. CPC24 says:

    My local JiTBs don’t have a minimum. In fact, they have an outside card reader at the window, so you get to swipe your card.

  27. @forgottenpassword: Really stoned people, of course!

  28. timsgm1418 says:

    I’d have to disagree, Ithink they are a better quality Taco Bell…I grew up in MD and Jack in the Box was the only place open late at night so we loved it, then I moved to Phoenix in 1984 and lived there until 1995 and continued to love Jack in the Box, moved back to Maryland, and the Jack in the Boxes are no longer here. Their website says the closest one to me is in either Ohio or NC, this is not fair, I miss my Jack in the Box. However I was able to order the Jack antenna balls on-line, and I have my niece send me holiday ones (she lives in Seattle) Come on JinB come back to Maryland@snowpuff:

  29. It’s important to read the disclaimer on page 4 of the Rules For Visa Merchants document:

    “Your merchant agreement and the Visa U.S.A. Inc. Operating Regulations take precedence over this guide or any updates to its information.”

    Key words: YOUR merchant agreement. So, the question becomes:

    Is it possible that indvidual merchant agreements can include provisions for minimum purchases and/or fees?

  30. timsgm1418 says:

    Just checked their website, looks like they don’t even have tacos anymore..is this true?

  31. mgy says:

    @snowpuff: I really hope that you did this to a chain or other large-scale store. There is a mom & pop gas station next door to me which has a $4 minimum for cards. It sucks when I just want to pop in for a cup of coffee or a soda, but I understand why they do it, and I’d rather see them supported (never encountered subpar service there) as opposed to some large conglomerate stepping in.

    I don’t know, it seems like a situation where, yeah, you can complain, bu should you?

  32. Zyada says:

    I use my Amex card at JitB all the time, so it’s not a company policy. However, if I’m not mistaken, JitB is a franchiser, which means that different stores may have wildly varying policies.

  33. StevieD says:



  34. ClankBoomSteam says:

    Hmm. Good thing I always order a TOTALLY RIDICULOUS amount of food whenever I go to Jack-In-The-Box. It’s totally reasonable to expect people to buy $30 worth of food at a drive-thru, right?

    Oops! I just had a massive coronary embolism.

  35. I personally don’t think I’d ever eat a place that calls itself Jack in the Box and employs teenage males who A) tend to do stupid, impulsive things to amuse themselves and B] are sexually frustrated in their newly changed bodies with special functions.

  36. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @boones farmer: Yeah, but then why not just stop accepting cards altogether? Is someone committing fraud going to care they they’ll have to buy a bunch of extra food to use the card? It’s not like they’re going to pay for it: it’s fraud!

  37. courtneywoah says:

    $30 is a crazy limit! Fast food prices have gone up over the years. Sure you can still get your .99 menu items, but the meals are upwards of $8

  38. StevieD says:

    Those VISA rules that everybody just love to quote are the “general operating rules” of VISA.

    1) There are specific VISA rules that apply to each business class of merchants. Those rules have a NDA attached and I am not privilaged to all merchant class rules. If you search the VISA site you will find references to the NDA.

    2) The Merchant Banks publish “public” rules which are general guidelines for that Merchant Bank. The Merchant Bank also has a specific set of rules that apply only to specific business classes and those rules and guidelines also have a NDA attached.

    3) There are an entirely different set of rules for 3rd party CC transactions.

    Many small value merchants (such as fast food joints) use a 3rd party CC transaction service. My understanding is that 3rd party service charges the merchant a % or flat rate fee for every transaction. The merchant can then legally add that fee to the CC transaction OR have a minimum transaction amount.

  39. rdytmire says:

    I know why they might be doing this…several major POS software packages have a threshold limit where the transaction is immediately approved before actually calling up the bank to verify the card…these small sums are then batch processed at the end of the day or during slow periods.

    I know of two fast food chains were purchases under 30 dollars will be approved in this manner. So it’s very simple to hand them any old card you want, get your food, and never get caught.

    You can tell this is happening because the receipt will print out extra fast..only taking a few seconds instead of the normal 5-15 seconds in other places.

