How About Those Super Bowl Ads!

Last night’s commercials were a tame batch of disappointment. Everybody wanted cutesy animals—squirrels, horses, ponies, pigeons, crickets, dogs, lions, and lizards—to endorse their products. After the jump, the four spots that caught our eye.

We appreciated two spots for Doritos and Fed Ex that featured oversized animals overcoming expectations. Doritos’ slapstick ad played off the old truth that mice love cheese with a scene that we would love to see played out at Disney.
Fed Ex did a commendable job using pigeons, but even though it was clever, it only reminded us of their own bird brained failures.
Coke’s spot with former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and James Carville was the most honest ad of the night thanks to its crisp, refreshing message: members of the government are shameless whores who gladly sell out to the highest bidder. It’s true. Everyone likes to rail against the incestuous ethics-free cesspool that is Washington politics, and here it is, proudly on display for the Super Bowl. This is the saddest political ad since Bob Dole endorsed Viagra.
Most disappointing spot of the night goes to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. These are the people who gave us our brain on drugs. Our tax dollars should churn out high-powered visuals, not low-budget documentary-knock-offs. We could barely hear the skeezy drug dealer mutter the key line: kids steal drugs from their parents.Do people ever get ideas from ONDCP commercials? We didn’t realize kids could get high and save money just by raiding their parents’ medicine cabinet. Thanks for the tip, federal government!

What did you think of the ads? Tell us in the comments.

Watch All the Super Bowl Spots [Ad Age]


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  1. JPropaganda says:

    I agree, the Super Bowl commercials were a sore disappointment. Although seeing Justin Timberlake get hit by a big tv was kind of fun.

  2. Dr. Spaceman, Esq. says:

    I thought Tide, “muttering stain” spot was effective. At least, it’s the only commercial I remember.

  3. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    I’d say most disappointing commercials of the night were the racist salesgenie ads.

  4. Cowboys_fan says:

    I believe they did a study once that showed those anti-drug ads only increased drug use in teens…
    Anyway, I liked the ads as a whole.

  5. saintjohnson says:

    What about eTrade’s Baby Stocktrader? The doritos commercial and the eTrade commercial were tops for me.

    The FedEx pigeons’ commercial was funny until they showed the giant pigeons and I thought of my car being parked under the wrong tree.

  6. m4ximusprim3 says:

    I thought the baby throwing up while trading stocks was very apropos.

    Talk about market volatility!

  7. Honus says:

    Honestly the best commercial was the NFL’s “Oboe” ad.

    It was funny and meaningful at the same time.

    Worst ad of the night goes to Under Armour, for whatever crap that was. AWFUL.

  8. Islandkiwi says:

    I thought the Pepsi commercial with justin Timberlake was pretty good. All the beer commercials were lame. The best commercial may have been the NFL one about the Houston Texan, the worst…I’ll tie between and that creepy baby stock trader.

    To all the advertisers: you really should have saved your money.

  9. dripdrop says:

    I HATED the creepy talking baby ad.

    I enjoyed the Justin Timberlake ad and of course the beer commercials always bring the LOLZ. Other than that, I was mostly disappointed.

  10. ncboxer says:

    They were all pretty lame this year. I only laughed (slightly) at the bud light commercial with Will Ferrel. I also thought the girl singing in the Doritos commercial was good.

  11. I was freaked out by the ads. They shoved both Carville and Richard Simmons in your face. I had nightmares. In them, Carville spoke in Richard Simmons voice, and Simmons spouted Southern gibberish in Carville’s voice.

  12. @honus: The UA ad wasn’t great, but they paired it with an email that got send right after the spot aired. It featured their new theme (or whatever that was) and some new products…

    I think that was a very good idea

  13. I did enjoy watching Timberlake get hit in the nuts by a mailbox pole though…that cracked me up…

  14. CaptainHomeless says:

    For some reason the etrade one where the baby throws up *really* worked for me. Everyone else was sitting around the tv not really laughing, and I was cracking up.

  15. ErikSternberger says:

    I loved the Gaterade “Man’s Best Friend” one.

    To my wife and I, it was Gaterade calling Michael Vick to say: “We just spend $2.6 million dollars to show a dog drinking out of a water dish and said ‘Man’s Best Friend’. How is prison food? … Bitch.”

  16. @Cowboys_fan: I have the Meth Song as my ringtone, they’re so funny. It’s more addictive than the meth itself.

