Why Everyone At Verizon Online Is Utterly Useless

Faith writes:

It began the beginning of Oct. 2007. My credit card expired, and I contacted all of my utilities to update my credit card information. It was an annoying process, but it went smoothly. That is, until the notices started coming.

A month after updating my credit card information, I started getting those “you haven’t paid your bill” notices from Verizon in the mail. My credit card company would also call my house to inform me that Verizon kept trying to bill me for my internet usage, but was using the wrong expiration date and it wasn’t going through. Curious. I called Verizon Online to see what the deal was, only to be told that everything on my account was fine, and that “sometimes those notices are sent by mistake.” Sure enough, I got another one two weeks later. I called again, and explained to the person on the line that there must be another account because my credit card company is calling me as well saying Verizon is trying to bill me.

The person didn’t believe me, said the situation I was describing was “impossible,” and that my bill was paid. She even confirmed the credit card on file with me, and it was the correct one. Her advice: “Just ignore it, they will stop coming eventually.”

Well they absolutely did not stop. For twice a month in November, December, and January I got these stupid notices and calls from my credit card company. With every notice and every call, I would contact Verizon Online and waste another hour of my life, only to be told again and again that the situation was “impossible” and that I was crazy. This time I demand to speak to a manger who tells me she will do “some research” and call me back. Yeah, I’ll be waiting for that phone call until hell freezes over.

Finally, about a week ago, I get an email from Verizon telling me that my internet will be shut off because I haven’t paid my bill. I place the 7th call to Verizon online and ask to speak to a manager immediately. The customer service agent blatantly ignores me. Instead of transferring me like I requested, she forces to me to tell her the long drawn out story, and then proceeds to inform me that I am wrong and nuts. She insists that my internet is active, my bills are paid, and nothing is amiss. When I ask her about the email she says “It must be spam.”

Low and behold I get home to find that my internet is cut off. Sur-fucking-prise! I call back, ask to speak to a manager, and am again ignored. I try to tell them there has to be another account somewhere, because it doesn’t make any sense otherwise. I told the woman about the cut off notice, I told her that I was getting a screen on the computer that said I had been disconnected because I hadn’t paid my bill, and she STILL tried to connect me to “tech support,” telling me that I had a “modem problem.” How much of an idiot can you possibly be? Meanwhile, my fiancé printed out the screen that was appearing, including the account number, and we discover on our own that the account number on the screen is the the same account number they have been giving me. Why pray tell could that be? BECAUSE THERE ARE TWO ACCOUNTS AS I HAD SAID FOR THREE MONTHS!

When I give the woman the account number, it pops up magically. Apparently, when I updated my credit card information someone opened another account in my name that was collecting debt. To “make up” for the last three months of hell, they said they would credit my account with $200, but (here’s the kicker!) I am still responsible for paying off the debt on the second account that I didn’t open, which was $150. So really, Verizon is giving me 50 bucks, because they are taking $150 out of the $200 they are “giving” me.

Such bullshit. I hate these people.

And now, to top it all off, our internet has stopped working. My fiancé is calling them today to see what the problem is, but he suspects that they cut off the WRONG account.

Any advice? I want to write horrible angry letters and I really want to keep that $200…. I think my time is worth more than one month of free service….



Here, try this contact information. Remember, though you might be seething inside, don’t let it show. Be super nice and professional. Keep your story short, 1-2 sentences, and focus on specifically what you want the company to do for you. With any luck, one of these high-level honchos will get you the solution you deserve

Mark D. Reddick
Executive Customer Relations
140 West St.
Manhattan, NY 10007
212-321-8457 (office)
212-321-1047 (fax)

There’s also a Cassandra Flippin in the same office, her number is 212-321-8458 – so it looks like the base number for Verizon Executive Customer Service team is 212-321-845*, where you can replace * with any number.

You can also try calling 1-800-483-7988 and press 3 to reach the Verizon Customer Advocates for landlines and DSL.