    This manager probably knows that $30.00 transaction amounts will trigger the real-time verification engine.

    Why he does not just change the software threshold is beyond me….

  40. erica.blog says:

    There are a few small businesses around me that have $5 minimums for paying with a card. I personally don’t mind this; for a small business, merchant fees can take a big bite out of their profit. I’d rather give them business than complain about a violation of credit card merchant agreements. (I also am more inclined to pay cash, which bypasses the whole merchant fee issue for them.)

    However, a $30 minimum at a chain restaurant is preposterous. I hope they lose plenty of business because of it, on top of getting in trouble with the credit card companies. Rude!

  41. HalOfBorg says:

    So…… now if you want to rip-off JinB with your stolen CC, you walk up to the register with a blank piece of paper in your hand and say:
    “4 Double Bacon Burgers, 2 with jumbo fries.
    3 Kids meals with Coke.
    A Super Deluxe Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing.
    Blah Blah Blah Blah………..”
    (please substitute whatever they actually sell)

    Leave with $35 worth and feed your buds.

  42. durkzilla says:

    So what about the flipside of this? I had a car dealer refuse to accept my AMEX card for the full amount of the down payment I wanted to make. I was pissed, because I missed out on 2000 easy membership reward points.

    They said the fee on the AMEX transaction was the reason for capping the credit card amount.

  43. ShortBus says:

    @erica.blog: I never understood the rationale that a lot of Consumerists here that “small business=good, big business=bad.” There are a lot of small businesses out there that aren’t big businesses because they haven’t figured out how to offer a good value to customers or otherwise have a flawed business model. Conversely, practically every “big business” started out as a small business and grew because they were doing things better than their competitors.

    All else being equal, I too tend to prefer to patronize small businesses. But knee-jerk anti-corporatism is rather irrational.

  44. MissTic says:

    I sincerely hope that the people who use credit cards at fast food places do so because it’s easy/fast. I’m old school. Credit cards are for major purchases. I am the one they made that commerical about where people are zipping along in line paying with plastic and then *cue record scratching* someone like me wants to pay cash. I’ll step into the 90’s soon! :-)

  45. mac-phisto says:

    @rdytmire: what you’re referring to is called the floor limit, but card issuers usually do not have chargeback rights on amounts under the floor limit. the fraud is absorbed by the card issuer & their bonding agent. personally, i think the fraud argument is b.s. (unless their problem was internal theft related to card acceptance).

  46. renilyn says:

    @greensmurf: Strangely… I prefer the tacos after such things. :)

  47. witeowl says:

    @Boy Howdy: Niiicccceeee…. Love that commercial.

  48. mac-phisto says:

    @rdytmire: now i read your post a little more carefully & i see what you’re saying. the specific software the merchant is using is bypassing the approval process (even purchases under the floor limit require an approval, but the approval process is simplified), so the merchant is sacrificing safety against fraud for 10 seconds of time. doesn’t sound like the best idea.

    i think in an instances like this, management should be investigating alternatives to software that strips away the protection that interchange fees provide.

  49. scoosdad says:

    @James Sumners: Do you by chance suffer from sciatica? Might be from all the extra stuff you’re carrying around in your wallet.

  50. scoosdad says:

    @scoosdad: The Costanza Wallet: [www.coloradoguy.com]

  51. enjo says:

    I live right by there and have never had problems using cards at that jack in the box. there has never been any such $30 rule or sign.

    but I haven’t been since this guy has so I’ll go tonight and check if its true.

    (and their curly fries are the fuckin bomb at three am when you’re drunk.)

  52. Poisonthescene says:

    I used to work at a jack in the box, and I know for a fact:

    JiB is incorporated, not franchised.
    I once charged $0.07 just to see if it would go through. it did.

  53. deserthiker says:

    I had my own business for ten years and considered a minimum credit card balance. Then I thought, “Why would I turn down little sales? I’m trying to make money”.

    Imposing a minimum balance is basically telling your customers, “I don’t want your money”.

