A Tragic Tale Of Horrific, Yet Typical, Service At CVS

Reader Rachael’s description of what its like to shop at her local CVS is a good example maddening, yet typical “customer service” that you find at chain drug stores. Why is buying razor blades and photo prints so insanely difficult? Why?

I recently went to CVS to buy razor blades and they were completely locked up. Apparently a new procedure since they never were in the past. I try to get the attention of no fewer than 3 CVS employees milling about doing nothing. One actually stops and tells me I have to go to the counter.

So I get in line and wait and wait and wait. 10 minutes later, I’m at the counter and I tell them I want to buy razor blades. They tell me I need to go to aisle 2. I told them I know where they are but they are locked up so can I get some help. They tell me I need to go back to the pharmacy because they have the key. I go to the pharmacy and wait another 10 minutes in a painfully slow line. Pharmacy cashier tells me they’re located in aisle 2. I confirm this and tell them I need help since they are locked up. They tell me I have to go to the front counter.

I inform them the front counter told me I needed to go to the pharmacy counter. They tell me to hold on and they walk to the front. I’ve been in the store a good half hour now.

The cashier comes back and told me that only the manager had the key and he must be on break or something because they don’t know where he is and can I come back tomorrow? I ask what they do when the manager is out – who has the key then and they told me that the cashiers have them. I ask why none of the cashiers present have a key then to assist me. They told me they cannot leave their counters because they are busy and I have to wait for the manager to get assistance.

I should have known better to try and order photos there…..

I wanted prints of my wedding photos. You know, all 315 of them.

So I go in to order them. They have 15 cent prints 24 hours and one-hour prints for 19 cents. It’s 10am on a Sunday.

I tell the guy I want the 15 cent ones. (I’m in no hurry). He tells me they don’t offer that option. Despite the 3 – 6 foot long banners all over the pharmacy advertising that. So I tell him I want them in an hour then. He asks how many prints I need. I tell him 315. He looks at me funny and tells me I can’t have them in an hour. Despite those same banners advertising one-hour prints for 19 cents a print for orders up to 500 prints. So I tell him then I will pick them up Monday then and can I have the 15 cent price. He tells me “I already told you, we don’t offer that service”. So I say “So I have to pay the one-hour processing price of 19 cents a print?” He says I’m correct. So then I ask “So I can come back in an hour or two to pick them up?” He tells me I have to come back Monday.

Clearly a losing battle.

So I went in on Monday (at 8PM for the record). About 34 hours after dropping them off for “one-hour” processing. I didn’t actually even drop anything off. I had the pics on a cd and I had to do all the processing on their automated system myself…. Anyway…

I go in and of course they have one cashier working. There are like 30 people in the line.

I go to the photo department. There is somebody sitting behind the counter but she ignores me and talks on her cell phone for about 5 minutes. I guess she realized I wasn’t leaving so she comes up and asks how she can help me. I tell her I’m only picking up prints. She says well nobody is working in photos today (um, then why is she manning the photo counter? Furthermore, how friggin hard is it to turn around and grab the huge and bulging envelope with my name on it so I can pay?????)

I look at her and say “So how do I pick up my photos so I can pay for them?”

She points to the line that HAS NOT MOVED since I walked in (apparently there was nobody manning the cashier counter – just like how this chick was not manning the photo center – despite doing just that).

Anyway, she points to the line and tells me I have to wait in the line and when I get to the counter, I have to ask the cashier if she can go to the photo department to pick up my pics so I can pay for them. You know, the ones behind the chick manning the photo department (or not).

I point to the envelope about 1 foot behind her and ask her if I can pick it up so when I go to the line, I can pay and leave (I mean, it’s a good $50 of photos here….) Let’s not forget they also decided to charge me for one hour processing that I was not allowed to have…..

She tells me no, I have to wait in the line and maybe that cashier will help me.

I told her that she could keep the fucking pictures then.

I walked out.

CVS can keep all 315 photos.

They only have my last name and telephone number on file. Let’s see how long it takes them to decide it’s time to call me.

Then, maybe for the fun of it, I will have the 19 cents vs 15 cents discussion.

I’ll probably end up ordering online now. Fuck CVS.



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  1. Falconfire says:

    They are locking up all the contraceptives too. I tried to buy a box of condoms when I went to pick up my prescriptions and was met with a locked cabinet where I used to just be able to grab them and add them to my order.

    Just getting my scripts took 30 minutes, screw getting a guy to come out and open the thing. I got my prescriptions, left, and went to Rite Aid down the street where i could just grab them without having to look like a criminal because I wanted protection…

  2. phelander says:

    Yes, there’s nothing more to say than the last line of that story.

  3. elislider says:

    walgreens also locks up the infant formula, i saw it yesterday. dunno the logic behind that one…

  4. Ecoaster says:

    Ha… Yeah- Not long ago I was right by a Wal-Mart, so I went in there to get razor blades, and they have them locked up too. Pharmacy people couldn’t help me and loudspeaker pages for help went unanswered so I just left.

    Later in the day I bought what I wanted at Target, where NONE of that stuff is locked up.

    I’m sure theft must be a problem, but when you don’t have enough help to open the case, then what’s the point.

  5. timmus says:

    I guess I’m kind of evil, but I’d probably stick some metal filings in that cabinet lock after being subjected to all that. Have fun unlocking your razor blades, CVS.

  6. MissTic says:

    I would never entrust a chain store like CVS with developing my wedding photos. That’s not the time to pinch pennies…you get what you pay for and all that…

    I’m assuming that the 315 wedding photos were taken by a photographer and just handed over on a CD. Cutting corners??? Again…you get what you pay for….$50? Most people pay a lot more. I realize wedding budgets are subjective…but why trust CVS with this?? I wouldn’t.

    Bottom line: don’t trust minimum wage morons at chain retail outlets to handle something so important!!! And write a letter to corporate.

    And as for the razor blades – it’s been that way at our local CVS for years. But we’ve never had a problem locating an employee with a key on the floor.

    • kjs87 says:

      OP’s fault for not paying thousands of dollars for precious memories! In all seriousness, as long as she still has the CD with all of the photos, I don’t see why it’s not possible for her to, at a later date, have different prints made by a professional if she chooses to. I’d recommend making a copy of the CD and keeping it somewhere safe (maybe a safe deposit box if she has one?), but it actually makes a bit of sense to cut there.

  7. lamorevincera says:

    I’ll back this person up – they have been locking up all the razors. I use that Intuition thing that couldn’t cut someone if you tried – the blades are in the middle of a block of soap – and I still had to get a manager to unlock the case.

    Don’t let your pictures sit there! Call repeatedly until you can get the store manager, and then demand the pictures and the advertised, cheaper price.

    I haven’t shopped at CVS since they locked up the razor blades, either. It’s a huge pain to get some apathetic cashier who resents your intrusion on his time doing jack shit to go get them for you. Trust me, buddy, I’d MUCH rather be getting these for myself.

  8. Nicholai says:

    @Falconfire: You have to get someone to pick up condoms for you? Oh no! Ahhahhha! I feel sorry for you.

  9. bdgbill says:

    I stopped going to CVS when they started the “DOYOUHAVEACVSCARD??” bull during every transaction. It annoys me that some products are labled with a price for card holders but not the “regular” price. Their circular does the same thing.

    If I need to join your little club to get your best price, then, as the poster said “Fuck CVS”

  10. DMDDallas says:

    heh heh
    I have a feeling what kind of neighborhood this is in, but I wont elaborate…

  11. bigtimestuff says:

    @elislider: We wouldn’t want poor mothers stealing to feed their babies. CVS knows what’s up with those matronly scoundrels. Or maybe kids these days are using formula to make their crack cocaine. Ugh. CVS. Barf.

  12. AaronZ says:

    Yeah, if the razors are locked, up, they can keep their damn inventory and I’ll shop somewhere else. You want to make it prohibitively difficult to buy something, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t sell.

    As for the wedding pictures, well people here like to blame the original poster, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.. Your WEDDING picutes at CVS? Seriously? Did Papa Johns cater, and Super Fresh do the florals? As long as you’re going with the lowest common denominator.

  13. Canoehead says:

    Infant formula is actually pretty expensive – theieves will steal it, and then scumbags will resell as new through bodegas – only problem is that formula may have becomes corrupted in the interim. I know it is a pain in the ass, but I can understand it.

    CVS is always a Goat-Screw – avoid at all costs. And print your wedding pics somewhere where the color balance might be correct – hint, not CVS, Walgreens, Target or Walmart.

  14. savvy999 says:

    It’s their prerogative to lock up stuff that’s very value-dense (Mach 99 razor blades, baby formula, some electronics)– hell, there’s a reason why even high-end jewelry stores keep the goods under glass– but it’s insanely stupid to not give at least two employees per shift a key.

    Some stores just don’t want to make money.

  15. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    I won’t shop anywhere that keeps that much stuff locked up, especially places like this where it’s pulling teeth to get them to unlock it for you. If they don’t want to sell it to me, then I’ll just buy it elsewhere.

  16. I hate CVS as well.
    The other day, I was really really ill. Almost to the point of passing out. And I felt like I was either going to shit my pants or throw up any second. I go to buy some flu medication. (I was not going to take any medication, but my girlfriend got sick before I did, and I was going to get it for her) The girl pesters me about showing my drivers license to buy one little overpriced package. And the one I bought had no pseudoephedrine . So there was no reason to check my ID. As if I was going to go make some meth from the twelve little tablets in the box. Absolutely ridiclous. I am tired of being treated like a criminal.

  17. arogue says:

    I have started getting proactive at these poor customer service locations. At Wal Mart when I could not find anyone in the sporting goods to open a locked cabinet I finally went over to the counter, leaned over, and sure enough there were the display keys sitting there. I used them to open the cabinet. Then a shocked sales person comes up and asks me what I am doing with the keys. I told him since no one would help me I just figured it must be self service, but if he would like to help me that would be great!

