FTD.com Delivers The Bill, Forgets The Flowers

FTD.com forgot to deliver flowers to Tip’s girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t stop them from delivering the bill. When calls to FTD.com didn’t go through, Tip launched the fearsome Executive Email Carpet Bomb. He wrote:

Perhaps $75 is not a lot to you. Perhaps the happiness of your customers does not mean a lot to you either. Perhaps, for a company that’s been around for nearly 100 years, you simply forgot to mark your calendar that yesterday was Valentine’s Day.

Well, $75 means a lot to me. What means even more is the happiness of my girlfriend. I was fully aware that yesterday was going to be Valentine’s Day…same day every year…which is why I thought ordering flowers for her to be delivered at work on 2/14…Valentine’s Day…was a good idea. Your site said it would be possible to deliver that day, even when the order was placed on the 12th. For those of us busy working in hi-tech companies across the land, ordering online from the florist that’s been around for nearly a century seemed like the thing to do at the time.

But yesterday came and went, and my girlfriend received no flowers. Calls to FedEx pointed the finger at FTD. And an email and calls to FTD Customer Service – 800-736-3383, option 3 – were pointless, as the calls were dropped due to “heavy demand” or some such nonsense. Kinda like the guy that owes you money not answering his door when the collector comes a’callin’. So…fair enough…no flowers. Valentine’s Day came and went. I purchased some flowers from a local store instead, and we went on to enjoy our special day, despite your efforts of sabotage. At least I wasn’t billed…

So what happens today…I check my bank to find out that YOU STILL CHARGED ME $75?! The cycle begins again. Another email to FTD Customer Service (just got the automated response). More calls to your failed Customer Service phone tree. And my blood pressure, typically low, is shooting through the roof.

Well, sir…I expect you to make this right. I want my money back. Immediately. Oh, and sending my girlfriend some flowers to make up for your failure wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

I would appreciate a prompt response.

– Tip

PS – Looks like 2007 was a pretty good year for you, Mr. Soenen… I see you sold off a LOT of shares, and I’m just going back through September of last year. How nice for you. I bet you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Taunting can be its own gift, but it won’t help your cause nearly as well as a chargeback. Let the bank fight FTD.com while you apologize to your girlfriend. Of course, FTD and the other florists hate issuing refunds, so don’t be surprised if the flowers arrive today.

Relying on internet outfits to express your love is not a winning strategy. Show you care by taking ten minutes to visit the local florist. You help a local business, speak to helpful people, and—this is the key part—walk away with flowers.

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  1. v12spd says:

    Had this happen once, last year actually. They (finally, 3 days later) sent the intended party a free bouquet and a hand written and signed apology explaining it was their fault, on company letterhead, and one to me, and gave me a 25 dollar credit with the refund. After that apology, I use them to this day, but don’t quite trust them for the last minute/crunch time flowers.

  2. I gotta say I’d do the same thing this guy did. I’d be pissed off if I dropped 75 dollars on some flowers and they didn’t show up and still got charged. He probably shouldn’t have taunted the guy but I’d have done it too. I hope everything gets straightened out for him.

  3. KingPsyz says:

    Carey is right, the only way to gurantee anything in this day and age is to have it in your own two hands.

    Too many people in the delivery chain now offering too many opertunities to pass the buck.

    I hope you get taken care of Tip, but goading the CEO might not be the best route.

  4. Techno Viking says:

    He does not have to be afraid of the company. It’s his right to say what’s on his mind as long as it’s civil. But they should give him his money back. And paying to a local flower business is way better than online. It’s cheaper as well. Flowers, bottle of wine, and a box of chocolates can be about 75$ compared to only one item the flowers from the net.

  5. Crumbles says:

    Wow, this guy sounds to have a tad bit “wealth envy.” For some reason it’s bad for him to sell his shares and get money from the company he’s invested in?

  6. no.no.notorious says:


  7. snazz says:

    big deal. a flower company overbooked on valentines day and they couldnt deliver. an automated computer system that billed the customer (probably ahead of time) for a service that wasnt rendered.

    customer is OUTRAGED that he couldnt get an immediate resolution from a company on a friday afternoon, after their busiest day of the year.

    these are the same people that order a present on xmas on dec 22nd for overnight shipping and are incredibly outraged when the company or shipping method fails them. it baffles me that people expect flawless service during these holiday times. why does he need a resolution about his $75 this day or week? why not wait a week or two, perhaps when their business has slowed a little, as ask for the resolution needed?

    some understanding, patience, and common sense here would have been a better way to pursue this matter, rather than ‘allowing your blood pressure to shoot through the roof”.

