Tell The Best Personal Finance Horror Story To Mint, Have Your Credit Card Balance Paid Off

Do you enjoy confessing embarrassing details? Mint, the personal finance new kid on the Internet block, is offering up to $5,000 (paid directly to your credit card bill) to two people with the most horrifying personal finance disasters. The winners get free financial counseling as well. You can submit text—”sob stories”—up to 1000 words, or a video—”trainwrecks”—up to four minutes or 20 MB, whichever comes first. If you were paid to do any writing over the past year, you’re ineligible (we already checked).

From The Street:

“Personal finance is not something that people talk about often. People have financial blunders, and the idea behind the contest is that you can learn from other people’s mistakes,” said Mint founder and CEO Aaron Patzer.

Also, it’s just fun to read about other people being stupid for a change.

“Holiday Spending Hangover Contest” [Mint via The Street]

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