Comcast Refunds $121 To Frustrated Customer

After an unhappy Comcast emailed his complaint to the CEO and we posted the letter here (see “Repeated Comcast Outages Nearly Cost Reader His Job“), Comcast refunded him $121 in installation and other fees, in addition to the $263 it had already refunded. “Not worth all the trouble my wife and I endured,” our reader writes, “but I have to give Comcast credit for trying to make it right.”

PREVIOUSLY: Repeated Comcast Outages Nearly Cost Reader His Job
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  1. homerjay says:

    It was the least they could do…. literally.

  2. Tank says:

    @homerjay: no, the least they could do was nothing, but this is damn close

  3. FLConsumer says:

    @Tank: You mean the least they could do is what Comcast normally does.

  4. floyderdc says:

    As a former Comcast employee I can say from experience that Comcast does not give credits that often. The SOP is to low-ball the customer and see it they are satisfied with that.

  5. ekthesy says:

    Comcast cut $13 off my monthly bill because I asked them to last night. I don’t know what the catch is, but hey, that’s $150 over the year.

  6. Benstein says:

    So are contracts for Comcast common everywhere now? When I quit Comcast for FIOS I had no contract and just called and quit. Did they start adding contracts recently, or does it depend on where you live?

  7. Kavatar says:

    I will give Comcast a little credit as well. They refunded me a $20 fee for installation when I chose self install on internet, and a $10 fee for sending me the kit when I requested they not send one, and changed my monthly fee to the $20 promotional price it should have been instead of the regular price I was charged. It only took them a couple months and repeated phone calls (and multiple times of being assured the fees would be credited) for them to do it.

  8. foxmajik says:

    Once again, the problem with Comcast didn’t almost “cost him his job.” If you choose to stay home from work to get your Internet fixed, you’re an idiot.