  8. no.no.notorious says:

    @snazz: i agree. businesses have flaws too. i bet if this guy was working for the flower company, he’d send an outraged response to the customer along the lines of ‘omg….do you KNOW how busy it gets this time of year? wait a week’

    seriously, who orders flowers online anyway? go to the supermarket. they’re probably fresher, local, and you don’t have to worry about shipping.

  9. jaya9581 says:

    The same thing (almost) actually happened to my husband and I just yesterday, when I received flowers for our anniversary. I dislike red and pink flowers – so he ordered purple. What showed up but a skimpy pink bouquet. When I was made to sign a form stating that I received a purple bouquet, and questioned it, I was informed “Oh, yeah, yesterday (V-Day) was busy, I didn’t buy any new flowers today. Come down and buy more flowers and I’ll give you a discount,” and he laughed.

    Further investigation showed that not only was the bouquet the wrong color, but FTD.com clearly stated the number of stems that were to be included, and we were shorted by three. And minor but just more flame on the fire was the fact that the hand-written card (I’ve always received type-written from FTD…) was in all caps and a word near the end was misspelled – and instead of rewriting the card, they just wrote over the wrong letter and delivered it that way.

    A note to the OP, I finally got through to Customer Service at FTD’s phone number (as I kept getting my calls dropped too) by going through to order, and explaining my problem and requesting that the rep actually get a CS rep on the line before handing me over. That worked out just fine.

    That rep I eventually spoke to contacted the local florist, who was incredibly rude to her and refused to pick up and correct their incorrect/shortchanged order. They offered a 20% refund as compensation, which my husband emphatically refused, demanding either redelivery of a nicer bouquet from a different florist or a full refund. We’re still waiting on their response after directing them to photos we posted on my husband’s website. Check out the pics of my substandard bouquet here: [www.onetakedesigns.com] and what I should have received here:[www.ftd.com]

  10. jaya9581 says:

    @jaya9581: Oh, and this wasn’t a last-minute order, either, he ordered it a week ahead of time.

  11. ARPRINCE says:

    No flowers…no booty. That’s just the way it is! ;-)

  12. timstep says:

    If they can’t deliver the order as promised, they shouldn’t have taken it in the first place. If the website says a customer can place an order on the 12th and it will be delivered on the 14th, it’s not the fault of the customer for believing the claim.

    As an aside, my girlfriend ordered some sugar-free chocolate back in mid-January to be delivered Valentine’s Day for us to enjoy. Two days after Valentine’s Day and still waiting for that to arrive.

  13. Benny Gesserit says:

    @snazz: I also agree but … would it kill FTD.com to turn on the “No freaking way are you getting flowers by the 14th.” sign a little earlier?

  14. fredmertz says:

    This letter was worthy of a end-of-rope escalation — not an “I tried to call on the busiest day of the year and didn’t want to hold”. And criticizing a CEO for exercising a couple of hundred thousand shares worth of options is like criticizing someone for cashing their holiday bonus check. The guy has been with the company for 12 years — he’s allowed to sell stock.

  15. Altdotweb says:

    This letter should’ve been about 2 paragraphs shorter. Less a*hole comments would’ve made it a worth end-of-rope letter

  16. glass says:

    a week ahead of time? where did you read that? what i read was “Your site said it would be possible to deliver that day, even when the order was placed on the 12th.”