    Of course, I always carry SOME cash on me and have never considered paying for fast food with a credit card. If you can’t carry enough cash for a Jumbo Jack then maybe you should stick to eating Kraft Mac and Cheese at home.

  54. @snowpuff: Actually… That isn’t the rule as per the contract..

    “Always honor valid Visa cards in your acceptance category, regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase. Imposing minimum or maximum purchase amounts in order to accept a Visa card transaction is a violation of the Visa rules.”

    If you buy something at the store for $1 and the store has a minium purchase price of $5, they can make the argument that they accept the card, but tack on the fee.

    Can anyone quote the agreement that no fee will be imposed for using the card?

  55. Also, is no one asking why they need ID when it’s against the rules to require ID for a signed card?

  56. katylostherart says:

    i used to work at a jib. only a 5 person car load of stoners could spend $30 at one time there. who the hell spends that much on fast food in one shot unless they’re getting a large group order? what a way to kill business.

  57. jgarra says:

    I go to the Jack In The Box over by my office all the time & use my credit or debit cards 100% of those times. My order never goes over 5$ & I’ve NEVER had a problem. Always the best service there actually.

  58. bluewyvern says:

    Shouldn’t this post title be changed? The limit is for credit, the OP said they didn’t take debit at all.

  59. Rampant credit card fraud in Manhattan Beach?!?!? But that’s where the rich people live! I thought only deadbeats lived in poor “urban” areas? I’m in shock…

  60. corrosive says:

    I’ve been to that JITB and this guy is full of crap. There is no minimum purchase nor a sign on the board. He just wanted some consumerist attention.

  61. FLConsumer says:

    @durkzilla: That’s not allowed either. I bet if you were to have picked up the phone and called Amex regarding it, they would have contacted the dealership and addressed it. I paid for my last car with my Visa card. The dealer was shocked initially but eventually went through with it upon verifying the card with Visa. That alone knocked $600 off the price of the car through cash back.

  62. jdsmn says:

    @corrosive: Congratulations, you have just discovered what 75% of all articles on consumerist.com are all about. Pretty annoying, yet I still read daily.

    @James Sumners: So you will carry a printout of Visa/MC merchant rules in your wallet, but you won’t carry a single $10 bill just in case you run into a coffee shop/fast food joint that doesn’t accept credit cards?

  63. LUV2CattleCall says:


    Jack in the Box in a noun…and in some unfortunate cases, a verb. It’s basically what Spitzer did to Dupree

  64. stinerman says:

    Yes, several times now.

  65. redhelix says:

    The terms of the merchant agreements are different. It can cost a merchant a fee to process your credit transaction and it absolutely murders their profit.

    My friends parents own a small business selling vacuums, and the majority of their revenue comes from inexpensive vacuum bags, which people usually only buy 1 or 2 of. If they didn’t charge a minimum fee they would never be able to keep their store open.

  66. SoCalGNX says:

    Its not about JIB, its location, location, location. MB has people that are closer to God, don’t ya know!

  67. That-Dude says:

    @greensmurf: the bomb?

  68. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @Phillip M. Vector: Even that is weird for a fast food place, isn’t it?

    I think no one’s asking because the merchant’s reason for asking for ID is going to be the same reason for the ridiculous minimum: fraud. Also, with a minimum that high it kind of makes it a moot point. The ID check never becomes an issue if no one wants to spend that much money.

    I wanna know what happened to the flag button. Should we just reply to the offending comments with “Flag”?

  69. That-Dude says:

    @ophmarketing: Uh, no . . .
    I think the phrase pennies make dollars its applicable. Many small fees do two things : 1. add up to large sums; and 2. extract a transaction fee from the merchant over and above the large purchase transaction fee. While those fees are generally a % of the total balance, minimum amounts are charged for transactions. For example, a small convenience store is actually better off giving you a can of coke and a pack of gum than allowing you to pay for it with an AMEX.

  70. That-Dude says:

    @That-Dude: RE: part 1; I am inferring that you can have many small frauds committed to add up to a large fraudulent action.

