FTD.com Delivers The Bill, Forgets The Flowers

FTD.com forgot to deliver flowers to Tip’s girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t stop them from delivering the bill. When calls to FTD.com didn’t go through, Tip launched the fearsome Executive Email Carpet Bomb. He wrote:

Perhaps $75 is not a lot to you. Perhaps the happiness of your customers does not mean a lot to you either. Perhaps, for a company that’s been around for nearly 100 years, you simply forgot to mark your calendar that yesterday was Valentine’s Day.

Well, $75 means a lot to me. What means even more is the happiness of my girlfriend. I was fully aware that yesterday was going to be Valentine’s Day…same day every year…which is why I thought ordering flowers for her to be delivered at work on 2/14…Valentine’s Day…was a good idea. Your site said it would be possible to deliver that day, even when the order was placed on the 12th. For those of us busy working in hi-tech companies across the land, ordering online from the florist that’s been around for nearly a century seemed like the thing to do at the time.

But yesterday came and went, and my girlfriend received no flowers. Calls to FedEx pointed the finger at FTD. And an email and calls to FTD Customer Service – 800-736-3383, option 3 – were pointless, as the calls were dropped due to “heavy demand” or some such nonsense. Kinda like the guy that owes you money not answering his door when the collector comes a’callin’. So…fair enough…no flowers. Valentine’s Day came and went. I purchased some flowers from a local store instead, and we went on to enjoy our special day, despite your efforts of sabotage. At least I wasn’t billed…

So what happens today…I check my bank to find out that YOU STILL CHARGED ME $75?! The cycle begins again. Another email to FTD Customer Service (just got the automated response). More calls to your failed Customer Service phone tree. And my blood pressure, typically low, is shooting through the roof.

Well, sir…I expect you to make this right. I want my money back. Immediately. Oh, and sending my girlfriend some flowers to make up for your failure wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

I would appreciate a prompt response.

– Tip

PS – Looks like 2007 was a pretty good year for you, Mr. Soenen… I see you sold off a LOT of shares, and I’m just going back through September of last year. How nice for you. I bet you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Taunting can be its own gift, but it won’t help your cause nearly as well as a chargeback. Let the bank fight FTD.com while you apologize to your girlfriend. Of course, FTD and the other florists hate issuing refunds, so don’t be surprised if the flowers arrive today.

Relying on internet outfits to express your love is not a winning strategy. Show you care by taking ten minutes to visit the local florist. You help a local business, speak to helpful people, and—this is the key part—walk away with flowers.

(Photo: Dr. Hemmert)

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