    FTD does not sell flowers. they are a go-between between customers and their local flower shops. so to all the people saying that a local grocery would be better, thats actually putting your local flower shop out of business, since the grocery stores order in such bulk that the locals cant compete.

    so seeing as how FTD does not sell flowers themselves, they are as reliable as the local store in your area. if the local store tells them they can deliver something, they have to take that at face value.

    yes, it sucks that the flowers didnt get delivered. but who the hell orders flowers on the 12th? order at least a few weeks ahead of time. ‘look sweetie, i love you so much that i ordered you flowers as an afterthought, when i heard my coworkers talking about what theyre doing for *their* girlfriends for valentines day’.

    if you have a valid complaint with a company, be rational with them before resorting to childish attacks like the ones above. trying to call them on the friday after valentines day and expecting an immediate response is not too bright. call back on monday. cool off a little. they said they got flowers somewhere else anyways and it didnt ruin their ‘special day’, so whats the big deal?

    calm down, take a breath, and write an intelligent, brief explanation of what happened, and what results you would like to see. chances are, theyd be more than happy to oblige.

  17. K-Bo says:

    @glass: I think Jaya was referring to her husband, and her prior comment, not the post.

  18. azntg says:


  19. morganlh85 says:

    I bet my fiance is glad I don’t have a need for $75 weeds. I’d much rather go to a nice dinner (or THREE…) or a movie or a play, etc. etc. with our hard-earned money than waste it on silly things like perishable flowers.

  20. Eric1285 says:

    Unless I need the flowers delivered somewhere I can’t be, I prefer to go to the local florist. The staff members are always super helpful and they really know their stuff when it comes to flowers. I’ve never been disappointed and neither have the recipients.

  21. Bonedaddy says:

    Happened to me too — sent a dozen roses to the girlfriend via FTD for Valentine’s Day and they still haven’t arrived.

    Here’s the fedex tracking page:

    Ship date

    Feb 13, 2008



    Service type

    Standard Overnight


    5.0 lbs.


    Package data transmitted to FedEx


    Feb 13, 2008 10:57 AM

    Package data transmitted to FedEx

  22. MikeB says:

    I had to order flowers online this year, had a funeral to go to out of state and would not be home for Valentines day. I used proflowers and didn’t pay extra for delivery on the 14th instead choose the 13th or 14th delivery. Flowers came late Wednesday and my wife loved them.

  23. jaya9581 says:

    @glass: I was talking about my own story, not the OPs….

  24. Dan25 says:

    @snazz: I have to disagree with you. I fell victim to this same type of BS after i paid $17 for a garrunteed V-Day delivery. If they can’t do it, then they shouldn’t advertise same-day delivery on Valentines day. Plain and simple.

  25. Altdotweb says:

    @DAN25: Do you think that the last paragraph in the letter was necessary and civil?

  26. North of 49 says:

    Don’t even get us started. We’re dealing with bridal bouquets and the price keeps on skyrocketting. We’re thinking about just using silk and throwing the damn thing away. No need to worry about a florist.

  27. AaronZ says:

    Can I just call the guy a dumbass for spending $75 on flowers and call it a day?

  28. Dan25 says:

    @Altdotweb: No, I don’t think that comment was necessary. I do think that that comment was crossing the line, but I can deffinately understand his frustration.

  29. JadedScientist says:

    @mbouchard: Second the recommendation for proflowers. I have used them for sending flowers for at least the last decade. Mom buys the stuff she needs or wants, so she appreciates the flowers and the thought that more will be coming in the future. The one time that proflowers did mess up and send wilted flowers, one email produced a free replacement and an apology. As for SO and I on V-Day, he got me a single little box of those conversation hearts and I got him a package of bicycle tire patches (hey, when you’ve known each other for 18 years and been together for 12, it’s the thought that counts).

  30. rikkus256 says:

    Another happy customers from ProFlowers.com here. They are inexpensive with coupon codes (search the net) and they usually response to my emails within hours (even at 2am in the morning!). The last time they messed up my order, one email to them and they full refund my purchase with an apology within 12 hour.

  31. liquiddamage says:

    They failed to deliver for me 2 years ago. I ordered the flowers 5 days ahead of time. They didn’t charge me though. Doesn’t help one explain it to the wife who was away on business and didn’t get any flowers on Valentines day.

    Bottom line, I find a florist in the area and deal with them directly. I stay away from FTD or 1800Flowers or any of those outfits. Way too unreliable.

