Cane Sugar Pepsi "Raw" Launches In The UK Only

We know that a lot of you get all excited over Mexican/Kosher Coca-Cola (no corn syrup), but what about you folks who prefer Pepsi? You’ll have to go to the UK, where Pepsi is launching “Pepsi Raw”—a corn syrup free, “all natural” version of the soda.

Traditionally, Pepsi contains fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial colourings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavours.

In comparison, Pepsi Raw has only natural ingredients including apple extract, plain caramel colouring, coffee leaf, tantaric acid from grapes, gum arabic from acacia trees, cane sugar and sparkling water.

It is paler in colour and less fizzy than other cola brands.

Sounds nice, but we’d be happy with cane sugar Coca-Cola. Hint. Hint.

Pepsi launch new ‘healthy’ drink [Metro via BuzzFeed]

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