  17. econobiker says:

    Bring back the sock dog…


    I started getting tired, in the first ten minutes, of the constant Terminator promos that were CONSTANTLY running.

    At least I was getting tired of them, then a Terminator showed up just before a commercial brek and beat up that f—ing football robot.

  19. rbb says:

    One of the worst commercials was the one for NASCAR on Fox. Once was bad enough, but they showed it 5 or 6 times…

  20. Landru says:

    The only ads that I recall are the racist Salesgenie ad (what are these people thinking?) and the creepy baby stock trader one, which I liked, but it seemed to provide an explaination as to why the banking system and economy are dive bombing.

    Oh, I also remember the Coke ad with the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade floats that got away – I kind of liked it, but it made me think of the poor people who got killed last time that happened and then I was sad.

  21. The Audi/Godfather one was supreme. When I realized what was happening, I felt genuine suspense while wondering, “What’s under the sheet? What’s under the sheet?”

  22. Zelle999 says:

    I guffawed at the peanut ad that played, I guess during the pre-game stuff. The fugly woman who dabbed a peanut along her cleavage. Hilariously awful.

  23. @Landru: Yeah, those were hella-stereotypical. I guess it just shows that the only people who will call you are Indians and Asian pandas?

  24. Another Failed Tedford QB says:

    What about the Amp commercial where the fat guy hooked the car battery up to his nipples and danced the car to a jumpstart? Thats the best one I remember except for Will Ferrel playing the same character he has in his last 100 movies….

  25. sir_eccles says:

    I liked the Ontario tourist board ad just after they read the Declaration or Independence.

    Fox will take money from anyone!

  26. Chief Wahoo says:

    I was amazed to discover that UmderArmor is apparently manufactured in the same gay steel mill that Homer took Bart to visit.

  27. ExtraCelestial says:

    Agreed. The NFL commercials were definitely the best. I also liked the Doritos ad. I missed the throwing up baby but I saw the second one. Meh.

  28. Propaniac says:

    The Salesgenie ads really were terrible; they felt totally cheap and half-assed. (Then again, they probably got their point across pretty well.)

  29. coss3n says:

    What a brilliant anti-drug commercial. “Why bother buying from some sleazy dealer, when you can get high for free from the comfort of your own home!” Because we all know how much kids hate getting high for free.

    I liked the Coke ad with the floats too, but there’s something strange about perennial-loser Charlie Brown winding up with the bottle.

    My favorite ad was the Obama spot. Sure it was filled with platitudes, but did you hear that indie rock in the background?

  30. @downtownkid: Minus the C&C Music Factory soundtrack.

  31. Szin says:

    Cept for the Iron Man commercial, the Justin Timberlake commercial, and those strange strange SalesGenie commercials, I was too focused on watching one of the best Super Bowls I’ve ever seen. Oh man, it was so SO sweet to watch the Pats lose, and see Tom Brady sacked that many times. TAKE THAT, PRETTY BOY!

  32. Propaniac says:

    Oh, and my favorite ad was the Coke one with the Thanksgiving cartoon character balloons. Fun AND impressive.

  33. mac-phisto says:

    my co-workers liked the “godfather” audi ad. personally, that was one of my least favorite…are that many americans buying $125,000 cars these days that they can afford to run a $3 million ad spot?

  34. ErikSternberger says:

    The Doritos Mouse ad was great, as was the Audi. At my house the second baby ad just gave everyone a chance to go grab a new beer, so we liked that. wow…that was just painful to watch. I was growing more and more uncomfortable as that ad went on.

  35. CornwallBlank says:

    Best one of the night IMHO (and #2 isn’t even close): Clydesdale, Dalmatian, and “Rocky” training music.

    Worst: GoDaddy’s usual vile sexism, self-promotion by the spammers at SalesGenie (where do you THINK they get all those “leads”?), the Amp commercial with jumper cable nipple clamps, and the E-trade baby.

  36. Islandkiwi says:

    Wait, one more for the winners list. The Iron Man ad was wicked cool. Really looking forward to that movie.

  37. mac-phisto says:

    @HYDRAULICMONSTER: that part was awesome! i freakin hate that robot & was actually commenting at the time that i’d like to kick its ass…then BOOM! terminator does it for me! rock on!

