Executive Email Addresses For XBOX Complaints

If you have a problem with your XBOX and you want it heard by senior executives, here are some dudes to blast it to:

robbieb@microsoft.com- Robert (Robbie) Bach- PRESIDENT, ENT & DEVICES DIV
donm@microsoft.com – Don Mattrick- SVP, INTERACTIVE ENT. BUSINESS
jabell@microsoft.com – Jeff Bell – CVP GLOBAL MKT INTERACTIVE ENT

(Photo: Milkham)


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  1. scoopy says:

    I love Xbox 360 FTW

  2. B says:

    The RROD’ed XBOX reminds me of HAL. I suppose it’s appropriate. I’m sorry Dave, I can’t let you play that game.

  3. Caswell says:


    LOL! Pretty sure I’ve actually seen that done as a .gif in one of the various gaming forums I read.

  4. dohtem says:

    Err… these aren’t executive customer service emails.
    These are execs for divisions in Microsoft.

    Isn’t this overkill?

  5. GothamGal says:

    I am quite happy with my Xbox Elite, it has never overheated and am glad that I have not had the horror stories that I have read. With that said, tonight will be the RRoD

  6. JackAshley says:

    I know 7 people with 360’s…3 are on their third, and 3 are on their second…only 1 remains with his original.

    You have to wonder if when they say the 33% failure rate, if it means 33% of people have failures or 33% of machines fail, because from my sample size it seems alot higher than 33%….

  7. johnperkins21 says:

    @JackAshley: It’s 100%, not 33%. 100% of 360s manufactured before mid 2007 will fail. They made the 33% number up. Plucked it from thin air.

  8. shor0814 says:

    Didn’t Microsoft just tell you that you should be going through proper channels for these? Some people just don’t listen, and I don’t blame you for not listening!

  9. DojiStar says:

    Just got my xbox 360 back to day from being repaired.

    Nice of them to include a $6.99 1 month membership to xbox live for free for my troubles, with the refurbed xbox that cost me $400 new.

  10. agdTinMan says:

    @shor0814: Microsoft’s proper channels don’t work. They have serious problems with outsourcing customer support.

  11. KJones says:

    @dohtem: these aren’t executive customer service emails.
    These are execs for divisions in Microsoft.

    Isn’t this overkill?

    Microsoft is knowingly shipping faulty products, sending broken XBOXes back to customers without being repaired, refusing to respond to complaints, refusing to fulfill warranties, and fraudulently changing the dates of warranties to justify not fixing them.

    Isn’t that overkill?

  12. microbreak says:

    What about for their online service? A friend of mine is having trouble cancelling because it is her husband’s Xbox live account (but they used her checking account) and he is in IRAQ for 18 months. He had closed it a year ago but they recently charged them again. They will only talk to the husband.

  13. adamsummers says:


    You’re not kidding. I spent hours on the phone with them yesterday spelling out words for them such as “Illinois” and “Chicago”, letter-by-letter. They still haven’t solved my issue. I do have a nice collection of about half a dozen case numbers though!

  14. Lynneydwi says:

    I’ve just got off the phone with Tech support. Now begins the waiting game for the empty box so I can ship it back for repair. This will be my 3rd repair – it’s only 10 months old.

    Thanks for the email addresses, I just fired off a request for a new box since tech support claim they can’t authorize a new unit.

  15. Lynneydwi says:

    Quick update. After sending the emails off yesterday I really was surprised when I got a phone call today. I’ve been assigned my own personal tech.

    She canceled the previous repair started a new one and has expedited everything meaning the box will be shipped overnight both ways instead of the normal 7 day shipping which usually take 10 days. The whole thing should take a week instead of the normal 21+ days.

    We’ll see.

  16. Lynneydwi says:

    Still no xbox, it appears it’s gone missing. They say they shipped it, Fedex tells me they didn’t receive it. So much for executive support. I’m speechless!

  17. Lynneydwi says:

    Received a re-conditioned console today via UPS – however they forgot to return my power cord – so I still can’t use it.