  32. abernie says:

    I used proflowers last year to deliver flowers for Mother’s Day and they couldn’t get my order right to save their lives! I order 2 bouquets (one for my mom and one for MIL)- one arrived on time (the Saturday before) and the other was never delivered. The most frustrating part was that our mothers live about 1 mile apart — so how did they manage to deliver 1 on time but not the other? Their customer reps couldn’t give me an answer. I waited to see if the flowers would be delivered on Monday but they weren’t. They had of course charged my credit card. The only compensation I was offered was to credit the delivery charge. When the flowers had still not been delivered by Wednesday, I cancelled my order and vowed to never use proflowers again and try to not order flowers online again either.

  33. Squeaks says:

    My coworker’s fiance ordered flowers for her. The arrived on the 15th, even though he ordered them for Valentines Day.
    Hopefully he gets his money back, too.

  34. alitis1969 says:

    I hear you Tip.

    those 1800 flower guys got me good. $104 for 12 red roses to be delivered on V day.

    Nothing was ever delivered.

    For all the commenters saying why do you order flowers online… It is nice to get a call from your girl saying… “what did you do? I love the flowers”

    That is why we pay the premium, and we expect service.

  35. Dashrashi says:

    @morganlh85: Why is your superiority complex over nonsense relevant, at all, to this article? Get over yourself.

  36. animeredith says:

    Local is the way to go! This V-day my boyfriend got me a bouquet from a place right around the corner. It was not only cheaper, but it was a more unique and beautiful presentation than anything I’ve ever seen on FTD.com. I’ve heard “They’ve gone FTD” used as an insult between small florists, it means that your arrangements are boring and you’ve become a corporate monster that doesn’t care about the quality of the work.

  37. loueloui says:

    These pricks did the same thing to me. Way to go FTD! Screw a bunch of people over, make yourselves scarce for 2 days, and then be nasty about it. NEVER AGAIN!

  38. Buran says:

    My bf didn’t even send me flowers.

  39. newguy1979 says:

    This sounds a lot like what happened to me. Flowers arrived on the 15th when scheduled for v-day.

    I called and complained and they gave me a 40% refund. Tried to get full refund, but the supervisors were “too busy” to talk to me.

    Two major notes about my order that made it even more ridiculous:

    1) I placed my order on January 24th!

    2) The delivery location was CHICAGO and the tracking information shows that they sent the flowers out from MIAMI, FL on the night of the 14th! (why would they send the flowers from Florida when I’m in Chicago?)

    That is absolutely unacceptable.

    I will not use ftd.com again and I highly recommend against anyone else using them.

    PS: I’ve also had luck w/ proflowers.com in the past.

  40. FTD.com blows. I ordered a large arrangement for my mom via them last year for Mother’s Day. I ordered them over a week before I wanted them delivered, which was three days before Mother’s Day. The total was just shy of $100, which I didn’t mind paying since I couldn’t be there in person.

    The flowers never arrived. Apparently, the local florist who was supposed to deliver them just forgot. I called FTD and asked what was going on and they assured me they’d deliver them the next day. No flowers then, either. The next promise was that they’d be there on Mother’s Day. Apparently, the florists they work through don’t deliver on Sundays, though, and no one thought of that (even though I asked if they were positive the flowers could be delivered on a Sunday).

    FTD.com didn’t want to refund my money because they felt it wasn’t their fault. The customer service rep tried to blame me and told me I shouldn’t have ordered them “last minute,” which we both knew was a lie. I think I had to bounce up two supervisors before I got a full refund and even then she acted like it was some favor she was offering me – that she was only returning my money for the purchased I made but was never received was her way of being kind and not just doing what she should be doing.

    It was a debacle. Don’t use them.

  41. CharlieSeattle says:

    @snazz: It’s pretty simple, if you can’t deliver the service, then don’t offer the service.

  42. This has happened to a few people I know personally (when dealing with FTD.com and 1800Flowers.com) just in the past year. Neither were due to holiday rush – one was for a pregnant wife in the middle of spring and the other was for a birthday in early November. The online ordering and good coupons/deals make those websites SO tempting, but they generally route their orders to your nearest FTD-licensed florist anyway, so it’s typically a better (albeit more inconvenient) idea to just call or go into the local florist and order directly from them.

    At least then if they f*** up your order, you have a name, a face, and a place to direct your anger towards instead of an e-mail and an 800 number.

  43. bsbeamer says:

    Happened to me with 1800flowers this year. Took my order in early February, then no delivery. Tried calling customer service and can’t speak with anyone. No answers, no information on my order, yet my credit card was charged. Filed a complaint with Amex and hopefully they will issue a credit. Not exactly what I expect for $75 on my wife.

