TigerDirect Will Take Over 16 CompUSA Stores

TigerDirect has gone through with its plan to purchase CompUSA, including its website, inventory, and “16 of the best CompUSA retail stores,” according to an email sent by CEO Gilbert Fiorentino to TigerDirect employees. The tipster writes, “This also includes Tiger absorbing a fair amount of their stock, though most of what’s in the stores IS going to get cleared out.”

Today, we made history!

A journey that started early last year culminated at 9:31 PST today, in the signing of a definitive agreement to purchase the CompUSA™ brand, website, up to 16 of their best stores, and many other valuable assets. In the next few days, http://www.compusa.com will be ours.

The value of the CompUSA brand is enormous and its potential is limitless. At one point, CompUSA achieved revenues of nearly $5 billion a year, with a “household brand name” status. Included with this acquisition will be millions of loyal customers who know and love the CompUSA brand. We anticipate many experienced CompUSA employees will fold into our company, joining our ranks, and our new improved company will be stronger and better.

The future is what we make it.

The new and improved CompUSA will operate within our family of websites. All web traffic, sales calls, service calls and orders will be taken, processed and shipped within our current systems. In a few weeks, we will begin to integrate 16 of the best CompUSA retail stores into our operations.

Integrating CompUSA into our operations will be a great challenge, no doubt. But everything we’ve done previously has prepared us for this event, and I know we will be successful.

We would like to point out, for no reason other than it’s Friday, that TigerDirect’s VP is named Dick Wallet.

Update: our tipster wrote back in to tell us that “the stores are going to be in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.”

And yes, TigerDirect is notorious for receipt-checking.

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