  71. Hawk07 says:


    Wow, they write your CC on the check too?

    I would have just gotten a debit/CC card, report it to the bank as lost or stolen, gotten a new number issued, and then given the old number anytime I wrote a check in your situation.

  72. newyorkjerry says:

    I’ve reported merchants to Amex, Visa, and M.C. for imposing minimums. Never, I mean never, have the card companies made the merchants change.

  73. rjstsas says:

    “I know why they might be doing this…several major POS software packages have a threshold limit where the transaction is immediately approved before actually calling up the bank to verify the card…these small sums are then batch processed at the end of the day or during slow periods.

    I know of two fast food chains were purchases under 30 dollars will be approved in this manner. So it’s very simple to hand them any old card you want, get your food, and never get caught.

    You can tell this is happening because the receipt will print out extra fast..only taking a few seconds instead of the normal 5-15 seconds in other places.”

    THIS IS FALSE.. I write sofware that interfaces with credit card processing systems and a web based system responds in under 3 seconds.

  74. @scoosdad: You mean two laminated sheets of paper the size of credit cards? Sheets of paper that weigh less than an ounce? Yeah, man, my back is all kinds of screwed up from them.

  75. @jdsmn: I don’t carry cash. Simple as that. My wallet is merely a driver’s license and credit/debit card holder.

  76. bluebuilder says:

    Do these merchant agreements regarding no minimum purchase requirment also apply in Canada?

  77. satoru says:

    That’s odd I’ve paid for Jack in the Box with credit cards with no minimum issues. Though to bolster your point, there was one time I went to a Dunkin Doughnuts and they had a sign that said they no longer take credit cards because of the large amounts of fraud.

    A theory I have is that the credit card thieves are now using drive-throughs to test their stolen cards. Before it used to be gas stations. But now that gas stations are immediately flagged for fraud, they are turning to other places to more easilly test their cards. A drive through would be idea for this as it’s quick and doesn’t require a signature. Therefore, I suspect this Jack In The Box, must have had a high amount of charge backs. By imposing these limits, high purchase limit and needing identification, the crooks will go elsewhere to test their cards. So it’s probably not a corporate wide policy, but something the local franchise needed to do otherwise they’d be losing money hand over fist due to fraud.

  78. WV.Hillbilly says:

    Visa and Mastercard’s agreements specify that debit cards with their logos are to be treated and accepted exactly like one of their credit cards.
    If a merchant accepts the credit card they must accept the debit card also.

  79. GrandizerGo says:

    Wow, I wish I lived where all you live…
    People bitching about spending more than 6 bucks for fast food???

    McD’s in Boston…
    For a double 1/4lb. w/cheese meal is 6 bucks, NOT supersized or even large!

    BK is not much better. 5.89 for 1 double whopper w/ cheese meal…

  80. hi says:

    You can run a visa debit card as a credit card. It works the same except you have to sign the receipt..

  81. valthun says:


    Yep your right I am full of crap, because you know I went there because I have used the card without any problem at all on a small purchase. It wasn’t until last week that I noticed the sign. I didn’t have a camera on me at the time so I couldn’t snap the picture. Up until last week though I hadn’t been to that particular JinB for months. So I can’t say for sure when the sign went up. Sounds to me like you haven’t been there in a few weeks either. Who knows maybe they have taken it down since then because there is no way that I wasn’t the only one to make the complaint to JinB corporate.

  82. greensmurf says:

    @forgottenpassword: I live on the west coas, Calif we dont have Whitecastle so you guys are spoiled and yes I am jealous, the only way I can get a white castle is if I buy them at the grocery store in the frozen section.
    OMG but they are so good, someday I will go to the east coast and be able to have a fresh one. I just hope I dont pee my pants due to how good I know it will taste!!!!

  83. htrodblder says:

    That store manager is an idiot, not only is he losing sales, but if he would set his machine up to honor DEBIT cards, he would save the 1.2 to 2.o in points charged for the transactions. Why do you think all the major vendors have their equipment defaulted to debit, because it saves them a TON of cash in relation to the volume they do. Resturants work on narrow margins, and why his district, regional or corporate office hasnt pointed this out to the manager is a little hard to believe. My first guess is the guy doesnt want his cash flow traceable.