  18. Asvetic says:

    Might be helpful if we knew which CVS this was. It sounds like it’s worth avoiding or at least acknowledging corporate that there’s a CVS that isn’t “Customer Valued Service”…

  19. Dashrashi says:

    @MissTic: Don’t pass judgment on how she gets her wedding pictures done. Some people don’t need to be gouged to feel satisfied and like they are keeping up with the Joneses. If she’s happy with how they would have processed them, why would you object to that? Nothing was destroyed here; the only consequence was inconvenience and irritation. There’s no reason for this to be a cautionary tale about buying into the wedding-industrial complex.

  20. sirwired says:

    @elislider: Actually, for a while (don’t know if this is still going on), there were actually organized shoplifting rings that would steal baby forumla… cases and cases of the stuff was disappearing. The stuff is pretty expensive, and apparently easy to sell on the black market… Google for “Baby formula theft” for the gory details.

    My local grocery store has just a few cans on the shelf, with instructions to ask at customer service if the shelf is empty.

    Razor blades are also quite expensive and easy to steal, so it kind of makes sense to at least have them behind the counter, but yeah, they then need to make it easy to get to them.

    Putting condoms behind the counter though? Yeah, I’d take my business elsewhere for that one. Even if shoplifting is a problem, I am REALLY not going to bother with trying to get those from some clerk with Hyperactive Morality Disorder.


  21. @MissTic: How badly could CVS screw up her photos? She has a digital copy. If the photos suck she can have them reprinted, or according to your logic she can spend tons of money just in case CVS’ photo printer isn’t very good.

  22. DeliBoy says:

    @MissTic: No one knows why Rachael is printing out wedding photos at CVS. Half a dozen good reasons come to mind immediately. It shouldn’t matter for the purposes of this story.

  23. com132 says:

    The CVS by me has the razors locked up, btu there is a little thingy below each one that you push and one gets dispensed to you. It was hard to see, but it was there. Also, my father works for a grocery chain and says that infant formula is one item that has a very high theft rate. He says that people come in and can walk out with cases if they are not watching. Apparently this is one way to get your kids fed…

  24. syndprod says:

    Can we please ease up on the original poster about having her wedding photos developed at CVS? That’s not the point here, the point is the mind-boggling bad non-service provided by the store. To those who are insulting the OP about having wedding photos developed at CVS, they were never specific about what “type” of photos they were. (For example, the photos could be a collection from all different guests’ digital shots – perhaps the OP asked guests to send her their digital shots to get a range of “non-formal” pictures of the reception.)

    This post is about the suckiness of CVS, which I can fully endorse.

  25. WhirlyBird says:

    I haven’t set foot inside a CVS since Walgreens opened near me. They were great, when they were Revco, but they’ve sucked ever since.

  26. UpsetPanda says:

    @syndprod: Exactly! @MissTic: What syndprod said. I wouldn’t trust CVS as the ONLY way of getting my photography done, but we don’t know the full extent of her needs. I know my photographer is going to give us a CD of prints, in addition to a few select ones we choose to have framed. We intend to get prints from shutterfly so we can include them with our thank you cards, and those will be around $.15 each. I’d recommend to the OP that she uses shutterfly or photoworks.

  27. MattO says:

    i wouldnt pass judgement on the wedding photos either – we are paying over $2000 for ours, yet we are only getting a few prints, and i will print the rest that i want on my own – why pay for every picture they take when i may only want certain ones?

  28. levenhopper says:

    I’ve ALWAYS had excelent prints when I’ve had the developed at CVS. And I develope prints almost weekly.

  29. floyderdc says:

    I have never had a problem with CVS and have used them on both coasts. Customer service is not good in general in the area where I live and I have never experienced this bad of service. I would e-mail the home office and let them know. I do not think this is how CVS usually runs things.

  30. CaptainConsumer says:

    I was in a Walgreens here in Southeast Michigan when I wanted to buy a five pack of Bic lighters. I was told I needed to show ID, and I’m 45 years old.

  31. chersolly says:

    When I was a kid working at CVS 12 or 13 years ago, we have the razors and baby formula locked up. But, I grew up in NY.

  32. Dashrashi says:

    @CaptainConsumer: For lighters? Awesome.

  33. NoWin says:

    Our local CVS has some of that locked too….as for the photos, for a few $50.00’s you can buy a nice photo-printer yourself and do them at home at your lesiure. (local self-employed owner plug: If the photog did a nice job at your wedding, buy a few pic’s from him anyway…dont be too cheap a cheapskate! You may want him if you have a marriage #2…)

  34. MissTic says:

    @Dashrashi: Nice assumption. But WRONG. I simply said I wouldn’t trust something so important to a place like CVS. I also said wedding budgets are subjective. Additonally, there isn’t enough info about the situation to pass any further judgements – nice try though. I’d stick with a store that’s known for their customer service and film quality. Not all photo development machines/technicans are created equal. That could be another retail chain store or it could be a camera shop that specializes in photo development. Clearly, your wallet dictates where you shop but my point was that you get what you pay for. These weren’t just random photos, these were wedding photos. Something you’d think would merit a bit more importance. Again, we don’t know her situation. Maybe she’s used CVS without incident and logically assumed it would be fine.

    Yes, digital photos and image processing have come a long way…but some things are better left to the pros and not a key mashing monkey at CVS who can’t be bothered to stop yakking on her cell phone. Film quality aside….

    • kjs87 says:

      Interesting thought, far more people have wedding photos done professionally than they do baby pictures. They may get one session for baby photos, but they’re not nearly as extensive as wedding photos tend to be. Graduates from high school and college usually have that iconic cap and gown picture, and maybe a professional picture of them crossing the stage to get a diploma. My Nana and Papa lived together long enough to celebrate their 75th anniversary, both lived to 100, and Papa’s still around and just had his 105th birthday. My niece and nephew were both (and still are) gorgeous babies. Absolutely none of these events had professional photography, just regular photographs processed at local pharmacies. I don’t know what it is about the word “wedding” that is magical and raises the cost of everything about twenty times (if you’re lucky), but I wouldn’t consider my wedding monumentally more important than those other events. It’s got a little bit of a higher personal value to me because it’s about the man I love most in the world, but so much more than all of those other events? Not THAT much more.

      It’s great that you have enough money that you can’t fathom anyone ever having their photos done at CVS and feeling glad to have pictures of the event in the first place. We’re not all that lucky.

  35. Falconfire says:

    We are not even getting prints for our photos. Just 4-5 CDs full of the shots. Granted we are only paying like 700 dollars for it but its much cheaper than our friends who have spent upwards of 4000 dollars for what most likely are getting printed at something only slightly better than the system CVS uses.

    Its all automatic these days, even wide format photos are printed via a machine and checked up by a lab tech. Even at that they are almost never printed on actual light sensitive papers, and are almost always a ultra-high quality printer.

  36. RobinB says:

    What drives me nuts is being treated like a criminal when I want to buy cold meds–like Sudafed.

  37. MeOhMy says:

    As others have said (and my wife who used to work at a CVS in a fairly seedy urban locale) razor blades and baby formula have high theft rates. I have found that more and more stores in my area (towns adjacent to the fairly seedy urban locale) have been locking things like this up as the denizens of the fairly seedy urban locale keep searching for easy sources that are still close enough to get to easily.

    That doesn’t excuse the lack of keys or the apathy of the people working there, of course.

    Regarding the one-hour pricing, this has always been a pet peeve of mine and one that I feel should fall afoul of advertising laws. Rarely can a “One hour” processor get your prints done in an hour. It really just means same day.

    BTW, I’m not going to pass judgement on where you get the prints, but if you are getting 315 prints you probably could have got them done elsewhere for less.

  38. Falconfire says:

    @MissTic: Who do you think prints for the pro’s?

    You should check the back of a photography magazine, you will open your eyes to the world of photography and how hardly anyone actually does printmaking in house, if at all.

    Its not the same ballgame as it was even 15 years ago.

  39. Scuba Steve says:

    I would trust walmart before I would trust CVS.

    I don’t even trust CVS for toilet paper.

  40. Dashrashi says:

    @RobinB: I totally agree with you, because if your nose is running, like, ohmygod, hand over the sudafed for god’s sake, but I read this Rolling Stone article (…I know), and it turns out the little individual blister packs really are a part of the meth problem, which is really a big problem nationally. So I’m conflicted. I wish they would make the hoops just slightly easier for us to jump through. Maybe have them next to the cigarettes instead of behind the pharmacy counter, so you can get them even when the pharmacy is closed. Perhaps show ID, or make you sign for them, but…don’t be such jerks about it? I don’t know.

  41. Cialis Cooper says:

    @MissTic: Reminds me of the time that I picked up some pictures from CVS and had someone’s honeymoon pictures and negatives in the envelope along with my pictures. Weird thing was that I had just placed the order at the kiosk from my digital camera, didn’t have film so had no reason to have negatives. To top it all off, the honeymoon pic’s weren’t as interesting as I had hoped – so I returned them.

  42. RBecho says:

    Actually, me and my wife had a few of our pictures re-printed at CVS. She uploaded the digital files to CVS.com and then we picked them up a couple hours later (we could have gone after an hour, but as the CVS is across the street we picked them up when we went out on other errands). The prints were pretty good quality (8 x 10’s) and the price was cheap.
    I don’t see why people are ragging on getting prints there, yeah the service at this location is overall horrible, but I don’t see the need for all the crap about getting prints from CVS.

  43. zjc says:

    My local CVS has a loud prisoner-has-escaped announcement every time someone wants to buy razors: “a customer needs assistance at men’s razors” over and over and over in a sci-fi voice. It won’t stop until an employee goes and gets them and turns it off. It’s extremely annoying for ALL shoppers but effective for the one shopper. I can’t wait until they do that with condoms too – sort of amusing?

  44. Buran says:

    @MissTic: If the prints don’t turn out it’s not a big deal when we’re talking digital images which can very easily be taken to another shop for printing.