Should those fail, here’s contact info for 14 executives:

Verizon Executive Contact Info

Bob Barish
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-1629
fx: 908-696-2156

William Barr
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 212-395-1689
??: 908-766-3836

Bruce Beausejour
Vice President & Associate General Counsel
State Regulatory, NY and New England
185 Franklin St, 13th Floor
??: 607-743-2445 (Brenda?)
fx: 607-737-0648

Maura Breen
Senior Vice President
General Manager
New York Region Rm 3108
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007
ph: 212-321-8170 (alana picks up)
fx: 212-964-4072

Mike Hassett
Senior Vice President
Business Solutions Group
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-2505
fx: 908-766-5194

Holyce Hess Groos
Vice President & CFO
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-5507 (direct)

Suleiman Hessami
Vice President
Pricing & Contract Management
22001 Loudon County Parkway
Ashburn, VA 20147
ph: 703-886-2017 (Pam picks up)
fx: 703-886-0116

John Hoey
Vice President
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-4760 (Robin picks up)
fx: 908-766-3965

Jerry Holland
Vice President
CLEC Operations
175 Park Avenue Rm 125
Madison, NJ 07940
ph: 973-350-5111
fx: 973-660-1065

Bob Ingalls
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-1112 (Shaw? picks up)
fx: 908-696-2210

Virginia Ruesterholz
Verizon Telecom
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-1069 (Diane picks up)
fx: 908-696-2135

Joseph Russo
Vice President
Service Assistance Support
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 908-559-2266 (Robin picks up)
fx: 908-696-2175

Tom Tauke
Executive Vice President
Public Affairs, Policy & Communications
140 West Street, 29th Fl
New York, NY 10007
ph: 212-395-1032
fx: 908-696-2036

Doreen Toben
Executive Vice President & CFO
One Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097
ph: 212-395-1057 (Doreen Thompson picks up)
fx: 800-295-5136

And finally, you can always try pitching your case to the office of the CEO

Ivan G. Seidenberg
140 West St
New York, NY 10007

(Photo: Meghann Marco)


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  1. statnut says:

    Ah Verizon. We Never Start Working For You.

  2. Buran says:

    … how does updating credit card info open a new account instead of updating the current one? Their programmers must really suck.

  3. sly100100 says:

    This is why I love this site! The information is invaluable when dealing with a hard headed company.

  4. AstroPig7 says:

    Who in their right mind would expect a customer to pay for an account that they didn’t open? I can easily see some scams being perpetrated via that route.

  5. HOP says:

    we have verizon and haven’t had a bit of trouble…..yet………..
    i’ve had connection problems, mostly my fault, and my buddies in india have come thru and solved my troubles……….so far…..but you better have a couple of hours to kill…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good luck, after they cut you off, depending on your location in the US (What they call east or west) you could be facing a few week ordeal to get re-connected.

  7. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    1-2 sentences would make for an extremely short story…

  8. rekoil says:

    @AstroPig7: I’m guessing that while the “old” account wasn’t charging the new credit card, the new account was trying to charge the old one, but failing. In other words, she wasn’t being charged at all by Verizon during the time period involved. That’s the money VZ wants.

  9. DMDDallas says:

    wow just wow.

  10. scoosdad says:

    @rsturgill: Right, when I activated Verizon DSL in December, they simultaneously “lost” my dialtone. Had Verizon face for ten days while they continually lied to me and told me they were working on it. I launched the EECB and made a few phone calls using that list above on day 10, and exactly 70 minutes after the first exec. cust. svc rep called me back, it was fixed.

  11. RedPeppers20XX says:

    Wow,Verizon blaming the customer for a mistake? Glad that never happened to me…..oh..wait…it did!

  12. DanglinModifiers says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called Verizon just to hear “it’s taking a while to update in our system.” I was paying for DSL two months after I switched to FIOS, then got credited back in month three. Every time I called “we just have to wait for it to update…”

  13. Tonto99 says:

    If for some God-forsaken reason I end up having Verizon again, I will never let them auto-debit my account. After cancelling my phone service with them, they continued to charge it for 2 months – each painstaking call resulted in the response that I would receive a refund check. Three months after discontinuing my service, I finally did get a refund check but I still get monthly bills with an amount of zero due every month.

  14. rwakelan says:

    @Buran: not their programmers, their CSRs. The programmers probably did their job just fine. But the idiot CSR clicked the wrong button.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Most techs who worked the DSL helpdesk quit due to frustration. To help get someone’s order connected, you basically had to lie and cheat.

    We’d get trouble tickets closed in the notes it would have total BS. “Line not provisioned, no order.” We’d go back to them with records of the order, proof the line had been up and working. The techs would just say “tell them to cancel and re-order, we don’t have it.”. BS!!!

