"This Sprm Croisnt Sure Is Messy!"

Okay, we promise not to post anymore stupid receipt stories… unless another one is sent our way that makes us laugh, and then we’ll probably just quicklink it since this post completes the rule of three. A reader ordered a “Supreme Croissant” from Jack in the Box and saw that it was abbreviated in an unfortunate manner on the confirmation screen—and then printed on the receipt too. “When it came up on the ‘confirmation screen’ at the order board, I thought, ‘Gee, there have to be at least three better ways to abbreviate ‘supreme’.'”

I know there’s been a glut of “wacky receipt” stories on Consumerist lately, but I’ve been putting off sending you this until I gave Jack in the Box an opportunity to respond to my question. They didn’t, so here it is.

I sent a message through their website asking if they could look into whether it was a chain-wide thing, or just one restaurant’s guy-who-programs-the-registers having some fun, but aside from an automated response, I haven’t heard back. So now I place it before the you for the amusement of your readers.

Don’t get me wrong – I love JitB and will continue to eat there on a weekly basis, but I can’t help but feel it’s only a matter of time until somebody with a car-full of kids and no sense of humor (I wonder if there’s a causal link there?) gets all worked up about this.

A Google search turned up two other incidences of the “sprm croisnt” abbreviation, one from the same day as this one but a different location (which is odd), and one from 2005. That makes us think that this affects more than one location—like maybe a franchise network run by giggling junior high students. Jack in the Box, what do you have to say for yourself?

(Thanks to Paul!)


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  1. TheUncleBob says:

    I wish I had a picture, but this one reminds me of a flag I saw at a Wal*Mart. It was a Barbie gift set. The Barbie was dressed up as Rapunzel, and the gift set came with a horse and carriage.

    The flag said “RAP BARBIE W HOR”

  2. It’s covered in Jacksauce.

  3. burgundyyears says:

    At the now-defunct Food Town groceries in Toledo, Ohio, milk regularly ran up with the description “HOMO MILK.”

  4. thesuperpet says:

    The Hannaford I shop at does the same thing, homo milk.

  5. tsunamibombsquad says:

    , I thought, ‘Gee, there have to be at least three better ways to abbreviate ‘supreme’.'”

    Really? Suee? Supr? Spur? Surm? taking out the vowells makes more sense in my ocd mind.

  6. tsunamibombsquad says:

    @thesuperpet: are you guys seriously saying that acronynms and abbreviations need to be pc…POO and ASS are still my favorite names bowling

  7. StarWhores says:

    Ah, the Special Sauce.

  8. DrGirlfriend says:

    At the hospital where I work, surgery is abbreviated “sx”. So when you see someone is coming in for “oral sx”, it’s not for….that.

  9. Bladefist says:

    aight, the first 3 receipts were funny, enough.

  10. CubFx says:

    The local Jack in the Box actually spells it out – “Supreme Croissant”.

    I know it isn’t good for me, but by god I do love their Supreme Croissant. I get one 2-3 days a week for breakfast…

  11. GC says:

    I love this shit. More amusing receipts plz.

  12. eskilla says:

    I’ll admit I’ve never eaten at ‘Dog in the Box’, but from what I hear from my family and friends that abbreviation may not be far off.

  13. tsunamibombsquad says:

    @eskilla: aahaahhhaha aint that the truth….the ones here in cali…and the in n outs were the ones with the tainted beef!

  14. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    Ok, the other receipts were hilarious, but a supreme croissant?

  15. macinjosh says:

    Apparently “Jack in the Box” is a verb phrase.

  16. youbastid says:

    At my favorite bar when I lived in Boston, they used to have Harpoon winter warmer (a seasonal) on tap. On the receipt, it came out as “Poon Seas.”

  17. no.no.notorious says:

    someone hacked into some system or something…this is like the third story in about 2 weeks of random nasty things written on receipts

  18. weave says:

    Rule of three? But some things just keep on giving, like the Wal-Mart Nazi shirt watch! :)

  19. astrochimp says:

    @burgundyyears: & thesuperpet:
    Is it really that uncommon to use “homo” to refer to homogenized milk? Where I live, that exact abbreviation is often used on labels. (Of course, where I live, we also realize that “homo” on a milk container refers to the type of milk it is. This might be the key).

  20. rlee says:

    @astrochimp: Not at all unusual, as far as I know. Several years ago, there was a stand-up comic who did his routine in kind of a dead-pan PI style. One funny bit was something like: “I saw a big sign in a supermarket window. It said: ‘One Gal Homo, $1.99’. I stopped – I stared. It was a blatant plug for the lesbian trade.”

    Ok, I guess you had to be there.

  21. NoStyle says:

    You little girls. The future will be expensive.

  22. ribex says:

    Well, if you’re calling it JitB then Sprm sounds pretty apropos, hmm?

  23. Cialis Cooper says:

    @tsunamibombsquad: I prefer TIT.

  24. Michael Belisle says:

    Mmm… reminds me of

    1) The “English Muff” at Baker’s Square (and probably Village Inn as well); and
    2) My youthful undergraduate days, when I turned in assignments with headlines like “Ass. #3”. There wasn’t much room in the box. I got OK grades.

    The nice thing about unfortunate yet harmless abbreviations like these is that little-kids brains don’t see the humor. (Medium-kid brains quite possibly do, but they’ll chastise Johnny for being immature and think the best of Jack-in-the-Box.)

  25. synergy says:

    Speaking of JitB, this person is not only eating there at all but eating there once a week??? Did they miss your stories about JitB having the highest amounts of trans fats???

  26. sfern says:

    At Rubio’s Fish Tacos, they never get my name right.