  45. ratnerstar says:

    CVS cards me when I buy Nicoderm CQ patches. Good thing I’m old enough to quit smoking.

  46. Falconfire says:

    @friendlynerd: I know your being a ass… but some people cant breastfeed at all for reasons OTHER than being high or drunk.

    I was allergic to breast milk, and some women are on some hardcore prescriptions that make their milk unsuitable.

  47. fergthecat says:

    @bdgbill: You know what’s funny about that? Every time I go to CVS they ask if I have a card and I say “no”. So the cashier just grabs one from the pile by the register, scans it and says something like “you saved $1.14”. It’s like they don’t even care…

  48. Buran says:

    @RobinB: No kidding. I’m standing there, obviously sick, coughing and hacking, and does the guy just hand me the meds and say “hope you feel better soon”? Hell no. “I need your ID, firstborn, oh you don’t have any kids? I need your inheritance, fingerprint, retinal scan, DNA…”

    Just give me the freakin’ meds before I pass out right here!

  49. TexasBelle says:

    As for experience #1, I would have been out of there after seeing how long the first line was. I don’t need razor blades that badly, thanks. If retail customers don’t vote with their feet, how can they expect good service? People who are willing to go through what Rachael went through just to make a simple purchase are telling stores like CVS they can treat us any old way they want to and still get our money.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve always had good experiences at north Dallas CVS stores. Maybe they’re just managed better than most.

  50. Buran says:

    @friendlynerd: Not every woman can breast feed. Lots of reasons why that might be the case.

  51. TexasBelle says:

    @bdgbill: Geez. Just get a card and then don’t fill out the personal info. You still get the discounts, but they don’t know anything about you except your buying habits.

  52. rdm says:

    Strangely, I have had amazing service at CVS the last 6 or so times I’ve gone. They haven’t screwed up (or lost completely) my prescription, sale items rang up properly, people were polite. Coupons worked. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m a little scared.

  53. nffcnnr says:

    Vive la Walgreens!

  54. friendlynerd says:


    So let’s steal some formula, right?

  55. Jraktal says:

    not from the US and I friggin nearly blew a blood vessel reading this, I say Fuck CVS, and burn the mothafucka down!

  56. CuriousO says:

    I have a Mac if you do just use iPhoto and order them from your home. the prices are good and the shipping is not that expensive. I am sure there are other ways if you have a PC I am sure someone here would tell you.

  57. CuriousO says:

    @elislider: Baby formula is like $35 per container, I am sure they had issues with dirtbags stealing them.

  58. Jraktal says:

    funny that you mentioned IPhoto, my wife is producing her babyshower book through IPhoto and it kicks ass, why have photos when you can have a high quality book of pics.

  59. CorporateTool says:

    @lamorevincera: They don’t lock up the razor blades because you might hurt someone, but because they are a relatively “high ticket” item, easy to steal, and have resale value.

    Still stupid.

  60. mike says:

    What happened to the days when teenagers got jobs to build character and responsibility?

  61. cmdr.sass says:

    You don’t even need pseudoephedrine to make meth, as any first year chemist knows, which makes Senator Feinstein’s “Combat Meth Act” even more laughably misguided than most bills coming out of Congress these days.

    Just give me my god damned Sudafed already.

  62. JustAGuy2 says:



  63. KLG18 says:

    One time while I was checking out at CVS, I accidentally handed the cashier the bonus card for a grocery store instead of my CVS card (my bad, too many cards stuffed in the same slot in my wallet). The cashier looks at me and goes, “This isn’t our card”…before I even had a chance to react, the little punk reaches across the counter and into MY wallet and slides out the stupid CVS card! Absolutely no regard for personal space and property. I stood there sort of stunned for a second; I probably should have said something or asked to speak to a manager, but I’m sure, in light of the aforementioned accounts above, one could understand my just wanting to get out of there. There’s a fine line between helpful and obnoxious!

  64. Falconfire says:

    @Jraktal: This is what we are using for our Wedding Albums ourself.

  65. wesrubix says:

    I have no problems with the CVS stores in my area. They’re courteous and adequately staffed, especially the 24-hour one. You should call the CVS corporate line and report this store’s inability to provide the level of service a CVS store should provide.

    As for locking things up, I haven’t seen locked up condoms, but razor blades and razors yes because their hot (likely to be stolen). *Shrug* Maybe the manager at this particular CVS thought condoms got stolen a lot.

  66. UpsetPanda says:

    @Falconfire: My wedding photographer has a studio, and does prints in house.

  67. Dennis says:

    @Dashrashi: I realize that’s it a national problem blah blah blah, but what I want to know is does treating everyone like a criminal really have any impact on the meth problem?

  68. IJReilly says:

    This is another typical case of people wanting to shop at the absolute cheapest place in town, but expecting world-class service. People seem constantly surprised that discount chains don’t have the same service as high end retailers.

  69. morganlh85 says:

    @MissTic: If the pictures are on a CD, what difference does it make where you develop the photos? Don’t like the quality, get it done again somewhere else. Some people just don’t care about photos (particularly printed photos…can’t even remember the last time I held a photograph in my hands) that much.

  70. othertim says:

    As an employee (though in the pharmacy part), the photo story I know would have my district manager absolutely flipping the fuck out. While I’ve experienced completely unnecessary customer overreactions, what happened here is absolutely something I would take to the next level.

    I should really do a CVS “Confessions of” one of these days…

  71. Dashrashi says:

    @cmdr.sass: I mean, you may not need it to make meth, but if people are in fact using it to make meth, then perhaps you should regulate it.

    @Dennis: Well, from what I read, it seemed like NOT “treating everyone like a criminal” did have an impact on the meth problem. In that it allowed it to spiral out of control. So it’s understandable that they want to try regulating it for a change. As far as I understand it, we’re still seeing whether regulating it helps. However, I get the sense that the cat’s already out of the bag on this one, and it really might not be helpful to try to regulate it now.

  72. DeeJayQueue says:

    Just another case of A not knowing or caring about B.

    I used to be an assistant manager for Eckerd, years ago. We had certain things locked up, and sometimes you needed a manager to do overrides, turn keys, authorize returns, etc. It was a shitty system. We didn’t trust the regular employees with keys, since they turned over so fast, and most of them robbed the place blind out of the stockroom anyway.

    Problem is, stores that small are victims of poor middle and upper management. When sales are slow, the first thing to get cut is payroll. If you’re in a consistently sluggish location, you never have any hours, and you’re constantly running a skeleton crew. This means that the managers either can’t leave the building to go on break, or they do and don’t tell anyone where they went. Problem is that they’re the only ones with keys, so they take a gamble every time that for 30 minutes there won’t be a situation that requires them.

    Stuff like razor blades, cough syrup, baby formula, cigarettes, etc are mostly all either behind the counter or locked up since they’re high ticket items and they’re small enough to steal. Yes, mothers do indeed steal baby formula. Happens all. the. time.. It sucks when you legitimately want something and there’s nobody around to help you.

    I hope the OP got permission to copy her wedding pics from the photographer. The fact that she has them on a CD is a pretty good indication that either she did or that the photographer is loose with his permissions, but a lot of places won’t even touch the photos without a permission form from the studio.

    Bottom line here: CVS is staffed with high school kids making minimum wage and looking for an excuse to steal. They do not care about their jobs because they can easily go work at the grocery store or the Rite-Aid down the street. Management doesn’t give a crap because they can’t afford to keep anyone on payroll anyway, and the people they do have all suck, so it’s a dehumanizing place to be. Plus, working in a pharmacy means you have to deal with the sick and infirm pretty much all the time. There is no crankier and harder to please demographic than sick or old people, and that makes up 99% of the shoppers there. I’m not saying it’s right, but I would (and did) have a rotten attitude too if that was who I had to deal with all the time.

  73. bohemian says:

    The local Walgreens put all the diabetic testing equipment and strips out on the sales floor but put everything behind glass. I don’t know what the point was in that.

    We have been lucky that most of the stores in town haven’t had to start locking up razors and baby formula quite yet. Give all the meth heads a few more years and that too will happen.

  74. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    “some women can’t breastfeed”

    Yea, that would be my SIL. She said she couldn’t breastfeed her premature baby even though the doctor strongly recommended it. Why? She said breastfeeding is like having sex with your baby – very dirty. This was after I breastfed both my sons. No wonder she hates me.

    I’ve seen locked up razor blades at Target, too, in the fancy part of town.

  75. Kenneth says:

    @timmus: Prilosec (heartburn) is locked up like this at my Walgreens. I’m usually able to just remove merchandise beside the locked area and reach through. Of course they’ve caught me doing this and proceed to treat me like a criminal. But had they been around to help me I would have asked.

  76. balthisar says:

    I’m guessing these aren’t wedding photos, but wedding snapshots. For 315/$50, these aren’t portraits.

  77. @Falconfire: weirdly (or perhaps quite savvily), my Kroger now keeps the contraceptives in a lockable-but-not-locked cabinet.

    On reflection, I bet this does discourage theft, and they can lock it during the overnight when the store is poorly staffed (it’s a 24-hour store).

    @elislider: Enormous theft problem on formula. That stuff’s expensive.

    @CaptainConsumer: I had to show ID to buy a 24-pack of toilet paper at a Walgreens once.

    When I can’t get a clerk to pay attention to me and the line is long, I call the store on the phone, tell them where I am, and ask them to send me a clerk to aisle 2 (or whatever). Boy do I get awesome service then!

    But yeah, CVS sucks balls. Wildly understaffed at every location I’ve been to, and mostly the staff is listless and defeated. Even where the staff is good, there’s not enough of them and you can tell the job is unpleasant even though they’re trying hard.

  78. SoCalGNX says:

    Must vary by store. The CVS here is great, even went above and beyond for me on a prescription call. I have had trouble with Walgreens in THREE states so I do not shop there ever.