    To get a customer up and running we’d just flat out lie. We’d tell them (the other departments) _you_ were related to the CEO or some VP. We’d tell the other employee we’d be giving that VP or the CEO THEIR name unless they got the order up and running. Bear in mind, this was employees combating other employees. Tech Support VS the line guys.

    Most good techs left because they hated combating other departments, or fighting their supervisors. (The techs are supposed to keep calls under 15 minutes.) These are guys making barely more than minimum wage, trying to afford rent, gas, etc. being threatened to lose their jobs unless they BS YOU off the line.

    Even good techs who keep an average under that time were getting harassed when I left, just due to ONE call going over the 15 minute window. It was horrible.

    I could write for an hour on this subject, but my call center had a few glitches in their tracking software, if we put you on hold and called someone else, it reset the time that showed up to our supervisor for our current call. So if some tech asks you to hold once every 10-15 minutes, he may not be trying to put YOU off, he may be trying scam his supervisor. If he fixes your issue, ask for his supervisor, complement him, but don’t mention that it took so long, or he may not be able to get away with it next time.

  16. Tejas says:

    i say it’s EECB time. problems don’t get fixed if no one knows about it and i’ll bet the suits in their ivory towers have no clue.

  17. Freedomboy says:

    Stops head from spinning, collapses in corner, gasps out three words……..Breach..of……contract…dies.

    Can’t bill on a contract and at the same time say there is none.

  18. discounteggroll says:


    100 confessions of a Verizon Technician should be arranged…

    *shifts eyes to consumerist*

  19. Sockatume says:

    Good Christ, that’s some spectacular shittiness there. Companies should take note: this is what happens when your customer service people are drones following a program rather than competent, sapient, problem-solving beings. It makes the whole operation look half-assed, no matter how good the other components are.

  20. whiterose says:

    In the past 5 months, Verizon Online has “lost” my information where I tried to pay my bill online and also “lost” my information where I tried to pay by phone. So this morning I checked to see if they had recieved my payment for January and there was no payment activity on my current charges. When you talk to their billing department, they are so rude and basically called me a liar. I’ve had the same problem also with Comcast. I’ve never had so much trouble trying to give people money that is due to them. Why has so many corporations in this country turned into assholes?

  21. bigboat says:

    Three paragraphs:

    #1: Who you are, why you’ve been a loyal customer and deserve(but don’t use the word deserve) the services of someone to resolve the issue.

    #2: What your issue is. Pure facts. It’s more effective on the retelling if you let them draw to the natural emotional conclusions themselves, although if there’s something uniquely personal to your situation (“the service was canceled right before the super bowl and it made us especially unhappy”) feel free.

    #3: What you are seeking. Don’t be insane here, but you can go higher than credit for missing [internet]. No threats, just explicitly stating feeling sad this had to come up and why that entitles(but don’t use the word entitles) you to compensation. End on a hope that you and they can work together for a resolution.

    Start positive, end positive, and make sure they know what you require to stay happy. Oh, and read it twice; multitudes of typographical errors are going to make them less interested in working with you, even if it shouldn’t.

  22. Xeelee says:

    @discounteggroll: Well… if anyone wants information on those 10 confessions of Verizon Online tech support I’m up for it

    Now, I agree with the opinion of rsturgill in that most agents quit because of frustration. Many of us at tech support try to do our best to help people fix their problems in a timely manner and without too much hassle but it’s these kind of problems that don’t have an easy solution that make us cringe when he hear the customer tell it over the phone.

    From *my* point of view this was a BILLING issue. Why? Because it is about MONEY. Us peons at tech support have no tools to help people resolve problems about money. Pretty much the only thing we can see on our primary billing database access is:
    1. Current DSL number and address
    2. The DSL package you have. We may not be able to see a price, however.

    On the secondary billing database access we can:
    1. See the real Service Ready Date for the DSL account
    2. Changes to the account, if any
    3. Equipment shipments and their tracking numbers

    SOMETIMES we cannot look at any information from billing. You’d be surprised how often that happens.

    With that said… We CANNOT make changes of ANY type to this information. None. The only people who can are billing agents.

    So there you have it. I have no idea what kind of training billing agents have to go through before they begin taking calls. I have no idea what the environment is at their call centers. I don’t know what their goals are – other than fleecing money from the unsuspecting – for each call. Their treatment of customers makes us all look like crap.

    I’m not siding with Verizon Online. The company must improve the training and the tools we have available to do our jobs, specially at billing. I’m not siding with Faith either because I don’t think of myself as a “fucking ignorant idiot” and I certainly dislike being called one.