    Pretty simple for english speakers, but I’ve gotten Expensive, Espansel, and other creative transliterations.

    Never had any sprm though.

  27. tsunamibombsquad says:

    ahahaha i worked at a steakhouse and one time i wrote on the chalk board 8oz seared and blackened baby seal….the manager was sooooo bent out of shape. the kitchen loved it.

  28. redkamel says:

    actually the whole “Jack in the Box” could have connotations as well, although a little less obvious that a sprm crsnt (which couldve been suprm crsnt)

  29. humorbot says:

    Give a whole new meaning to chocolate croissant too.

  30. frankadelic says:

    I wonder if Sprm Croisnt is the French fratboy’s version of Ookie Cookie.

  31. friendlynerd says:


    OH my god I remember that. too funny

  32. bustit22 says:

    I guess if you’re constantly thinking about man juice, you might find this funny.

  33. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @burgundyyears: Yes! I remember this. It became a big joke in high school since everyone worked at a grocery store at one point or another. (I thought it was Kroger though.)

  34. Angryrider says:

    @thesuperpet: ? I thought all milk was supposed to be homogenized. No wonder it tastes a little funny.

  35. carterbeauford says:

    extra mayo, of course.

  36. friendlynerd says:


    You get serious brownie points if you remember Kazmaier’s (that’s the one I worked at, unfortunately)

  37. theblackdog says:

    @DrGirlfriend: My inner Beavis and Butthead can’t quit laughing at the thought of reading that.

  38. PinkBox says:

    C’mon… their name is “Jack in the Box”. My friends and I have always made fun of that. The sprm doesn’t surprise me!

  39. Anonymously says:

    @macinjosh: I almost died when I read that. Thanks!

  40. fuzzymuffins says:

    a bowling alley my gf’s mom was the manager… saturday nights they’d give a couple of bucks out if you got a strike when certain colored pins came up. a big poster behind the desk described them as “MONEY SHOTS”.

  41. FLConsumer says:

    You mean Jack in the Box isn’t a sperm bank?

  42. burgeon says:

    Todd Barry has a great receipt museum if this is your thing…

  43. timsgm1418 says:

    I have to wonder does the milk CAUSE someone to be Homo or is the milk only for people that already are Homo? That could make a huge difference@burgundyyears:

  44. friendlynerd says:


    LOL, it’s not the water in Toledo that makes you gay. It’s the milk! Dammit!

  45. JMH says:

    @macinjosh: 1. Cut a hole in a box?

  46. Andy S. says:

    As a teenager, my first job was at a McDonald’s. We often had to call back to the kitchen to inform them of which items we were low on, and for the sake of brevity, the items with longer names were often shortened to something quick to shout out.

    “Sausage McMuffin with egg” was verbally abbreviated to “smeg”.

    I still think that this is funny.

  47. Mykro says:

    They shortended Croissant to the seven letter “croisnt”. Why couldn’t they just spell out the 7 letter “Supreme” and shorten croissant to crsnt?
    Someone’s dirty mind thought out this trick. I like it!

  48. zibby says:

    Oh, man! If Consumerist is eating this stuff up, there’s a hand dryer at the Burger King near me that says “Push Butt” instead of “Push Button” because somebody scratched the “ON” off. I’m going to get pics and submit it so you can all enjoy the hilarity!

  49. pestie says:

    @astrochimp: I think “homo milk” is a regional thing. I grew up in New England and never heard the term until pretty recently (and I’m almost 36 years old).

  50. sburnap42 says:

    When I worked for Williams-Sonoma as a programmer, I caught one of these. The software on the cash register truncated all descriptions to 19 characters but the buyers entered descriptions of up to 24 characters. (If I recall correctly.) Because of this, the “green vegetable peeler” was sold as “green vegetable pee” for some unknown period of time.

  51. theblackdog says:

    @sburnap42: I needed that laugh before lunch.

  52. Balisong says:

    Soooo…do these people giggle at the word “harass” too? “Magna cum laude”? The other receipts were cute, and some of these comments here too, but this receipt is just Idiocracy material. I just see four consonants…men need to quit thinking about their jiz so much.

  53. wring says:

    guys u r totes reaching.

    also, what happened to morning deals?????

  54. Raziya says:

    @pestie: It’s on our receipts in New England…I live in Vermont and work in NH…at my store it prints out “Homo Milk”. :)

  55. floyderdc says:

    When I was in high school I took calculus and analytical geometry, it was appeared on the schedule as cal/anal geometry. It was funny then, but serious this is getting a little old.

  56. deviationer says:

    At Fred Meyers/Koger’s self checkout, buy Land O Lakes butter and it comes up as LOL Butter.

  57. DeeJayQueue says:

    When I was little my mom would take me to Burger King for Croissamwiches and hash browns on special mornings. I looked at the receipt one time and it said “SM ASH Browns” and I looked in my bag, and yep. They were smashed alright.

  58. PabloPablo says:

    What does Jack in the Box have to respond to? The fact that someone can’t understand what they ordered? If you ordered a Supreme Croissant and you saw that on your receipt I think you’d know what it is.

  59. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    OK – this is prime example with the general problem with people. We’re not responsible for how you interpret things. That’s your emotional and pyschological baggage, not ours. Man-up.

  60. Odiwan says:

    i had a similar pizza experience…

  61. factotum says:

    “I love JitB and will continue to eat there on a weekly basis,”

    I think the real story in this post is, “How fat is this guy/gal?” These crsnts have 450 calories with over half of those coming from fat!

  62. riverstyxxx says:


    In some places, Homo Milk is printed right on the carton.