  79. jamesdenver says:

    Every time I go to the Walgreens pharmacy and interact with the well trained, well paid, professional staff I wonder if and how they manage to hang out with the staff described above.

    The pharmacy gang has to walk through the store. Do they take breaks with the store staff? Or talk about work, life, (or how much life sucks for the store staff.) Do the store staff bitch about how little they make while the pharmacy staff keeps their mouth shut?

    Does the store staff try to break into the pharmacy to steal drugs after the pharmacy staff deadbolts down all three doors for just that reason?

    I always see this class difference while walking through Walgreens…

  80. TangDrinker says:

    Lots of places lock their formula up. If you need some at Walgreens, ask at the make-up counter – they usually have the key.

    We had our son’s birth announcement photo thing printed up at Walgreens – we’ve been very happy with their quality and have used them for most print jobs. Maybe Rachael might want to try them. If you upload to their website from home – it’s even quicker. Now if only they’d partner with Flickr…

  81. Elijah-M says:

    There isn’t one single thing at CVS or Walgreen’s that my local Publix Grocery Store and Pharmacy doesn’t have at an equal or lower price. More importantly, there is one thing that I’ve never seen at CVS or Walgreen’s taht Publix seems to have in spades: helpful, accessible staff members who for the most part appear to be happy doing their jobs.

    I think this has a lot more to do with the value that corporations place on their employees than with the abilities of the employees themselves. An overworked and underpaid staff never provides adequate customer service, regardless of anything else.

  82. @Ihaveasmartpuppy: While obviously your SIL has issues, there are many other legit reasons women may not be able to breastfeed or may require formula. One of my roommates had SEVERE post-partum depression and the doctor couldn’t put her on an appropriate drug cocktail until she was done breastfeeding. My own mother breastfed us all to six months, but she NEVER was able to produce enough milk (due to a rare-ish abnormality) and we were all formula-supplemented from birth. I’m fairly grateful for being adequately nourished with artificial supplementation, despite the boob nazis who felt the need to constantly accost my mother about it in public. Because nothing says classy like questioning other people’s parenting choices without any evidence but a BOTTLE. (Like nobody’s ever pumped breast milk, for starters.)

    And some women just find breastfeeding unpleasant and painful. For some women it’s logistically impossible if they want to remain employed and be able to feed their family. Obviously breast is best, but a happy and healthy mother and baby is what’s most important, and if formula is necessary, thank God we have that option.

  83. evilinkblot says:

    The wedding photos thing is overdone, but I read it as she was getting additional copies made, maybe a set for friend/family.

    I love buying the medicine you need to show ID for. I tell them I’m going to learn to make crystal meth, since I have to jump through all these hoops to get some tablets I might as well

  84. Mr. Gunn says:

    AaronZ: What’s up with dogging on the woman because she has her pictures on CD?

    People who pay thousands so that someone else can decide what pictures you get, and charge you extra if you want copies, are the real fools. I got all mine on CD, along with a video of the whole ceremony, and I can’t believe that anyone would pay that much for pictures to be taken and be OK with not getting the image files.

    /CVS sucks

  85. velvetjones says:

    @DMDDallas: Exactly, which is why none of you should be shopping at CVS or Walgreens. Have you ever noticed that those stores are almost always on a bus line? That’s because they take advantage of people who have limited mobility and can’t drive all to Walmart/target/costco for better prices. As a result, they get to over-price things like formula, condoms and razors then when the people start stealing them, they lock them up. there ought to be a law, btw about locking up condoms, jeez.

  86. GirlCat says:

    @MissTic: I think the point of the story was the shitty customer service, not the quality of the photo processing. Also, it’s great that your local CVS has good service, but many of them don’t. In fact, most chain drugstores I’ve been to treat customers like they’re a nuisance. And it’s not only NY or other large cities.

  87. DeltaPurser says:

    No wonder they lock shit up… People steal everything that’s not nailed down these days.

    Amusing story, albeit exaggerated…

  88. chersolly says:

    I worked at CVS twelve or thirteen years ago as a kid. We locked up our razors and kept the formula behind the counters even back then. Oh, I miss NY.

  89. S-the-K says:

    CVS, et al., is overpriced. I only go there for my Rx (which is covered by my employer’s plan). Even then, I use the drive through.

    But that said, the store management may be justified to lock up razor blades, but I’m justified to take my business elsewhere. Only if the razor blades are significantly less than the alternative, to compensate for the inconvenience and additional time consumption, would I opt for the locked-up items.

    As it is, CVS costs more than the alternative, so they can put the razor blades in the vault in the bank for all I care. They’ll just sell less of them.

    IMHO, an alternative to locking them up, just put them out in the open so everyone can see. Or at least don’t have your isles only three feet wide with all kinds of crap hanging overhead so that the security cameras can keep an eye on the merchandise.

  90. simplecreature says:

    CVS is FAIL.

    The two here in Chicago I’ve been to (at Diversey and Western and on Chicago ave) have locked up the cold medications, the razor blades and the condoms. I felt like I was 16 again having to ask some poor clerk to open the condom cabinet for me. Worse yet, he asked “which one do you want?” as opposed to just letting me grab my own. Nothing like explaining my preference for non-spermicidal condoms to a stranger…and anyone passing by.

    I understand about shoplifting being an issue, but how is it that so many other stores are able to function without treating their customers like criminals or morons? If you’re going to put barrier between your customer and a product you damn well better offer a way for your customer to easily surmount that barrier. Like a call button or phone extension. Put a camera on it to avoid abuse by idiots. These are small investments compared to people saying Fuck it and shopping elsewhere.

    And as for customer service…yeah…no. I’ve been in CVS a grand total of four times. Each time the line has been at least 10 minutes, if not longer. For a “grab and go” place that’s just nonsense. I stick to walgreens or bodegas, saves on the headache.

  91. veraikon says:

    Rachael did not make any unreasonable requests. Everything she asked for was well within the store’s normal realm operations. Even the photo thing. It was sort of a big order, sure, but that shouldn’t have been a problem because that’s what photo departments DO.

  92. Snakeophelia says:

    I went to six different CVS photo kiosks in my area when I wanted to print out photos from a memory card or flash drive. Every single kiosk had something wrong with it – it was down, it couldn’t read anything other than a CD, yadda yadda. The one kiosk that actually printed photos for me printed them all orange.

    I finally found one Walgreen’s near me that produces decent photos, but their kiosk is ancient and can’t take anything other than a CD. However, I can order the photos online and pick them up there.

    I agree with the submitter that staffing at photo counters is abysmal, though.

  93. unklegwar says:

    Anyone who puts up with that crap for as long as she did has no room to complain. Is CVS the ONLY place in a reasonable distance that has razor blades or photo printing?

    Yes, the service sucks, but after the FIRST redirection about the razor blades, that was time to go to a different store (like, the grocery store, maybe?). And when the photo guy said he couldn’t give you the advertised service at the advertised price, that too was the cue to GO ELSEWHERE. Everyone does photo printing these days. TARGET does a great job.

    The final sentiment is the correct one, but the writer is obviously very dense. She put up with far too much crap before drawing the correct conclusion. No sympathy for those who subject themselves to torture.

  94. RamblinLiz says:

    Geez, guys, I really don’t think the point of the story is that these were wedding pictures, and calling her “cheap” or accusing her of “cutting corners” is really beside the point – whether they’d been travel pictures or family photos, or hell, even 315 pictures of her cat, it still wouldn’t warrant this kind of service. (Although, admittedly, even if I was ordering prints of my cat, I’d do it online – a couple bucks for shipping is worth the quality and service.)

  95. SisterHavana says:

    The Osco Drug on one side of town locks up the condoms. The Osco Drug on the other side of town does not.

  96. picardia says:

    @unklegwar: Yes, it’s not the store’s fault for being crappy AT ALL.

  97. UpsetPanda says:

    @unklegwar: The clerks at my local Target might be bored, but they do their job, which isn’t that difficult. The major problem I think most people have with customer service is that they expect clerks to be have the work ethic to be at least halfway decent at their job, but it’s hard to make with smiles if you’re being paid $7 an hour, and get no respect. Not that it excuses any bad customer service people but it’s rare to have personal satisfaction at a job well done anymore.

  98. snwbrder0721 says:

    My local walgreens locks up antacids (value dense?). I asked for a clerk to unlock the case and he said they never lock it in the first place because it’s too much of a pain in the ass to unlock all the time. So I lifted up the case and grabed what I wanted. Sorta like the fake security camera concept.

  99. mermaidshoes says:

    @suburbancowboy: i got carded for cold meds at CVS too! except the cashier either didn’t speak english or couldn’t be bothered to actually ASK me for i.d., because she just kept motioning at my wallet and grunting something like “clear.” finally it dawned on me and i asked, “oh, would you like to see my i.d.?” she STILL didn’t say yes (or anything at all), just grabbed my i.d., looked at it, and finished the transaction.

    i can’t stand when people won’t just ASK politely–or even command me politely–if i need to show i.d. or sign a credit card slip. yesterday in whole foods (i’d like to think i can expect fairly decent service when paying $10 for two olives…) the cashier shoved the receipt at me (with no pen) and then yelled at me for putting it in the bag. “YOU NEED TO SIGN,” she said, gesturing wildly. is there no place for politeness anymore? and why do i have to sign at some places but not others? gah!

  100. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Walgreens locks up all of the things mentioned in the thread so far, plus colognes. I had planned on picking up aftershave for my husband for Christmas, but the person with the key had taken it home for the night.
    It wasn’t an emergency for me.
    It was for the woman who came in for baby formula, though. She was beside herself.
    Target is great for all of the things mentioned above, so I try to fit things into the hours that Target is open and shop there.

  101. greeky says:

    I recently tried to get a passport photo of my infant daughter at CVS. They tried to be helpful. I’ll give them that. They didn’t have a chair tall enough for her to sit in and be high enough for that white backdrop to be behind her. So we put her in a shopping cart. Then the guy can’t figure out how to turn on the digital camera. The one that looks like the “original” digital camera – it was ancient. We pose her 5 or 6 time until he finally manages to press the button correctly. He shows us the picture and it’s blurry and you can see a big shadow behind her and the backdrop all wrinkled up – and you can see the shopping cart. He assured us the passport people will take it “no problem”.