    I just wanted to make it clear: You got a money bone to pick with Verizon Online? It’s all Billing. Refuse to be transferred, refuse to be put on hold. Just get the employee code and use these tips. Don’t try them on me though. The results are going to be painful for you.

    Heck, I’ll give you an extra. When you call the number (1 800 567 6789) first confirm your DSL number, then when the IVR talks just say “Billing”. Say it slowly and clearly, for the computer is decrepit and hard of hearing.

  23. charodon says:

    My advice: dump those puppies. I was never so happy as the day we quit Verizon DSL.

  24. jlayman920 says:

    I recently bought a house and called Verizon to have my phone service and DSL transferred.
    I gave the rep the dates I wanted them tranferred and he confirmed the date for the phone transfer but said the DSL transfer would take two weeks but that was a worst case scenario and it usually only took a few days. Well, first, they activated the phone at the house/deactivated the phone at my apartment two days BEFORE my move in date which left me without DSL/phone service at my apartment (lucky I had no use for 911 or they would have had a huge lawsuit on their hands).
    In the meantime I got an email stating that I was eligible for a free Verizon dial up account to use while my DSL was being transferred just call X number and they would set it up free of charge. Dial up sucks but I thought it was nice they would do that anyway. I thought I would call the number just so I could continue to pay my bills online until the DSL was transferred.
    After being transferred 8 times I finally gave up. 3 of the people had no idea what I was talking about, 2 people placed me on hold and then dropped the call when they transferred me, 1 girl said she could do that for me but I would basically be billed for the dial up and then would have to call back in for a credit, 1 person completely disregarded what I was asking for and tried to sell me DirecTV service, 1 person said they could set it up for me but would have to mail me the set up CD-ROM. I just gave up.
    And that worst case scenario of two weeks to get my DSL service transferred to a house that was less than two miles from previous apartment? They hooked it up the evening of the 14th day. I guess that worst case scenario was valid.

  25. alfista says:

    I have business class FiOS in the NYC area. I’ve found them very easy to work with and they have corrected every problem I’ve raised to them except one:

    I still get at least one promotional piece of mail each week offering me a deal to sign up. I call and ask to be removed from the list (try that for fun) but it hasn’t worked.

    If you are looking for great DSL, go with Speakeasy. They’re owned by Best Buy now, which stinks, but they were always super great to work with, canceled my account painlessly in 2 minutes with a ‘thanks for using us’ and I hear they are largely the same under BB. Don’t think you are stuck with just the big name local provider.

  26. Johnny_Blackwell says:

    After reading all of these horror stories about Verizon/AT&T/etc. I am so glad that I use a smaller ISP for my DSL. Over the last year and a half I have only had 1 day of outage, due to something on their end, and they credited the day back to me.

    Seriously, just sign up for an extra phone line and pay for DSL separately. While it may be a little more expensive ($5 a month) you’ll get faster speeds and better customer service.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Same here. I am also employed by a company that outsources to Verizon DSL for there tech support.. There are so many things messed up its ridicules. I had thought about writing some kind of guide up before but thought everyone knew already how messed up Verizon DSL was.
    @XEELEE & rsturgill They hit it right on the mark. Though rsturgill was a little off on one thing. They have lowered the time to 13 minuets.

  28. rsg2003 says:

    the EECB worked for me. Mr. Reddick contacted me the morning after I sent an email to the CEO. The problem (my TV service was cut off and never reactivated) was fixed (albeit by an UNANNOUNCED visit by a technician) and I had my service back. A reporter from BusinessWeek even contacted me about my experience. Give it a shot… it really works.

  29. bluewyvern says:

    @bigboat: Well, paragraph #1 should be pretty short, then: “I am a Verizon customer.” You don’t need to “earn” good service by shelling out large sums of money to a company over a long period of time or anything — you contract for a service, you’re entitled to it. She doesn’t need to justify herself any more than that.

  30. FLConsumer says:

    I share in the original poster’s frustrations with Verizon Online. It’s like a large animal with no brain and all of the limbs attempting to function with no central nervous system.