  38. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    @Propaniac: Yeah, I liked that one too. The Budweiser ad where the dalmation is training the clydesdale was really good.

    The Audi/Godfather one was terrible, as was the one where the guy sat in the car and there was a nursing badger in the front seat.

    Ad Guy #1: We need something gross and completely unrelated to the product we are selling.
    Ad Guy #2: How about a nursing badger?
    Ad Guy #1: You’ve done it again!

  39. Raignn says:

    I actually enjoyed the first Bud Light commercial with the guy who could breathe fire.

    And it was really nice to see Charlie Brown win out :)

    Holy crap were those SalesGenie commercials racists and unnecessary.

  40. mac-phisto says:

    i liked the v.s. ad. thought it portrayed its message quite well.

  41. MaliBoo Radley says:

    I thought the Tide commercial was hilarious. It was the only one I could not stop giggling at.

  42. Cinco Ocho says:

    The best ad to me was the AMP one towards the end where the guys uses his nipples to start the ladies car.

  43. Pipes says:

    As a Steelers fan, I’ll confess fondness for Ben Roethlisberger’s American Idol attempt. If I never hear him sing again, it will be too soon, but I love how he can laugh at himself. The NFL’s “Oboe” was absolutely my favorite spot. “And now we’re in the Super Bowl! …kinda!”

    And ugh, As a sales person myself, I was pretty embarrassed at 1) the blatant stereotypes and 2) the idea that real sales people have to resort to “leads” like that to make sales. And there had to be TWO of them!

  44. VeeKaChu says:

    The Coke balloon ad was easily the most entertaining and most over-looked spot of the night. I’ve been glancing over “10 Best SB Spot” articles all morning, and it’s gotten no love (though conversely, it’s not been on any 10 worst lists either).

    It was funny, inventive, and well executed. But since it lacked any gross factor, bare skin, racial slurs and no ones nuts were assaulted, it flew right under the radar.

  45. choinski says:

    Stewie/Underdog/Charlie Brown as Macy’s Balloons had the best response at my party. And the terminator doing the pee-pee dance was pretty annoying.

  46. kelmeister says:

    The Doritos mouse commercial was actually from last year…


    it was from the user-generated contest, and finished second behind the commercial with the obnoxious supermarket chick


    So the last laugh is on you, annoying check-out lady! Giant ass-kicking mice win!

  47. SpdRacer says:

    @Cowboys_fan: I doesn’t increase use, it just has no appreciable effect on kids not using. I can’t remember who did the study either, but it basically said that the ONDCP is a big giant joke and is wasting millions of dollars on these ads.

  48. Nissan288 says:

    What is love? Baby, Don’t hurt me, Don’t hurt me, No more….

    Chris Kattan at the end sold it for me :-)

  49. AdidasMJO says:

    Last night’s commercial’s were incredible. Notice even the people that say they were dissapointing are still mentioning their favorite ads… quit being a bunch of Bill Belachek’s (aka. The new word for sore losers)and give credit where credit is due.

  50. deadlizard says:

    That commercial of Naomi Campbell watching computer lizards dance to
    “Thriller” go the point across: Michael Jackson is short of cash.

  51. MercuryPDX says:

    The Godaddy ad was a transparent ploy to get you to go to the site to see the ad that got “banned”. Anyone who went there expecting to see Danica reveal her “jumpsuit cushions” would be sorely disappointed.

  52. snoop-blog says:

    forget the superbowl ads, how about those GIANTS!!!!!! GO ELI! next year let’s hope for giants vs. colts.

  53. Three Word Chant says:

    @radleyas: Agreed..I thought the Tide one was hilarious..couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t know what was up with SalesGenie…

  54. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    @nissan288: How did they ever afford him? It must have set them back a couple of cases of Pepsi Blue.

  55. neithernor says:

    @Propaniac: I liked that one too, although it didn’t make me want to drink Coke, so I guess in that sense it failed. Failed in a funny, family-friendly and visually neat way.

  56. The Professor says:

    @Another-Failed-Tedford-QB: I too liked that one.

    In the Pepsi commerical, my friends and I didn’t realize it was Andy Samberg in the blonde wig for a couple of seconds, and then we were all like, “Wait, what???” And then we laughed at the insanity of it all. We’re big fans of Samberg.

  57. The Professor says:

    @CornwallBlank: As a huge Rocky fan, that was the other best one for me.