    Sadly, we didn’t leave at this point, but it’s really hard to get a posed picture of a baby, and we just wanted to be done with it. We walked around for 20 mins waiting for them to print two passport photos. After checking on them several times, I asked what the problem was. “Can’t get it to print”. He had rebooted the Kodak machine 6 times. Only then did we finally decide we’d had enough and left. My wife thought about it and said she was pretty sure she could take a picture that wasn’t blurry. So we went to my office and asked security to let us put my daughter in front of their white backdrop that they use for employee badges. No problem. Whole thing took 5 mins. We cropped the photo on the computer and printed on photo paper. Looks a helluva lot better than it would have had we stayed at CVS.

    CVS is a great place when the grocery store is closed, or too far and only if you call in your prescription ahead of time… oh and they have a great selection of “as seen on TV” products for when you need to get a last minute ghetto gift ;-)

    p.s. Don’t try and get your passport application process on a Monday at the Post Office.

  102. the_wiggle says:

    @Canoehead: love the descriptor :)

    the 24hrs walgreen’s down the road does not lock up razors or contraceptives; was just there yesterday. seems to be a store by store issue.

    suspect that this bs trend which began with pseudoephedrine (or contraceptives depending on where/when once wishes to start) will be spreading to all sorts of products. . .not that it’s preventing or solving any crimes. . . .

    as for the rest – no way in Hell i’d’ve stayed after that 1st run around; never mind giving them my wedding pics. as the Gambler says, “Know when to walk away. Know when to run.”

  103. chrisbacke says:

    I’ve never recommended the evil empire known as Walmart, but in this case… I’ve never had a problem getting condoms, film, razor blades, or good looking pictures from them…

  104. m4nea says:

    THis sounds like the single worst place to shop i have EVER heard of…
    Why would you leave your photos to be developed there when you couldn’t have the 15 cent price?
    I would have gone to an actual photo development place where they care that they are false advertising WITHIN the establishment…

  105. FLConsumer says:

    @Elijah-M: Amen to that! Fortunately I don’t take any prescription meds, but there’s been a couple of times when I was deathly sick (not an exaggeration) and had just gotten out of the hospital with a prescription. Both CVS & Walgreens have taken DAYS to fill in prescriptions the hospital called in and underscored the importance of the prescription.

    The one time I had them call it into Publix because we were planning on stopping by there for some groceries as well. By the time we got there the prescription was filled, staff were VERY friendly with the pharmacist even wishing me well as I picked up the prescription.

  106. timsgm1418 says:

    ya know I don’t think condoms should be locked up. If someone is willing to steal them, I’d just as soon they not reproduce and create other little thieves…they should be free.
    as far as CVS goes, ours is terrific, the little photo guy helping me crop a picture couldn’t have been nicer, he spent almost 45 minutes trying to get it right, (never got it how I needed) but instead of being a jerk about me wasting his time, he apologized for not figuring it out. I will gladly go to my local CVS.

  107. Whitey Fisk says:

    Most drugstores in the Chicago area lock up razor blades, antacids and some cold medicines. You can thank your local drug dealers for that. Pain in the…

    I do hate CVS. My local Osco changed to CVS and it’s just awful. Their self-checkout lines are ALWAYS closed. They rarely have anyone even working the regular checkout lines. Usually there is one person manning the liquor counter and everyone has to check out there. Could be fifteen people in line–sorry, no self-check and no one in sight to open another register. What a sorry outfit.

  108. Jackasimov says:

    I almost feel as bad about writing this comment as you should for taking the time to write this ranting groan of a story. I guess things must seem a lot tougher now that you’ve moved out of the subdivision and into the big mean world.

    Expensive shit gets locked up, watched on overhead cameras or by loss prevention personnel, or at the least is tagged for theft. Know why? I’ll bet you do. Don’t act all surprised and disgruntled over having to ask to get shit unlocked for you. You’re not that special.

    And for all of you shopping elsewhere because a store tries to prevent theft by locking stuff up…really? If you see security cameras are you gonna leave too? That’s telling them alright. Can’t push you around any more. Your time is way too valuable for that shit.

    Guess what, sometimes shopping trips don’t work out the way you planned. Sometimes you have to find first, and then speak to a real live person to get help (no, you’ll not find them waiting at your elbow to serve you, your worship). Sometimes things just don’t go well and you feel disrespected and small.

    Yes, it’s frustrating. Yes, you’re over-privileged and shouldn’t have to stand for that shit. Yes, life sucks-it totally raw and it isn’t what you thought it would be when you were young and naïve. But brighter minds than yours have been thinking on these subjects literally (sic) forever and this is what we’ve currently got going. Everyone suffers a bit because some people take advantage and do naughty things like shoplift – maybe for kicks, maybe to sell to buy food, maybe to just stick it to the man. Who cares.

    Also, are the people at Walgreen’s really so much more awesome? What about the pharmacists there who have been given carte blanche to dispense only the medication that they deem morally suitable? They cool too? Is that they’re right? (look it up)

    Girl on a cellphone – check. Long line of unhappy customers – check. Confusing pricing structure that you didn’t bother to investigate further before arguing with an underpaid clerk – check. having to stoop so low as to ask a lowly clerk to release your razor blades from their security cabinet and then getting frustrated because of a minor inconvenience – check. Clearly not getting the respect you’ve worked so hard to earn – check. Sounds like a trip into the hard cold world of adulthood. Welcome (and I mean that in a nice way). Now how may we serve you?

  109. polyeaster says:

    They lock up infant formula for 2 reasons- past tampering issues and the apparently rampant issue of formula theft.

  110. thelushie says:

    @friendlynerd: A good friend of mine could not breastfeed. Her milk never came in. She tried for months and had to give her baby formula. She was absolutely crushed. Needless to say, I am glad you were not around to add salt to the wound.

    At our local Walmarts, the razors and condoms are right out there for everyone to grab. We have a place here called Drug Emporium that is the absolute worst in customer service. I worked with a girl who was terrible, lazy, worthless in retail and now she works there. I was not surprised.

  111. corthepirate says:

    @sohmc: who said anything about teenagers?

    There was no mention in the article of what age the employees were, but obviously since they were incompetent you assumed they must be teens. I’ll be the first to admit there are teens who suck at their jobs, but there are plenty of adults who do as well, just as there are plenty of teenagers who work their butts off.

    Why does everyone assume that if your age ends in a -teen you must be an apathetic lazy person who is prone to stealing?

  112. marchhare22 says:

    These people who steal formula you have no idea what they are going through or what their situation is. Don’t just blindly call people dirt bags for stealing. Its a natural human tendency to go to any extreme to find food and keep your family alive. You have no idea the situations some mothers go through. THERE IS NO EXCUSE THAT A BABY SHOULD STARVE TO DEATH BECAUSE THE MOTHER DIDN’T HAVE 35$. Its not an excuse to steal but god damn take the blind fold off and look at individual situations don’t just generalize. Not everyone who is in the ghetto is on drugs and out to scam the world.

  113. timsgm1418 says:

    yikes I remember Drug Emporium when I lived in Phoenix, what a horrible little place that was@thelushie:

  114. timsgm1418 says:

    stealing is wrong, sorry no matter what the reason is. There is WIC, food stamps, charitable organizations etc. I seriously doubt anyone stealing formula is stealing it to feed their starving child. I just love how someone always brings up the “starving baby/child” when stealing is involved. It’s not yours, don’t take it.

  115. halo969 says:

    Her mistake wasn’t wanting to get prints from CVS (who cares as long as she’s happy with them?), the mistake was agreeing to pay the one-hour price and not getting the photos in an hour. Right there I would have taken my business elsewhere.

  116. econobiker says:

    They lock up all that stuff due to the shoplifting rings. Infact recently (within last month) a ring was busted in Florida that supposedly did up to $100 million in business in the past 3-5 years. Reselling on ebay as a “store”- incredibly well organized warehouse space also.

    As for the cough stuff that is due to the meth making wonders. Most places here in TN require you to pull a card and bring it to RX counter…

  117. hamsangwich says:


    Just want to point out here that she was getting prints of wedding photos, perhaps she just wanted to choose the ones she liked the most to get professionally printed and prefers to see them on paper vs on the computer screen. That’s not really the point of the story anyway. I only visit my CVS on off hours, otherwise it’s full of 80 year olds arguing over expired coupons.

  118. marchhare22 says:

    I am NOT saying stealing is ok, if you get caught you will be punished. But don’t be so ignorant and turn your head and say oh its not yours don’t take it. All of those things take time. I’m sure a mother who has no income, car, or job is going to wait 4 months to have her paperwork go through to get food stamps. 4 months + baby with no food = dead baby. Anyone would go steal. Don’t act so high and mighty.

  119. marchhare22 says:

    “I just love how someone always brings up the “starving baby/child” when stealing is involved.”

    Another thing LOL its BABY FORMULA in other words FOR HUNGRY CHILDREN. I’m not justifying a stolen diamond or car.

  120. Jackasimov says:

    @timsgm1418: “I seriously doubt anyone stealing formula is stealing it to feed their starving child.”

    But then again…you don’t really know do you? What’s your theory about formula theft? Frat boys making Jäger milkshakes? Poor people thieving cause they refuse to pull themselves up by their own damn bootstraps? Commie vegans into wealth redistribution?

    I just love it when you’re talking about stealing “baby” formula and someone says: “I just love how someone always brings up the ‘starving baby/child’ when stealing is involved”. Please. Read your own words. Reflect.

  121. CuriousO says:

    @marchhare22: If the shoe fits wear it, I guess you where to lazy to get a job and buy formula so you had to steal it.