  44. jimv2000 says:

    Flowers are the lazy man’s answer to Valentine’s Day anyway. “Honey, I love you so much that I spent 5 minutes on the internet ordering flowers to be delivered to you.” I mean, AT LEAST go to the store and get them yourself, and hand write your own note…I mean, is you wife/girlfriend so unimportant to you that you can’t write your own note? Geeze.

    Or better yet, forget the forget the flowers and do something original…something that actually costs you time. Like making a special dinner, or giving her a massage, writing a poem, singing a song, whatever.

  45. paulo says:

    I think a lot of people must be having similar problems. I’ve been having a lot of hits to an old blog post, presumably from people typing “FTD sucks” in google. I had a similar experience, and it wasn’t even Valentine’s day or another busy flower day. They didn’t deliver the flowers I ordered for my girlfriend on our anniversary. I was really angry because I thought that a.) They would leave the flowers on the porch if they came by and nobody was there, since they say they will do that, or b.) Call if nobody is there to either let ME know that they can’t deliver them, or let HER know they’re trying to. They ask for a phone number so this is a reasonable thing to believe. The flowers didn’t come, trying to contact them failed (they just told me they’d notify me when they arrived), and they came the next day in a box so soggy the delivery lady had to warn me that the bottom was about to fall out. FTD sucks, don’t ever buy flowers from them.

  46. BadStoat says:

    FTD did this to us once. We’ve never used them again, as a result.

  47. PinkBox says:

    Maybe they delivered the flowers to the wrong address. I had this happen when I sent flowers to my mother using FTD.

    Luckily, the neighbor called my mother since the correct number AND address were on the outside of the package.

    The address they were delivered to was nothing like my mother’s address.

  48. MrsMicah says:

    Simple call to the credit card company/bank and just tell them that FTD is refusing to resolve the issue and give you the good you paid for. Cancel the charge. Go to florist’s shop and buy a bouquet. Yay. :)

  49. mcnee says:

    I had sort of the opposite experience with proflowers.com – I ordered on the 12th for delivery on the 14th… there was an extra $9.99 charge over the regular $14.99 shipping… the flowers arrived on the 13th.

    I wrote their customer service, politely noting that normally getting something you order early is a good thing, but not when it is being delivered for a specific purpose, like Valentine’s Day. Noted that I didn’t see anything that said “delivery by…” but rather “delivery on Feb 14”, and said I wanted to let them know so they could minimize the error again in the future.

    I had never used proflowers.com before, and did so based on a commercial on Glenn Beck radio show. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much in return. Maybe an offer for discount on a future order… at best maybe a credit for the extra $9.99 special delivery charge. Imagine my shock when I received a reply back in less than 5 minutes from their customer service, apologizing and letting me know they would be crediting the entire $24.98 shipping charge.

    I do use local florist most of the time I need flowers, but if the need to order something comes up again, I’ll definitely be using them again.

  50. mcnee says:

    Ok, I should clarify… Proflowers was good, but not 5 minutes good. I was going back over the emails and looked closer at the timestamps based on the server time, not just what my email program stated they were, and it actually took just over 2 hours to reply. Still great service though since I received the reply after midnight Central time.

  51. charmaniac says:

    I had a similar experience with 1-800 Flowers (non-valentines day). I ordered flowers for my wife, she didn’t get them. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I had to ask her if they arrived. 1-800-Flowers insisted that they were properly delivered and were signed for. My wife found them outside the door of a business in the same building.

    I called and complained and they said they would call me back but never did. So, instead of writing a long letter to their CEO, I just never used 1-800-Flowers again.

