A ‘computer glitch’ has left 740,000 Verizon customers in California without access to their voicemail for the past two days. Messages left for affected customers after February 4 are gone forever. [Bloomberg]


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  1. m0unds says:

    The article says “740,000” customers, not 74,000.

  2. ferris209 says:

    Another reason why I’m glad I switched to AT&T. Verizon has more glitches and problems than any I’ve ever seen.

  3. jonworld says:

    Onetime a called my mom, a Verizon user. She didn’t pick up her phone, so it directed me to voice mail. But instead of prompting me to leave a message it started reading me all her messages…and I was calling from a home phone and I never even had to enter the voice mail password. Talk about a computer glitch.