  122. MsFeasance says:

    @chrisbacke: And not only that, but if you bring CVS’s AD, they’ll give you CVS’s PRICE.

  123. timsgm1418 says:

    regardless of the reason, it’s stealing…the store is not a charitable institute, they are there to make money, stealing hurts everyone by higher prices, tighter security etc. The fact is formula is stolen and the stores are there to make money, so even if it was to feed the hypothetical starving baby (that nobody can prove exists)it is not theirs to take. The other thing is food kitches exist, WIC exists, food stamps exists, prove to me that even 25% of the people stealing formula for their supposedly starving baby, I’ll concede, but the fact remains it is not theirs to take, regardless of the reason.

  124. Nakko says:

    Let me get this straight. It took more than 30 minutes to get razor blades? If it took me more than one minute, I’d just say, you know, let’s go to WalMart. Or Target. Or just be happy with my beard. For ZZ Top’s sake!

  125. timsgm1418 says:

    I still say BS, it’s stealing. My taxes pay for WIC and food stamps, I don’t think I should have to pay twice because people steal. Show me the proof that it’s people stealing for a starving baby and not to resell the crap. I guess the stores should just open their doors and say “if your child is starving, please just take what you need” give me a break, if it was your place of business you wouldn’t feel that way

  126. UpsetPanda says:

    @Nakko: I almost spit out my sandwich at “For ZZ Top’s sake!” Thanks for making me laugh!

  127. mpresto says:

    I just switched to CVS after the pharmacist at Rite Aid announced in a very loud booming voice to me and the twelve or so other people waiting for prescriptions exactly what medications I was picking up and why they couldn’t fill the one that was considered a “controlled substance”. So far CVS has been quick, professional and, best of all, discreet in filling my RX, which is really all I look for in a drugstore. That and Cadbury fruit and nut bars.

  128. skatanic says:

    I worked at CVS for about 2 years (I quit last September to focus on school) and I guess this is sort of a “confessions of.”

    First things first. As far as I know, all CVS’s are horribley understaffed. Granted mine wasn’t the busiest store, but we usually never had more than 3 people (including managers) working in the front. I tried to help customers as much as I could, but I worked with some slack-jawed idiots who were downright rude to customers, so I know both types of employees exist. That being said, I really don’t think CVS is much different from other stores (read Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.) in how its employees act.

    Secondly, the individual stores are slaves to the corporate offices. There are all sorts of stupid signs and displays that have to be exactly as corporate mandates. I remember when my store got the new case to put razors in. It was a weird contraption that involved the customer pressing a red button label “push” causing a package of razors to pop into a reservoir accessible by the customer. It was loud (think wind-up toy) and evidently very confusing to customers. No one I worked with liked the case, or the millions of customers who ended up asking how to work it, but we were forced to keep it. The corporate office was also extremely unresponsive to their stores. For some reason, my store was built facing west with giant windows above the registers. Everyday from around 5-7 (depending on the time of year), customers were blinded by the setting sun while checking out, walking out the front doors, or even facing the front of the store while strolling the aisles. The corporate office refused to give us any sort of blinds or let us cover up the windows. Every customer checking out around dusk complained about not being able to see and all I could say was “sorry, but we can’t do anything about it.”

    For all the regulations corporate imposed on the rest of the store, they didn’t seem to give a shit about the photo department. My store had probably the worst photo department of all the stores in the area. Corporate didn’t seem to think it would be useful to have a knowledgable person working in photo. I don’t know of anyone at my store who ever had any kind of formal training on operating the equipment. When I started at CVS during the summer, the only person who knew how to run the machines (for film processing) had become a pharmacy tech. I learned basic operation from her and after she left I was the most informed employee on working photo. The machines we used were extremely outdated and they were always breaking. When I went back to school no one knew how to properly maintain the machines so they broke even more often.

    We knew even less about the digital photo machines. For anything other than the machine running out of paper, we had to call Kodak support and have a repairman sent out. As for pricing, that was even worse. We were sent, and told to put up, signs about digital photo pricing, but no one ever told us what they meant. My manager was nice enough to give the lowest price to everyone until corporate cracked down. Also, the quality of prints that CVS’s in store machines produce isn’t great and there is nothing the employees at the store can do about it. I would recommend CVS’s send out service (which CVS outsources to a company that actually does good prints) over in store prints for everything other than just printing a few snapshots.

    To address some one the comments I have read:

    I believe the reason CVS locked up the products it did is theft. My store never locked up baby formula, but I know it was one of out most stolen items. I remember a customer who would come in and return a can of formula without his receipt at least twice a month. He would then use the store credit to buy cigarettes. I really didn’t care that he was ripping off the store, but we were eventually told to call a manager if he tried to return formula.

    I hate the CVS cards. The sales prices are only available after the card is scanned (which in CVS’s defense is clearly stated in their fliers), so to avoid customers bitching about not getting the right price we ask for the card. As I said, I despised the card because it is only a way to get customers information to send them junk mail and sell their information to other companies. I refused to ask customers “would you like to sign up for a card?” except when a manager was hovering over my shoulder. If you don’t want to sign up for a card, which would be a wise choice, just tell them you don’t want to sign up but you want the sales price and they have to scan a card for you. Nice cashiers, like I was, will scan a card without you asking.

    As for cough/cold medicine, CVS instituted a new policy shortly before I left. Due to the risk of teens using it to get high (I have never heard of anyone doing this), CVS decided to only sell it to people over the age of 18. I never thought this was right, or legal (age discrimination?). I would always ID for tobacco and alcohol but I didn’t ID for cough medicine. I am pretty sure I could have gotten fired for this but it was my way of sticking it to CVS.

    I also wanted to share a few of the biggest pet peeves I had while working there. As far as I know, all CVS’s have relatively short (in height) aisles. This allows for easy scanning of the entire store. CVS’s also have signs that hang over the aisels listing the major categories of items on that aisel in six inch tall lettering. Nothing was more annoying than when I was busy working or helping other customers and someone walks up and demands to know where the toothpaste is. As I said before, most CVS’s are understaffed, so it helps the employees out if customers try to help themselves. If you are looking for a specific product, or brand of product, I can understand asking an employee for help. But the stores are not so big that you can’t take 2 seconds to look and find the sign that says toothpaste, or whatever you are looking for.

    The one thing I learned from working at CVS is that coupons are the devil. I know some of you are going to complain about this and say how wonderful coupons are, but they are hell for cashiers. When a customer would walk up to the register during the busiest part of the day with a basket full of products and a 3-ring binder full of coupons, I would cringe. When I am struggling to get the register to accept your 50 coupons, while other customers are wating in line, don’t ask me why I don’t seem happy (which yes, did happen to me). As a cashier I never cared if the coupon said “not valid with any other coupons” and you hand me 5 of the same 50 cent off coupon. But when you print off multiple coupons for a free swiffer mop from online, don’t be surprised when I only accept one. (Thinking about the crazy coupon people makes me glad I quit). If you like using coupons, I’m sorry if any of this offended you but try and look at it from the cashier’s standpoint. And a tip about CVS runs coupons; the registers only allow one manufactoror’s coupon and one of CVS’s “extracare” coupons per product. So don’t try and use 3 coupons with one product. There is literally no way for the cashier, or manager, to force the register to accept it

    To wrap up, there are worse things in this world than CVS. Walgreens, for instance, always felt cluttered and dirty to me compared to CVS. Some of CVS’s employees are going to be asses, just like any place else, but try empathizes with them for a second before you start yelling.

  129. skatanic says:

    That turned out to be extremely long. Sorry.

  130. kellyd says:

    I was a daily customer (they were across the street from my job) at a CVS. I bought all kinds of stuff there and knew the people behind the counter by sight. I always smiled and said hello to them when I got to the counter.

    In general, it was a fine store. BUT this one cashier carded my early-twenties ass for cigarettes EVERY DAY. I was like, ReMEMber me from every day before today? You carded me then, and time only goes in one direction!!! She was clearly sad and lonely wand had bigger problems than obsessively following a rule, but it sure was annoying.

  131. wynterbourne says:

    Send a letter to:

    Michael Thornton
    c/o CVS Corporation
    One CVS Drive
    Woonsocket, RI 02895

    Michael Thornton is formerly a Call Center Manager for CVS/Caremark in Richardson, but has recently taken a position overseeing Customer Relations for CVS Retail. His last day in Richardson was on the 15th of February, and I -believe- that he starts his new position at the beginning of March.

  132. Justinh6 says:

    Yeah I agree.

    I’m not a huge walmart supporter, but ever since the super gigantic walmart opened here, I haven’t been inside ANY drug store.

    Why pay twice as much?

    Locking up rubbers and razors, its so strange to me. Are people really that hard up that they steal razor blades?

  133. evelyn says:

    @lamorevincera: Don’t let your pictures sit there! Call repeatedly until you can get the store manager, and then demand the pictures and the advertised, cheaper price.” no way! let them eat the cost of the paper, chemicals, and the hourly rate of the person who processed them while you take your photos to a place where they will actually pay attention when they print them (drug stores don’t check for water marks, dust, color balancing, anything like that–and a real photo-processing place will for not-that-much-more money).

    at least idiotic retail employee stories are funny and make good cocktail party fodder.

  134. MMD says:

    I won’t buy items that are locked up. Period.

    And I stopped shopping at CVS on Labor Day of this year because when I went in, I was berated (by a manager, no less) for getting into the line that had formed. Apparently, she wanted the customers to form 2 lines for 2 cashiers, but since one cashier hadn’t finished opening her register yet (and wasn’t in a particular hurry to do so from what I could tell), no one had gotten into the second line. When the manager continued to berate me (just me, not the other people in line!) I told her that it looked like the second cashier wasn’t taking customers yet. At that point, she went off on a rant about how “no one knows how to get in line right”. Right about then is when I walked out of the store.

    I sent a complaint about this manager and the whole line fiasco to corporate and regional offices and received – surprise surprise – no response. We switched my husband’s monthly prescription out of there and haven’t looked back.