    Every time I’ve had to deal with them it’s been utter frustration. Their voice recognition phone tree doesn’t work worth a damn, offshore tech support is absolutely useless and should be dropped entirely. I’d rather have NO support than deal with them. One time it took TWO WHOLE HOURS of being on the phone with “tech support” to find out that there was a scheduled maintenance in my area that was causing me to lose internet connectivity. Of course, the techs wanted to troubleshoot everything in the world and blame every piece of equipment but their own for the issue.

    Another time, I was helping a friend set up their new DSL connection. The @#$# Actiontec modem/router they sent refused to function as a bridge. Try getting Verizon’s techs to understand that. After a total of 4 hours on the phone, 3 screwed up deliveries (they just kept sending the same defective model of modem/router combos), they finally sent the correct modem. Then we had to spend another two hours with Verizon Billing trying to get the charges straightened out.

    Another good one was when I moved. Called up Verizon 1.5 months in advance to make the arrangements. I was promised that there would be an active DSL connection at my new location when I moved. So, Verizon cuts off the DSL signal at my old location 3 days too soon which was an inconvenience as I was planning on working from home. When I moved the modem to the new location, no signal found whatsoever. I called up Verizon who told me it’d be 5-6 weeks before my new home would have DSL. What?!?! After calling up the county’s utility franchise division, Verizon had the DSL signal on in 3 days.

    Overall, I just don’t understand it. It has to cost Verizon a fortune to mismanage all of their subsidiaries this poorly. I’d do an EECB, but I honestly don’t see how it’d work — the whole organisation is broken and needs to be repaired.

  31. BeFrugalNotCheap says:

    The author is clearly at fault and should be held responsible for not doing what they were supposed to….Ahh, just kidding. Damn, the headline is dead on: Verizon Online IS worthless. I hope it gets worked out and we get updated on the outcome.

  32. Nytmare says:

    “the account number on the screen is the the same account number they have been giving me. Why pray tell could that be? BECAUSE THERE ARE TWO ACCOUNTS”

    Why would having the same account number mean two accounts? Did you mean to say NOT the same account number?

  33. LionelEHutz says:

    Clearly the consumer is at fault here because they should have known better than to deal with Verizon in the first place.

  34. boss_lady says:

    @discounteggroll: The moment I quit here, I’ll be happy to write full ‘confessions.’ For now, I need my meagre wages to pay off student loans. Oh, yes, and I’m in North America, so you can really only speak to me if you have business DSL and have a repair ticket. But trust me, on that golden day…

  35. Brad2723 says:

    The worst aspect of ANY Verizon brand is the customer service. They seem to hire only the most inept people they can find. I swear they only hire the people too stupid to work at McDonalds.

  36. brent_w says:

    @Xeelee: If you are going to fault her for
    going through that shit for that long and getting a little upset about
    it, then you ARE exactly that …

  37. Ragman says:

    Verizon made changes to their online customer sites starting last April to bring the online stuff into one place. I know, b/c they screwed up my Discover card autopay (Verizon let their authorization lapse). It took until the end of the year before they put the ability to change your autopay back online. There is also the issue of having separate phone and Fios accounts: I kept ending up in phone or DSL support when I was trying to reach Fios support. I have noticed improvements in the website since last spring, so I have hope that some things will get better.

  38. Thejman08 says:

    I had the same problem around that same period of time between October 07 and January 08 I dropped my Verizone service from home phone and DSL to just DSL and I kept getting 3 to 4 different bills a month with different amounts on them I would pay one just to recieve a letter a few weeks later saying that they owed me the money I sent them,and it was followed by another letter stating I owed them some large amount for paying late or missing a payment,I finally called them in January and spent an hour on the phone untill I reached the point I didn’t ever want to deal with them again so I told the lady to put me through to the cancellations department I waited for another 20 minutes on hold and then I explained to the lady what happened and that everytime I called to try and get something resolved I get some outsourced Indian company doing all of Verizon’s Account handling,they said that they would look into it and they wound up crediting me 200 dollars to my account which wiped out the amount I owed,so yes I agree they have kindergarden dropouts running their billing department

  39. luzerne56 says:

    this is the worst company to deal with. i signed up for triple play. due to errors on VERIZON’S, NOT MINE, I got royally screwed. They admitted their errors and said they were sorry! Big deal, they wouldn’t take care of it and were sorry,that doesn’t help me at all. I was given wrong info, wasn’t bundled properly etc. Bottom line is after signing up in november for 3 services, i now have no tv and 116.00 owed to direct tv. You better read the fine print and TRUST NOONE at verizon to back up their words….better yet, don’t sign up with them at all! Go to another service, nothing is worth the aggravation, not to mention endless hours on the phones