  58. K-Bo says:

    @kelmeister:the winning commercial last year was the parking lot one, I think the super market one was #2.

  59. gbaked says:

    I always want to believe that Timberlake is a giant douch and I would dislike him… but he always comes out with funny things. I liked romo in the car “justin?” “Hi, Tony…”

    Then the look he gave the underage hottie in the bikini. 10 bucks says he hit that after the shoot.

  60. gbaked says:

    I work with production crews, and i would bet everything that there was a nice session in a trailer after they finished filming that dont smoke commercial.

    Hell, the fake dealer prob supplied.

  61. gbaked says:

    wait a min… this isnt deadspin?

  62. coan_net says:

    1 NASCAR ad was good – when they repeated it many times, it got old.

    I did have a smile on my face when Richard Simmons was in the road and it looked like he stepped on the gas – but was sad once he swerved around him.

    Hated most of the other car ads. Wish an ad would just show a car and have them tell you about all the features of the car – instead of trying to make a story which happens to have a car in it that we are suppose to want to buy without knowing nothing about it other then the car is an OK “actor”.

    Liked the Balloon ad with Family Guy Stewie & that dog going after the Coke – with Charlie Brown finally getting it. Very cute – hope they keep that ad around.

    Bud Light flame & flying were OK – even though right away you know what was going to happen – and even though I knew what was going to happen, still a little funny.

    lizards dancing to Thriller was cute – but they kept cutting away from the lizards too much, so I could not enjoy the commercial as much.

    Dog drinking Gatoraid was one of the worse ones – I mean should you even give that stuff to your pet? Amp was also another bad one. Plus I was disappointed in the Budweiser ad – even since they got rid of those frogs, it’s been downhill for their ads.

  63. smitty1123 says:

    Ahhhh, so that what was on opposite the Mythbusters marathon.

  64. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    Badvertising: the Pandas.

  65. MissPeacock says:

    My favorite was the ad from Career Builder where the woman’s heart exploded from her chest, quit the job, and then walked out of the building. I loved the line at the end…”Follow your heart.”

  66. DeliBoy says:

    re: SalesGenie

    I couldn’t believe what I was watching with the Panda commercial. It was like one of those racist Loony Tunes caricatures got transported 60 years into the future. The animation was as bad as one of those stupid Red Bull commercials.

    Liked the Coke/parade balloons, though!

  67. averyspecialjoedonbakerxmas says:

    Two words: Jack Sandwich.

  68. Celticlady says:

    That Salesgenie ad? Are they kidding? Talk about racist!!

    Loved the Bud ad with the dog and horse. Yeah I knew what was coming, but it was nice and a little funny too.

    That baby was creepy….spitting up? They paid money for that ad? YICK! Those of us eating dip at the time…well, you get the idea….

    I liked the Bridgestone ads….

    No really great ads this year, which was just as well.

    Usually the game sucks and the ads are worth discussing. This time the ads sucked and the GAME was awwsome!!

    Go GIANTS!!

  69. Franklin Comes Alive! says:


    No kidding. I can’t believe Fox didn’t reject those ads. I’m white, and I was offended.

  70. jeff303 says:

    @mac-phisto: Amen. I was standing and cheering when stupid pointless NFL-bot got his just desserts.

  71. kelmeister says:


    I didn’t even remember that one until you mentioned it. I had to go back and look for it.

  72. Antediluvian says:

    @Dr. Spaceman: I thought the talking stain ad was creepy and disturbing, although not as disturbing as the one where the woman’s heart jumps out of her chest. Reminds me of the scene in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” where the witch doctor guy pulls the victim’s heart from his chest.

    The tag line was clever (follow your heart), but it was just gross instead of good.

  73. Antediluvian says:

    I like the Futurama line about how they bought an ad for their business “to air during the Superbowl — not on the same channel, of course.”

  74. superborty says:

    You guys seem to forget that it isn’t considered racist to make fun of ethnic groups like Indians or Asians. Only certain groups are not allowed to be mocked. Might I suggest there would be an uproar if there was a salesgenie ad poking fun at blacks and using blatant sterotypes????!!!

  75. AcidReign says:

        The worst ad was all the hype on Tom Brady in the two weeks leading up to this game. The Pat defense couldn’t get off the field, and then when Brady DID get a chance, WHO was calling the plays? Justin Timberlake? You can’t seven-step-drop against the Giants!