  135. veronykah says:

    Let me guess, your CVS was located in NYC?

  136. scoosdad says:

    @skatanic: “I despised the card because it is only a way to get customers information to send them junk mail and sell their information to other companies.”

    No one checked my ID when I signed up for the CVS card, and I gave them totally fictitious information except for my real name. Needless to say I’ve never gotten junk mail as a result, and I still get the the Extra Value coupons printed out at the register every time. Why would anyone give them any personal information to get the damn card?

  137. scoosdad says:

    I told her that she could keep the fucking pictures then.

    I walked out.

    What nobody has mentioned yet (unless I missed it somewhere) is that if this is true, this woman left the CD with her wedding pictures on it at CVS, along with the pictures. Sure hope she was smart enough to have made a copy of the CD.

  138. Robobot says:

    It’s amazing what people will try to steal at good ol’ CVS. When I worked there in high school a guy came in around 10 at night and started loading up a trash bag full of shaving cream and bar soap. A whole trash bag! We also heard stories about stolen formula, batteries, condoms, and lube from other stores in our district.

    CVS is seriously a horrible company. They bring out the worst in their employees. I tried so hard to serve my customers with dignity and awesome customer service, but I often found that CVS set things up to make that impossible. I was so depressed at that job. There isn’t anything more frustrating than trying to do right by a customer, being told not to do it by management on pain of termination, and making the poor customer so angry in the process that they spit it you.

    Shop at Wal-Greens, they can’t be any worse.

  139. forgottenpassword says:

    I watched an old documentary once about a guy who lived as a thief & he would steal mostly baby formula because it was easy to resell or something like that.

    I cant remember a lot from that documentary, but it was probably from the 80s-early 90s in some big city like NY.

  140. forgottenpassword says:

    ^^^^ This was in response to …


  141. Usama says:

    Call corporate. I work at a CVS, and that’s just ridiculous.

  142. Hambriq says:

    Just in case anyone was wondering, no, working in a retail pharmacy is not a rewarding job.

  143. veronykah says:

    @Falconfire: Are you trying to say a PRO photographer would get photos printed at CVS?
    In major cities, where most pro photographers live, there are still plenty of PRO labs that develop and print images.
    No pro would get anything printed at CVS or anywhere with a setup anything like CVS’.

  144. Keter says:

    Regarding those stores that lock normal stuff up: I shop elsewhere. If everybody locks it up, I stop buying it. I will not show ID to buy a product.

    As for protecting the meth heads from themselves at everyone else’s expense — BS. Give them all the junk they want and let natural selection take care of what it was meant to take care of.

  145. damitaimee says:

    @MissTic: i am not sure that you understand the point of the story. she is not complaining about her pictures. she is not complaining about quality or anything….and it is not of high importance because she has DIGITAL (most likely high quality) images that she can get printed ANYWHERE.

    where she prints her “important” pictures has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the main point of this story. you are passing unneccessary judgement just because you disagree with her choice of where to print.

    let’s forget that they are wedding pictures and instead assume they are just some random unimportant pictures. the fact still remains that she is complaining about the CUSTOMER SERVICE and not anything else. the type of pictures that they are DO NOT change the point of the story.

    please re-read in case you are still mistaken. this is simply a customer service complaint story and nothing else.

  146. nardo218 says:

    Why did he STAY at that CVS!

  147. nardo218 says:

    @elislider: It’s expensive and poor people steal it.

  148. nardo218 says:

    @velvetjones: I think they lock up condoms because teenagers are too embarrassed to bring them up to the counter, or, in some areas, stores won’t sell them to teenagers.

  149. chemmy says:

    Just for the record, I had my photographer’s permission and the photos on the CD print out with his website and copyright info on them. We were getting extras not included in our photo package to include in thank-you cards as give aways. That’s why I was ordering a bunch of BS 4×6’s. Each person was getting 1 photo of the ceremony, 1 of the reception and 1 of them since the photographer went around and got pics of everybody. There were 315 of them because there were several multiple photos that were going out.

    Also for the record, I am patient to a fault and probably argued these issues longer than I should have. No place else nearby has the photo processing and the grocery store next door doesn’t stock the razor blades I wanted and I didn’t want to have to take a ride down to the Target (about 30 minutes away) to get them (which I eventually did)

    And as for the 15 cents vs 19 cents – I wasn’t going to sweat it….

  150. Chols says:

    Are you talking about strait edge razors emo kids use, or shaving razors? I had to show ID to purchase strait razors at a Wal-Mart once.

  151. Jamie Beckland says:

    @MissTic: Maybe this is just her way of getting proofs so she can decide what order to create photos for her album. Sheesh! Commenters really like to blame the victim!

  152. vladthepaler says:

    I don’t understand why that customer was so insistent on giving CVS her business. There are other places that sell razors, other places that develop pictures. Instead of waiting in line and bitching about how bad CVS is, go check out the competition.

  153. chemmy says:

    Cause the grocery store next door doesn’t sell the blades for the razor and doesn’t handle photos. Target is a 30 minute ride away (on a good day, depending on traffic)

  154. mikeatnight says:

    I gave up CVS when they gave me insulin instead of an antibiotic. I never heard from Corporate when I wrote them

  155. timetochange says:

    FWIW — I’ve had great luck with Snapfish, but there are lots of other online sites to get photos developed. The prices are typically 12 – 19 cents per photo, the prints are excellent quality, and the photos are mailed to your home quickly You also have the option to order calendars, photo books, etc. The only downside is uploading the photos to their website before you order, but frankly that was a minor inconvenience compared to what that poor woman had to deal with at CVS!

  156. othium says:

    Once a month I need to have a prescription filled. The only store that seems to have a consistent stock of the medication I require is CVS and they are open 24 hours. I work until 11 PM and stop in the place after midnight on my way home. Recently there have been notices posted that tell customers that all bags have to be checked and this is to deter shoplifting. My personal policy is to avoid these stores and shop elsewhere because I do not enjoy being labeled as a potential thief. Since I have no other choice lately, I do go to this store to get it filled. I merely put on my headphones and ignore the waving, shouting employees at the front counter as I enter (They are not allowed to leave the front) and make a beeline for the pharmacy in the back. They always just give up and let it go. There I submit my order, wait in the little area, and pay when it’s ready. I then make a straight line for the exit.

    The last time I did this, a police officer was at the front to confront me. He stopped me and asked if I knew about the policy of checking bags. I replied that I did not and was just here to fill a prescription. He then asked for ID and I told him my name and address. He pressed on and asked for the actual card. Then I realized this was going a bit far. I told this officer that I wished to leave and asked if I was being detained? If not, am I free to go? He seemed taken aback for a second and glanced at the manager of the store a few feet away before nodding to me that I could go.

    That was the last straw for me. I go to another pharmacy now and avoid CVS like the plague.

  157. GrandizerGo says:

    Didn’t read all the messages yet, so might have been replied to…
    They lock the infant formula up because it is one of the biggest items stolen and resold on the streets…

  158. GrandizerGo says:

    At the Walgreens by my house, the razor blades by ONLY CERTAIN companies are locked up and you need to have a “sales associate” open the locked glass door for you.
    And the reason???
    I am told that they have to EARN /SELL a certain amount of certain products a week, else they are replaced.

  159. MissMonika says:

    I hate CVS just as much, especially their card policy when Walgreens does not require one, unfortunately the closest Walgreens is 30 mins away. I came a few weeks back and asked the pharmacist for the generic Zyrtec (Allergy meds) and she said no such thing existed. A month prior I received a notice from my health care provider about generic Zyrtec available. So much for a pharmacist who knows her stuff…I too encountered the locked cabinet situation, and it was with toothpaste! Of all things, toothpaste. I had to wait 15 mins inorder to get the cabinet opened for a $3.99 toothpaste tube. Completely absurd! I agree with you guys on all this, I’m from Chicago, and Walgreens is everywhere, and despite faults, no locked cabinets and STUPID cards. I’m in VA now, and it’s a CVS monopoly. In addition, the Arlington CVS takes 45+ mins to fill prescriptions on the spot. I stopped going when they forgot to fill my prescription and I waited over an hour!

  160. scain says:

    I wouldn’t wish bad customer service on anyone, I know it’s annoying. Had to laugh a bit at the “wait and wait and wait….. 10 minutes later”. I was expecting something a bit more distressing, 10 minutes in line (at least where I live) is hardly eternity.

  161. lauramac1976 says:

    As someone who recently worked at Rite Aid (don’t judge me, they offer health insurance to employees who work a minimum of 8 hours a week) I can defend the policy of keeping certain items under lock and key. Most of the items in question are small and expensive. This isn’t a problem when confronting the individual shoplifter, however when professional shoplifters come in and “sweep” a shelf (taking everything), it can mean a rather significant loss for the store. Formula, razors, electronics, perfume, etc. are easy to steal and easy to re-sell.

    As for how the locked cabinets were handled, that’s a customer service issue to take up with CVS. At our store we have doorbells that summon us to the cabinets in question.

  162. Krowa003 says:

    I used to work at CVS back in high school. Part of their training program was excellent customer service. They tell you that if you are in an aisle with a customer, you have to approach that customer within 30 seconds and inquire if you can be of any assistance.

    The problem is that in many places (not just CVS, or drugstores) employ people who just don’t give a rat’s @$$ about maintaining the image of the company by actually doing their job as long as they get paid their 6 bucks an hour.

    I liked working at CVS a lot, and still shop there because I know how the comapny strives to achieve great customer service. But I always hated working with people who were inbred, lacked common sense and generally deprived the customer of the true CVS experience.

    If I were a manager, I would have fired at least half the people I worked with for total incompetance and laziness. But then again, I would be doing this every week because they always seemed to hire such people – many of them the managers themselves!

