USAA Customer? Make Sure Your Checks Haven't Been Cashed Twice

This morning, Mary logged onto her USAA bank account to check her balance and was surprised to find that her rent check had been cashed twice while she was asleep. She was eventually able to get through to a human and get the problem addressed, but it wasn’t easy. And she may not have been the only one affected.

I called them right away – the voicemail said they were closed but I kept hitting “0” til I got a human. They originally told me that it would take 3-4 business days to correct the error because the problem is with another bank. That’s a long time to not have MY money because of THEIR error, I said. Like anyone else, I have bills coming due in the next 3-4 business days, I can’t just tell them to wait! I got my money back but I had to ask for a supervisor and escalate it to their “executive resolution” department.

I logged back into their website a few hours later to make sure my $$ is still there and this message is on their welcome screen:

Special Notice Posted : Thu, Feb 7, 2008

Due to an issue affecting several banks, some members may see duplicate entries for posted checks. USAA is diligently working to correct the problem. We will refund any incorrect overdraft fees as a result of this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If I hadn’t logged in this morning, I would have never known that this happened. So if you have a USAA Bank account, you’re going to want to check your bank balance, and if its wrong, escalate that customer service call pronto. DON’T take “3-4 business days” for an answer!

(Thanks to Mary!)