    Customer support at it’s best!!!

  18. Lynneydwi says:

    OMG, still no power cord – my console is currently a huge paper weight

    Over a month

  19. dualityshift says:

    These email addresses just bounce all email from unknown sources.

  20. SteelRoots says:

    I don’t know which email address worked, but I got a call back the next day from customer service. It was basic customer service, they offered no solution to my problem.

  21. rng72 says:

    I am trying Don Mattrick- SVP and then the other two. I am on my 4th XBOX and I had to send my HD drive back as well. I will let you know if anything happens.

  22. rng72 says:

    Hello yesterday I got a call from customer support, the person on the line said that he was my personal support and I would not have to call the normal helpdesk anymore. After discussing my issues and complaints I am getting a free hard drive and 2 wireless controllers sent to me. Small victory but hey I got through!

  23. mgridgaway says:

    Just a quick note to anyone still using this. It seems like Jabell@ is now defunct, but the others seem alright.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I just talked to xbox support here in Canada – their Tier 2 support person ‘Emerson’ just said he can’t send me a returns box because they don’t have any to ship right now and they’re delayed by a week because of this.

    this is my 2nd xbox i’m waiting to return, they sent me a defective one to replace my first one that died,didn’t even last a few weeks before dying, can’t wait to go through all of this over again.

    if you’re even remotely considering buying an xbox buy the extended warranty. or a ps3. or spreadsheet software for all the times you’ll be dealing with their incredibly inept customer service. this is unbelievably frustrating.

  25. CyberSkull says:

    I’m writing an Xbox 360 website bug report right now. Thanks for the emails!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have had issues as of late with my xbox, I have been through 2 emails and 2 nearly hour long phone calls with “supervisors” in the xbox support system. None of these were helpful in any sense of the word. I just now emailed Robert Bach, I will fill you in if I get any answers.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This approach worked for me, after all else had failed. Xbox Support wouldn’t honour my $60 2-year warranty, so I emailed my story to these corporate exec addresses (plus I picked up a few more that I googled off the Net). Within 24 hours I got a call and it was not from basic customer service. Just make sure that you stick to your facts, and make sure you can back up what you say.

  28. deirdre316 says:

    In April of 2008 I purchased a 360 elite for my sons, after less than 6 months we received the “circle of death”. The three red lights prevent use of the system and indicate a potential hardware failure. The initial request for a repair was easy and the console was received in a timely manner. Unfortunately, Microsoft never repaired the unit!! As soon as we plugged in the unit, the three red lights appeared.

    That was November 17th, since then I have spent almost 12 hours on the phone over the last 3 weeks trying to get a new repair order created. Every time I call I am told they are having a system upgrade and the repair order cannot be created: to wait and call back in 5 days!!!!!

    Tonight I was informed that they mailed me an empty box on 11/26 and I should receive it tomorrow. Having no faith in Microsoft customer service, I asked them to provide shipping details for the “empty box”. As I expected, the tracking number is not found in the UPS system, the supervisor indicated he would need to call me back in an hour with an update. Of course they never called, and I had to call them back. For 3 weeks they have been telling me they cannot issue a new repair order becayse of the first one.

    I have NEVER experienced such poor customer service from a company!

    I emailed the addresses provided, hopefully this will resolve the problem.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Typical Microsoft.

    From the idiots who brought us Windoze 95, Winblows 2000, Winfroze XP and Winhose Vista.

    I’m not surprised that this company screws everything up.
    From customer support, manufacturing, quality control and even warranty decissions.

    3 xboxes for me and my newest one just got the ring of death. What the hell are they doing?

    By play station.

  30. Jgriffith12 says:

    is there other executives to contact at xbox/Microsoft? Once again our xbox has failed AGAIN and is out of warranty. Customer support is only offering a service repair for around $100.00. This will be the forth repair/replacement in five years.

    Very disappointing considering the amount of money spent over the last few years with them. I refuse to pay the repair cost and would rather investment in a PS 3 for my kids.

    Not having any luck and was hoping I could get some emails of executives that might listen