Men's Wearhouse Can't Help You, Get Out

Clint at Seattlest went shopping for a suit for his wedding. The wedding isn’t until August, but he and his beyonce just wanted to see what Men’s Wearhouse had to offer. Mostly, they had to offer a really rude sales clerk who told them to get out of her store and come back in the summer when they were ready to shop.

“B” is the sales lady, and “S” is Seattlest:

B: What color do you want? Grey? Black?

S: Brown, actually.

B: Brown. That’s a different choice for a wedding.

S: That’s the idea.

B: Light brown? Dark brown? Tan?

S: Dark brown.

Bitchy pulls out a black pinstriped suit and brandishes it at us.

B: This is dark brown. Is this what you’re thinking?

It isn’t. It’s black.

S: Well, not really.

B: It’s dark brown. But we won’t have this in August.

She hangs the suit again and stares at us.

Seriously, sales clerk? You work at Men’s Wearhouse and have this attitude? This writer has personally hated Men’s Wearhouse ever since an aggressive employee tried to physically intimidate me into buying a jacket I didn’t like back in 2006. It was my second and last time to ever enter one of their stores. Oh, also their suits are gross.

(Thanks to James!)

“Men’s Wearhouse Presents: How to Lose Customers and (Negatively) Influence Sales” [Seattlest]
(Photo: Getty)

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