  84. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    If they do this for debit/credit, they should do this for cash as well.

  85. stuny says:

    When I buy fast food, I simply pay using international wire transfer. Or sometimes, simply gold bullion.

  86. algormortis says:

    i do occasionally like me some ever-so-unhealthy jack in the box jalapeno poppers.

    they’re tasty and good for those late-night cravings.

    i tend to roll up on my bike (since they will serve bike customers at my local one, big ups) and pay with plastic and roll off with no problem.

    given the trouble that WA has with identity theft and allegedly “stolen” cards (demanding my ID because i’m brown but not from a white dude in front of me=so f-ing classy, not.), i’m amazed they’re not trying this BS here.

  87. moviemoron says:

    It is illegal for any store to require a mimimum pruchase in order for you to use your credit card. Illegal.
    If some business has this minimum purchase policy, call your credit card company and get them reported.

  88. karmaghost says:

    I used to go to CiCi’s pizza back when it was still cheap and they used to have a policy where they didn’t take any kind of credit or debit cards at all. HOWEVER, they did have a small “ATM” machine next to the register that you could use to get cash, but it charged you $.99. I went back a couple months ago and their food was may more expensive and they had gotten rid of the ATM. I still paid with cash though, so I’m not sure what their new credit/debit card policy is.

  89. Hudson74 says:

    Wow, I live right next door to Manhattan Beach and i used to go to that jack in the box quite often. I ALWAYS payed with debit card and there was NEVER a minimum purchase policy. I just went there a couple weeks ago actually with no problems at all. Maybe they were lazy or their credit card machines were down.

  90. mzlinax3 says:

    @MissTic: As far as I have seen… Even at some of the large businesses, cash is definitely faster than credit cards. As someone who works at Starbucks, I can definitely attest to the fact that until a credit card can be processed as quickly as the blink of an eye, cash will be more convenient.

  91. Trojan69 says:

    Just as the poor baseball fans can bitch all they want about being forced to purchase tix to meaningless games in order to get tix to a great game, the merchants can suck it when it comes to eating transaction fees.

    If y’all don;t like to eat the 40-50 cent fee + 4% of the transaction amount fee, don’t accept the cards at all. it is really simple. Nobody places a gun against the merchants’ heads to accept credit cards. You want cash only? Go for it.

    You want the safety of guaranteed payments despite fraud? You want the exponentially greater customer pool of those who insist on using plastic? This is the cost.

    Also, there absolutely IS a difference in the acceptance/declination of cards. If the receipt comes up before five seconds has elapsed, there is no way in hell the approval was made by checking the individual’s account through the issuing bank. None. All that was checked was the algorythm of the card number (there are specific sequences that must be used when creating a cc account number) and/or a check against a data base for known bad/stolen cards. Typically, gas pumps are the place you would encounter the more lax approval.

  92. newfenoix says:

    First off, I have seen several businesses with minimum limits on CC purchases. These limits violate the merchant agreements with Visa and MC and laws in some states. I have seen VISA pull agreements with merchants that violate the agreements. I have never encountered a Jack In The Box that has a minimum on credit card/debit card purchases. But I would NOT stand for it and I would raise all kinds of hell.

  93. JimandJune says:

    Wells fargo is in business to get the big money from corporates not us little people even though they drain us with nickel and dime stuff. I alledge that by my account anyway they take the checks out of my account first and then post the deposits so they can suck out a little more blood in the amount of $34.00 Does no good at all to talk to them.

  94. Lucky225 says:

    Just to let the OP know, Jack In The Box accepts paywave (RFID) CCs at the drive thru, and Wells Fargo offers paywave credit cards.


    If you used paywave, there wouldn’t be anything Jack In The Box could do, as the transaction already went through. Of course the downside is you have to want the card with RFID in it, which is a little privacy invasive for some people.