        I liked the fire-breathing Bud Lite commercial. The likelihood of a chick swooning over Bud-breath… I laughed. The cats fled the room when the cat on TV yowled, too.

  76. K-Bo says:

    @kelmeister: I just remember it because it was filmed less than a mile from my apartment. I really didn’t like any of the adds from the contest that much.

  77. Pop Socket says:

    @MercuryPDX: But she did talk to her beaver.

  78. ideagirl says:

    I can’t believe our tax dollars were wasted to show that ONDCP during the Super Bowl. I am sure all it did was put ideas into kids heads. Of course, I am especially bitter because I did my taxes this weekend.

  79. mac-phisto says:

    @gbaked: it was pretty awesome watching him get smacked in the head by a tv (i think it was a tv). i wish i had tivo so i could just watch those 3 seconds over & over & over & over &…

  80. Javert says:

    Whew…I thought I was getting sensitive w/r/t the salesgenie ads. Glad most of you noticed it to be a wee bit racially insensitive.

    Hated any commercial with a talking baby…always creeps me out.

    The Charles Barkley ad, when he said “Do you like popsicles?” I lost it. No clue why that hit me so well but it did.

    Iron Man trailer no. 2. Cool.

    Wall-E Pixar trailer…though not from the movie, had me rolling on the floor.

    I also liked the one with balloons of Stewie and Underdog backing off from Charlie Brown. Nice having the girl holding the football just before (or just after) Chuck emerged.

  81. kccal says:

    I don’t know if anyone caught that united, animated Tom Brady one with him mentoring a kid. It wasn’t funny or anything, but the animated version of Tom Brady looked really ridiculous. Me and my friends were laughing at that image for a while.

  82. Angryrider says:

    Darn, I only caught the Wall-E trailer. I love that robot, reminds me of R.O.B.

  83. SundaySunday says:

    I was generally underwhelmed with most of the ads this year. My dog seemed to like the Gatorade ad, though. Enough to wake up from his hours long nap anyway.

  84. MercuryPDX says:

    @Pop Socket: No, she was the only one WITHOUT a beaver.

    Of course I was not surprised that the two previous women getting out of their limos were both blonds with brown beavers.

  85. theblackdog says:

    There was a running argument on whether Charlie Brown should have gotten the coke or not, some were saying Lucy should have jumped in and stolen it from him.

    I personally was of the “Charlie Brown deserved the coke” camp.

  86. TVarmy says:

    I didn’t do it! I wish I did!

  87. mrregan says:

    I suspect that 99% of viewers look at most of those ads and think “I could think up an ad more effective than that!” or “I cant believe they spent so much money for an ad like that!”

  88. theblackdog says:

    Oh, and that one commercial showing the animated Sisyphus(sp?) pushing the stone up the hill? I am willing to bet that commercial generated a lot of FCC complaints because it showed his butt.

  89. Saboth says:

    I’ve been underwhelmed with the ads for the past 2-3 years. They’ve gone down in originality every year by about 15% (the biggest offenders for bad ads have always been investing firms). Each year the ads seem to be more and more like watching “World’s Funniest Animals”. TBH, I didn’t even waste time watching the Superbowl this year for this reason (as I don’t care for foosball- it’s the devil).

  90. saintjohnson says:

    I almost forgot about the salesgenie ones… When I heard the pandas speaking in “dialect”, I turned the channel or changed a diaper…or something. I couldn’t take it.

    Ad. Rep#1: “I have an idea, lets make a commecial of african-americans talking jive at a chicken restaurant.”
    Ad. Rep#2: “Hmmm. It sounds good, but we may catch heat from the NAACP. Lets replace african with asian. They’ll never know. I don’t think they speak enough english to notice.”
    Ad. Rep#1: “BRILLIANT.”

    Not cool, SalesGenie, not cool. Thankfully, I don’t need their product, so it won’t be hard to boycott.

  91. Chaosium says:

    @dripdrop: All talking/dancing baby ads are irritating beyond belief.

  92. morganlh85 says:

    What was with the racist Salesgenie commercials???

  93. spookyooky says:

    I dug the witch doctor one for

    “Hey Jake, can I take off, I got a tiny head.”

    That’s comedy gold, baby!

  94. ohgoodness says:

    looooooooooooooooooooved the Doritos ad as well as the one with the fairy.