  52. flowergirl says:

    hi all! i work in the flower industry. i have worked extensively with local flower shops all over the country (literally placing 350+ orders in 10 hours all over the country for valentine’s), as well as with both teleflora and ftd. let me tell you, as a company, ftd is about the bottom of the barrel to work with. quite frankly, they mess up an absurdly high percentage of the time, and they don’t really care. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. if you want good quality flowers, don’t even bother on valentines. i work in a flower shop these days and this past thursday i made 70 arrangements in 9 hours. what that means is i don’t really have time to do a good job of it. the flowers might be bruised, opened, damaged, whatever, but i don’t have time to care. i just gotta pump ’em out for the next lame ass who hasn’t noticed the constant kay jewelers commercials for the past 5 weeks and only just now realized he’d better get his ass to the flowershop.
    valentine’s day is a made up holiday which exists only to enrich the hallmark corporation (believe me, florists are not getting rich here. i wish!). buy her some flowers at some other -any other- time of the year and it’ll be a 1,000x more special.
    sorry for the screed. i’m still getting over the parade of idiots.

  53. Kendra says:

    This also happened to me!

    They charged me 3 TIMES I couldn’t eat for a week because they took so much money!

    They never delivered the flowers, never even offered me free flowers!

    They reversed the charges, but still did not deliver flowers, “borrowed my money”!

    I got royally screwed for just trying to get flowers to my sick dad! THEY TOOK SO MUCH I COULDN’T EVEN VISIT HIM!

    &@#k yourself, FTD!

  54. sue_me says:

    File a complaint on their ass for mail fraud. Or sue in small claims court. If they don’t pay up, get a bench warrant for the CEO’s arrest. Or request the court’s permission to garnish checks.

  55. kc2idf says:

    I ordered my wife’s flowers through a local florist, and even better, they don’t expect payment until I come by to pick them up. It’s really kind of neat.

    This was the way it worked even on an exotic order like I made (my wife prefers to receive birds of paradise over roses — she says everybody gets roses and she wants something else).

    When I got to the shop, the place was, as you might imagine, hopping (this was on 2/14, and within an hour of the shop closing for the day). Had anything gone wrong, it would have ben a PR disaster for them not to make it right on the spot. This is the sort of advantage that the consumer does not get when ordering flowers for delivery, which, to use the IT term, fails silently.

  56. slowinthefastlane says:

    “Relying on internet outfits to express your love is not a winning strategy. Show you care by taking ten minutes to visit the local florist.”

    Most orders placed on FTD.com are in fact filled and delivered by local florists. FTD is an electronic ordering system that sends the orders to local FTD-affiliated florists. The FTD-affiliated florist looks at the FTD pattern book and makes the arrangement according to the specifications. They are kind of like the Ticketmaster of the floral business. Next time you’re at your local florist, look for the FTD logo sticker in their window. If you see it, then they’re filling FTD orders from online and the phone.

  57. bossco says:

    I have had bad experiences with FTD, I would never use them again. I never received any sort of of apology from them. Don;t use them. I have had pretty good luck with Pro Flowers (they send using UPS or Mail), but best advice is call a local florist and be firm with what you want.

  58. moostrength says:

    I too had a huge problem with FTD, but they in the end fixed the issue. I tracked down the CEO as well and even called his secratery. She got me in contact with a manager and was able to not only deliver the flowers to me on the day after Valentine’s day, but sent along a letter to my fiance apologizing to her and explaining that the shipping delay was their fault. They also did not charge me for the delivery. If you would like to call the CEO for FTD, aka Mr. Soenen, here is the website which I found. If this site goes down, I have a PDF copy of the page, and here is the phone number for Mr. Soenen 630-719-2504. His email address is

    itself for Mr. Soe[www.ftdi.com]

  59. moostrength says:

    I too had a huge problem with FTD, but they in the end fixed the issue. I tracked down the CEO as well and even called his secratery. She got me in contact with a manager and was able to not only deliver the flowers to me on the day after Valentine’s day, but sent along a letter to my fiance apologizing to her and explaining that the shipping delay was their fault. They also did not charge me for the delivery. If you would like to call the CEO for FTD, aka Mr. Soenen, here is the website which I found. If this site goes down, I have a PDF copy of the page, and here is the phone number for Mr. Soenen 630-719-2504. His email address is msoenen@ftdi.com


  60. moostrength says:

    Also, I would stress that it is vitaly important to remain firm but curteous. I did not raise my voice, curse, or treat them at any point with disrespect. To the original OP, I would not have written about the stock option, that kind of response only puts FTD on the defensive to start, remember you want them to rectify the situation, and fix the problem. The best way to get anyone to do what you want them to do is to make them feel guilty, not make them feel angry.

