5 Things Airlines Don't Want You To Know About Weather Delays

When an airplane is delayed due to the weather, they get out of a lot of obligations, and there’s little oversight over what they get to call a weather-related delay. Elliot.org interviewed industry experts and came up with five interesting things the industry is keeping from you about weather delays…

1. If there is a hint of bad weather anywhere, that will be used as the excuse
2 .Weather is considered an “Act of God” and it basically means the carrier owes passengers nothing.
3. When an airline says a flight is affected by weather we have to take it at its word.
4.’Our definition of a weather delay is absurdly loose.
5. ‘We’re even confused by the way we report weather delays.

Hit the link to find out how each of these breaks down.
5 things airlines won’t tell you about weather delays [Elliot.org]
(Photo: beija)

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