  95. jmschn says:

    FYI…Vin Gupta, founder and chairman at he thinks it’s okay to poke fun at his own, hmm??

  96. zymase says:

    Alice Cooper was the real star of the night, it’s just too bad they put Richard Simmons in the same commercial. My favorite overall was the car battery to nipples commercial.

  97. muddgirl says:

    I liked the “muttering stain” ad. I thought it was quirky and got it’s point across effectively (although it may turn out to be annoying in the end”.

    Most of the ads had me rolling my eyes (that silly UnderArmour ad) or scratching my head (the lizards dancing to Thriller with some chick who wasn’t Michael Jackson). After the anti-drug ad, I turned to MuddDude and said, “but… but… OUR kids buy their oxycontin from your dealer, don’t they??!?!”

  98. randalotto says:

    @Cinco Ocho: Was that donkey lips from salute your shorts? I believe it was…

  99. HOP says:

    oh well, i didn’t watch any of it……..i do like football, but not the plastic,computer generated pro football….small colleges and high school…they play pretty good football,mostly cause they like to play……………

  100. UpsetPanda says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought the salesgenie ads were racist, horrible, etc. I couldn’t believe it when they came on, I can’t believe no one thought it was a horrible idea. I hope their sales tank.

    Muttering stain ad was hilarious, though a little distracting. Fedex pigeons were kind of hilarious. I loved the bridgestone ads with the screaming animals and then with richard simmons. Awesome.

    Talking etrade baby was kinda funny until the vomit. Ew.

  101. spanktastic says:

    Worst ad was chick dancing with lizards to Thriller. It was less than thrilling to watch.

  102. iheartconsumerist says:

    Personally I thought the ONDCP ad was a very good one. Any kid in america already knows they can get high by raiding the medicine cabinet, I doubt this ad gave them any ideas, hopefully it did at least get parents to think. Prescription drugs are so easy for kids to get and HIGHLY addictive. If you have seen someone under the spell of oxy you know how scary some of these drugs are.

    I’d much rather see them spend my tax dollars to run a more truthful add like this during the super bowl, then have to watch another one of those “my friend got high and accidently shot me in the face” anti marijuana psa’s.

  103. catcherintheeye says:

    @randalotto: You are correct, sir.

  104. drjayphd says:

    @everyone going on about the ads:

    The one last year was worse, but they’re cheap and profitable. I guess it helps when your company’s goal is to have the worst Super Bowl ad two years running: []

  105. cordeduroi says:

    What a wholesome Super Bowl all around! Made me feel like it was 1955 again, even though I wasn’t born till 1986 hmm… TOM PETTY kicked azz!

  106. Shaggy says:

    Racist Pandas, hearts jumping out of women’s chests, creepy babies, Go Daddy frat boys pimping out Danica….

    This was the worst group of Super Bowl commercials I have seen…

  107. I was waiting for Frist to take Carville down to his basement for a little bipartisan cat-killin’.

  108. dinoman1989 says:

    pepsi max had the funniest commercial of all. the one with everybody being asleep, then waking up. it was rather lulzy. i also thought the e*trade ones were all very well done.

    i think the chinese and indian ones by were very effective, cause they are getting more press than any other commercial.

  109. Project Thanatos says:

    The best commercial was the CocaCola ad with the parade balloons.

  110. Sasquatch says:

    I have to agree about the ONDCP commercial. As soon as it was over,
    I looked to my roommate and said “So, the government just told millions
    of kids that they can score drugs from their parents’ medicine
    cabinets.” Not just ineffective. Irresponsible.

  111. speer320 says:

    the pepsi nod one got me going sunday

  112. lg007 says:

    The drug commercial was not lame. It was short and to the POINT!

  113. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    That idiot who runs Sales Genie has said that the panda commercial won’t run again, except it will live on forever on You Tube.
    The heart that burst out of the girl’s chest was really stupid, it reminded me of the alien popping out of the chest in “Alien”.
    Mr. Peanut was just dumb.
    The ad with the bumper in bed was terrific, except that I can’t remember who the ad was for, except when it gets brought up in print, like some posters did earlier. it’s Audi, but if you don’t remember who it’s for, then the ad has failed to do its job!

    The drug ad wasn’t short & it was a waste of money, as all ONDCP ads are!
    No parent is going to lock up their drugs at home!

    I hate NASCAR & the repeated ads for it made me hate it more!