  61. JiminyChristmas says:

    @snazz: If they’re not too busy to take your order and your money then they’re not too busy to fill the order or return your money.

  62. hexychick says:

    From the female point of view I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s not less thoughtful to get flowers delivered to you by an online delivery system so the thought isn’t missing. Almost any woman would be happy to receive flowers at her office – I sure was. The last paragraph was unnecessary, and it could have been summed up in one paragraph stating “I ordered this product. It was not delivered. The money has come out of my account. Where is my product and/or refund?” the end.

    And I’ll say it: http://www.proflowers.com – very good service and better pricing than most

  63. starbreiz says:

    Ugh, I sympathize… my boyfriend ordered, in person, my flowers through a florist who used FTD, several days before Valentines. FTD finally had them delivered at 8pm on Friday night (the 15th), to my office. The florist called at 630 and said they’d be there by 7. I asked if they could re-route them to my home, 6 miles away, and they refused. They came to the office at almost 8pm. Who expects someone to still be at the office at 8pm on a Friday?? Not only that, but I learned that I only got part of the flowers my boyfriend ordered… roses but NO lilies. But they had no trouble billing him for the entire order.

    I learned that the delay was caused by the fact that FTD routed the order to 11 different florists before someone accepted it. FTD was complete rubbish, you’d think they’d have been prepared for Valentines Day.

  64. austine says:

    My husband ordered flowers through FTD online on January 31 for delivery to the house on February 14. At 3:00 p.m. he checked the FTD website and found that the flowers were picked up for delivery in Miami at 1:32 p.m. which ment that I would not be receiving the flowers. He was busy at work and asked me to call FTD to find out about the order. After waiting on the phone for an hour the representative said that they had a problem with their vendor and the flowers would arrive tomorrow. Talking to 2 supervisors did not get me anywhere either. One supervisor stated that because our order was under $50.00 that they could not forward our order to a local florist for delivery (my husband’s order was $49.99 before tax and delivery charge). FTD is the largest floral delivery company in the world. They knew they had a problem with their vendor and did not even bother to notify my husband. They had his phone number and e-mail address. Shame – Shame – Shame on FTD. They not only did not follow up with my husband – they did not take steps to insure a Valentines Day Delivery. As a reminder to FTD – Valentines is once a year and always falls on February 14 – not February 15. Since you have been in business for over 100 years you would think that your calenders would be updated to that fact. My husband has requested a refund and contact with the CEO – still waiting!!!

  65. Toof_75_75 says:


    Proflowers.com, ftw. As I mentioned in a post on Thursday or Friday, I have used Proflowers lots of times and always been greatly satisfied with their products and service. They also give a 7-day freshness guarantee. Make sure to check out and use their coupon codes, you can normally get great deals on beautiful flowers.

  66. Bonedaddy says:

    I got an email from FTD today (Monday) saying “the order did not ship as planned,” they’d refunded my purchase in full and included a $20 gift certificate for a future purchase. Okay, first, not only did the order “not ship as planned,” it didn’t ship at all. Second, thanks a lot for refunding the $90 I paid for something you didn’t send. What a bunch of humanitarians. And third, if you botched this so badly, did so little to remedy it and waited so long to address it, what do you figure the odds are I’ll be taking advantage of your little gift certificate?

  67. Kendra says:

    @Bonedaddy: Keep pressing them, see what comes out!!!
    Then mention your cousin that they triple billed(ha!), and keep at it.

  68. austine says:

    @moostrength: Thanks for the information on how to contact the CEO of FTD. The number was correct – although the CEO was not in the office my husband talked to the secretary and the head of customer service. They are making an effort to make things right. We will see if the replacement flowers arrive tomorrow and if the credit card is refunded. Thanks again for the info.

  69. evixir says:

    ProFlowers is NOT as terrific as everyone is claiming. My mom sent me a dozen roses on 2/13 and half of them were drooped, discoloured, and dying by 2/14. ProFlowers offered to send a replacement bouquet on 2/18, which they did, and half of THOSE roses were drooped and dying by the next day. What a waste of time.

    I haven’t even gotten a chance to call FTD to complain at them for the bouquet I sent my mom, which was supposed to arrive 2/13 but was two days late and over half the roses were dead by the second day. Buying flowers from any of these online vendors is a complete waste of money.