  40. onomonopeea says:

    Hello To all of you in the same justified boat of opinion. It was an eye opener when finding this site. Being all to familiar with your frustration and disillusionment with Verizon. I’ve had equal and graver time and emotional expenditures seeking resolution with these people, so, so, so,much bull crap! Let me advise anyone else to be strongly persistent when seeking resolution to your problematic experiences and don’t hesitate to share with others about Verizons true nature. Basically we are up against a larger force than us independently.There’s no other recourse unless you are wealthy monetarily and can just throw away the do seeking judgement. I have spent hours adding up to days being bewildered and racked up with my computer damaged and security breached. I had a problem with MSN Premium/ Verizon Broadband installed on my computer and when letting a Verizon technician control onboard the computer to correct a problem. I told him before allowing him, to do not delete anything without my approval. He asked me if he could delete this and that and I told him yes or no to each item and he was fully aware to ask before committing any act. He asked if he could put me on hold while he looked up some information and I agreed. While waiting on hold, I glanced at the monitor and Realized he was deleting items and altering my passwords. I struggled to gain control of the curser and when finally doing so, disconnected him from my computer. He came back on the phone and when I asked what he was doing? He replied that if he had deleted anything it was because of mistake. Can you see where that was going? He screwed around causing damage and inability to use my passwords to access my computer. I returned a call and do you see where that was going. On and On and On, thru so many different Verizon employees and transfer after tranfer to different departments and disconnections and hangups.I’ve been furious since this happened last November 07 and now find a variaty of accounts with different due amounts. I copied the email address provided at this site and began emailing all of these Verizon executives listed. I actually recieved 4 replies, speaking of resolutions. I was shocked but resilent of mind, in not expecting anything. And that’s where my trip ends for now and you can bet i’m head strong and will continue telling you about my fortunes or misfortunes here. This is a nice place to get it off, don’t ya, think? Until God only knows,we’ll be afloat in this boat. Thanks Much, onomonopeea.

  41. runawayfreighttrain says:

    The problem is using a land line (my area Verizon has a licensed monopoly) you have nowhere else to go. You can’t call tech support in the U.S. period.

    I know the local Verizon filed manager who told me the Verizon field technicians in the area I live have to call the Philippines for their tech support.

    The recent revised and onerous Verizon Online Contract Terms (about 8 sections)contain a staggering 36,800 Words.

    These pieces of work and their slippery lawyers offer two choices.

    1) Except the terms.

    2) Don’t except and stop using the online internet service.

    It’s like the credit card companies holding you hostage with a gun to your head. They own the politicians.

    If 2 or 3 million pissed of customers agreed (don’t say it’s impossible) to cancel their service during a pre-determined week, those consumers could take these (expletives deleted)down.

  42. onomonopeea says:

    Well, let me say,that after initial contact by an executive of customer service delegated a supervisor from billing to have a glance upon my Verizon account. It was reiterated to have errors and after credits applied, the suggested amount owed was below what I considered the sum total and I was in agreement with that amount, if no previous charges were to be forwared in addition to total due. I went back online to see if any updates were recorded as to the correctly stated adjusted amount due. There were credits and additional charges with total amounts due, still observed and forwared to another amount, which was not to have been done. Being very leary of totals greater than that which was told to me was due for payment, didn’t jive and I responded back to the exects by email and phone messages stating this wasn’t going to be paid until I am satisfied or I wouldn’t commit to any further use of Verizon’s services. I asked for a more competant and complete audit of sums owed and referred to a mountain top to proclaim by screaming out the utter frustration reveberating within me. I also redirected my complaints to a higher echelon witin Verizon. Response came the following morning, assuring me of greater inspection to items not adequately looked into. Besides the billing, I requested for help in correcting my primary account name and sub account changed to the proper user, being me and search into the differing passwords, some not of my authoring. Foremost I wished to investigate the technicians actions that rendered my computer unworkable by his changing passwords and deleting programs that I gave no permission to delete. I offered to scour my registry and hard drive for any information as to this person true nature when he was altering things that i’ve alleged. Do you think I should just submit my computer to Verizon for the purge? These things are to begin as focused elements for the next week or so and as that’s where I find myself optimistic. We’ll see? Right? I’ll be sure to follow thru on this cliff hanger with you. Thumbs up! onomonopeea