FYE: No Kids Under 18 Allowed Until After 4 P.M.

The bus-eating abominable snowmen that commandeered I-95 early yesterday morning flummoxed our plans to return to New York on the Chinatown bus. As we wandered through Union Station assuring our mother that we would take Amtrak, we came across this magnificent sign in the music store FYE telling kids under 18—presumably a key demographic—to keep away until 4 p.m. As our friend took a picture, a surly FYE employee sternly warned that we were breaking the law.

../../../../../consumermediallc.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/fye_kid_ban1-thumb.jpgTaking pictures is not illegal, but FYE—like any private store—can always ask anyone to leave. We said we deleted the pictures (whoops!), but that false friendly gesture wasn’t enough to get an explanation for the sign. You know FYE employees, the menacing youths might leave you alone if you were nicer. Something to consider. Regardless, thanks for the sign. It made our day.

(Photo: Robert Koeth III)

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