$7 Million Lawsuit: Combining Crocs And Escalators May Result In Mangled Feet

Back in September we wrote about the hazards of wearing the popular “Croc” clogs on escalators, a combination that may have produced more than a few injuries all around the world. We heard about at least one case where the child’s toes were ripped off when the shoe was sucked down into the escalator.

Now a family from Westchester has filed a lawsuit that claims that their child was “severely and permanently” injured in November 2007, when her Croc got caught in a escalator at JFK airport.

From the NY Daily News:

“The skin was peeled off her toe,” lawyer Andrew Laskin said. “It’s a pretty horrifying injury. And it’s also horrible for a parent to witness your child injured in this way and suffering.”

Crocs has so far chosen not to put a warning label on the shoes. Here’s what they told one foreign news agency that did a report about Crocs:

“Crocs shoes are completely safe. The popularity of our shoes has helped draw attention to a long-existing issue that we think is very important–escalator safety”

Today, little has changed. Croc’s says they’re taking escalator safety seriously:

“Escalator safety is an issue we take very seriously, and we are looking into this report.”

The Daily News asked the CPSC how many of Croc-related foot manglings they were aware of, but that agency “could not immediately say” how many reports it had.

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