  163. sheila315 says:

    I work at Rite aid. Last week alone, we had $2306.00 worth of Mucinex and Claritin stolen off the shelf. We do not lock up the high theft items. We keep them behind the checkstand. As of today….the items we need to keep “behind” consist of, high priced razor blades, Dulcolax, Pepcid, Oil of Olay and Zeno. Now we will have to make room for these items too. All of these items have been stolen in mass, resulting in thousands of dollars in losses. When it comes to a little inconvenience verses having to raise the prices to a ridiculous amount to make up for the lost dollars…..I will gladly take the inconvenience. At this rate we might as well go back to the NON self-service type of stores.

  164. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

    If you only knew how hard these retailer take it in the ass from theft of this kind of stuff! Organized groups steal large amounts of all kinds of health and beauty aids, especially small expensive shit like razor cartridges (4 for $14?, seriously?) and sell them to local mom & pop corner stores at a discount compared to legitimate wholesale.
    So now they are locked up.

  165. mariospants says:

    @Ihaveasmartpuppy: “She said breastfeeding is like having sex with your baby – very dirty.”

    OMG that’s pretty much the most hilarious and stupid thing I’ve almost heard any person ever say! That woman should have her vagina revoked. What a fucktwit.

    Anyway, I do know of a couple of girls who had to have breast reduction (at an early age, around 18) and that cuts you completely out of the possibility of breast feeding. Breast enhancement probably follows suit but because it’s a vanity thing people tend to not look kindly on that kind of thing.

  166. enine says:

    We pretty much quit shopping there after my wife couldn’t get a prescription filled and the pharmicist was so rude to her she called me crying. I called the pharmacy myself and found out the reason they wouldn’t help her is because they would have to submit the insurance paperwork manually even though I work for a large nationwide company who uses a very large insurance company.

  167. aegis1 says:

    Consistently Vile Service.

  168. trujunglist says:

    Of course they’re going to start locking shit up. Wasn’t it just like 2 weeks ago that consumerist had the article about the gang of people stealing smaller, easier to steal, but still fairly expensive items and then selling them on eBay?
    Pretty soon even the candy bars will be locked down.

  169. amyw says:

    I recently took my 8 year old antibiotic medication to be filled at CVS. The woman at the drive thru took the script from me, asked me when I would be back and when I said I would be about two hours he reply was, “Good we’re busy”. I drove away at 11 a.m. and came back at 3:00 p.m. and once again pulled up to the drive thru window. I was forced to wait while the woman was standing right next to the window looked like she was picking her nails then she must have realized she was still on the job and walked away from the window I was waiting at and went further into the pharmacy. I hesitated about ringing the bell since she was standing at the window because I didn’t want to seem impatient but I immediately rang the bell. She came back over to the window, extremely annoyed and asked for a name. She the went to find my son’s script. She came back, medicine in hand and told me that my son was not in the system could she have his insurance card? I gave it to hear and was immediately told that I would have to come back later they need to run the card and she was just too bust right now.
    This is the same woman who a few weeks earlier gave me an attitude because the pharmacy lost another script for a prepackaged bottle of cough syrup as if I am the person responsible for their lack of organization.

  170. Ollie says:

    I remember a CVS manager telling me that the top items that are stolen in pharmacies are razor blades, soap, and funny enough, toothpaste. You’ve also gotta take into consideration the location of the CVS…rough neighborhood? Popular hangout for kids and teens? Are lots of homeless in the vicinity? Is this a CVS in the heart of the business district? All these factors contribute to the how the in-store items are handled.

    I just go to walgreens.

  171. Colour me dense maybe but how does showing ID prove that you’re not making meth?

  172. whatdoyoucare says:

    @elislider: I live in Iowa were we used to have a big meth problem.
    Apparently the meth makers cut it with powdered baby formula cuz it looks the same. When Iowa passed a law requiring all psuedoephedrine cold medicines be locked up then surprisingly (NOT!) the number of meths labs went down dramatically as well as the number of baby formula thefts.

  173. whatdoyoucare says:

    @k8supergrover: In Iowa you are only allowed to purchase so much psuedoephedrine in a week. The stores keep track of people who are buying large amounts. Not very conveniant to have to travel to 15 different stores to buy your meth ingredients. This law has drastically reduced the number of meth labs found here.

  174. aquanetta says:

    You know. I think CVS actually does read and respond to their customer service complaints. I had a similar problem but it was constant over the course of a year due to the pharmacy being way understaffed for having 2 major hospitals really closeby, each being a block away, plus lots of neighborhood clinics. Everyone there seems to work really hard and give good customer service, they were just too damn busy.

    Wrote them a message on the website, received the automatic response. And you know, they might have done something because it’s gotten a lot better. Instead of waiting in the store (while in pain and hanging around a lot of other uncomfortable people also waiting for their prescription) for 2 hours for the prescription to be filled, it’s now more like 10 minutes at most. And the staff seems a lot happier .

  175. macsmith230 says:

    At my retail store we usually point out CVS as the prime example of how not to do customer service.

    How many times have I had a 10 minute wait when there were only two people ahead of me there?


  176. sibertater says:

    OMG! I feel vindicated! I have a prescription for a non-essential medicine for sleeping and I called my new doctor on Monday to ask how to obtain a new script for more as I was running out. The helpful lady at the Doctor’s office told me to jump through CVS hoops on the phone line and request it from them. So I did. For the next 4 days NO ONE knew anything about my refill. CVS said to call the doctor the Doctor said to call CVS. I am the most powerless person here, I can’t write my own script and I can’t force anyone else to do it. Passing me, the powerless, back and forth between the two entities was pissing me off and reminded me of the “Got ask your dad – Go ask your mom,” thing. It was starting to really piss me off.

    Finally the woman at the doctor’s office assured me that she had called, faxed and sent in the requested script. It took 3 more calls to the Doctor. Finally the office manager snatches the phone away from the retard I’d already talked to 3 times before in the day and had very little recall of the situation. The office manager said she would have it done by the end of the day and that it wasn’t even something I needed until tonight. I informed her that I still had some of the prescription left from my last visit, but they recommend in person and on their website (as well as CVS) to refill often, refill early so you don’t run out. Which is was I was trying to do. I also told her that I need the script in the morning, not at night as I work third shift but thank you for assuming that everyone is just like you.

    There’s more to the story but it involves me pointing out their individual flaws.

  177. Pvmuniz05 says:

    I visited my local CVS today and had the most ridiculous situation happen to me. I don’t think I have ever been this pissed off in my life! I went through the store quickly picking up the three things that I needed and finally got up to the register. A cashier in the photo department’s line became available and I proceeded to her. The cashier was a older woman who I was familiar with and she began talking to me. My total was $11.08, I counted out my .08 and gave her a twenty dollar bill. She took the twenty and only gave me my receipt back. Because she was a person that I knew we sort of laughed about and she began looking for the missing twenty. When she couldn’t find it she iimmediately began blaming me. I told her again I gave her a twenty and she called someone over and had them count her drawer. I sat at the register for 20 minutes waiting for this person to come back and when they did she said she did not find anything wrong. I told this person that all I had was a twenty dollar bill and described in detail the transaction. I even told the person the hand that the cashier had the money in. Nothing, they all looked at me like I was some knid of thief trying to scam $9 damn dollars out of them.
    So for me one of two things happened either she pocketed the money or she dropped it. The cashier looked over at the assitant manager who never even came over to us to see if he could help me, said in front of 15 or so customers “Well I don’t know what you want me to do, we counted it, there’s nothing I could do for you.
    I heard the words coming out of his mouth but I just couldn’t believe them. Honestly all I wanted was for someone in that damn store to say maybe she missed to drop box and it is around here. Just give a damn long enough to look.
    Even i the assistant manager said let me take your information and if it comed up I’ll call you. I mean I am in that store at let 2x week.

    What the hell is wrong with the CVS customer service?
    Someone please explain it to me????

  178. NinjaMarion says:

    I had issues with the locked cabinet of electric razors at K-Mart awhile back. I asked two different employees walking around nearby for service, and they said they didn’t have the key and would get someone to come open it. After about 5-10 minutes each time, no one came so I went to the customer service desk. They told me they’d have someone take care of it right away. Again, no one came. I then ended up having to ask two more employees for help. The final one I asked seemed surprised no one had helped after that long and quickly went and got the key and got me the razor.

    After all that trouble for a fucking $30 electric razor, I went back to the service desk and asked to speak to the manager. After telling him how I had to wait 30 minutes and speak to 5 different people just to get the case unlocked, I pretty much got an, “Oh. Sorry. Bye.”

  179. StellaSquash says:

    After the initial issues she still wished to have them process her wedding pictures…. why? why? why?

  180. solidsteve1125 says:

    From a CVS Employee’s PoV:

    To the people complaining about locked cabinets: Yes, it is a pain, but unfortunitely a necessary one. I work in a brand new 24 hour store, in a lower middle class neighborhood. In the first week we were open, we had over $3,000 in liquor thefts alone. So we brought another cashier (yours truly) onto the late night shift so we could keep a better eye on the store. This cut the losses in half, but it still wasn’t nearly enough. So now between 10 PM and 8 AM our liquor section is closed off, you must request assistance, and we have to stay in the aisle with you. Now we’re losing less than $100 a week in liquor. Yes, it’s a pain. For you AND for me. Trust me, they expect us to get a lot done over night, and having to babysit everyone who just wants a case of beer isn’t helping. But theft hurts your prices, our pay, and everything in between. People will always find a way to steal, no matter how hard you make it, we just have to make it as inconvenient as possible so they’ll go find someone else to rob.

    And as for the CVS cards, it’s just corporate’s way of putting out sale prices that not everyone will get if they don’t care enough to get a keychain card and pull it out at the register. You don’t have to have one, and if you want the sale price without one all you have to do is ask. I’m not saying it’s right, but hey, it’s big business. All in all, it’s a very standard retail environment, no different from when i worked at Sears, Suncoast, Kroger, etc. Oh, and the IDing for certain OTC meds is law, not CVS trying to be a pain in your ass.