I Have 6 Kids And, For The Fourth Time, A Broken Fridge. Thanks, Best Buy.

Reader and Flickr Pool member Steve has 6 kids and no fridge thanks to Best Buy. He’s currently waiting around the house for his 4th repair guy in 8 months.

On November 16th you featured a photo of mine (the woman in a bathtub full of water bottles) in your Consumerist Flickr Pool.

Now I’m hoping you can help me.

Last April 6th we purchased a new Samsung refrigerator from Best Buy. In the 8 months that have passed since purchasing the behemoth we have had the same defrosting element go out 4 times. Each time it has taken Best Buy more than a week to get someone out to fix it, which means that all of the food in the fridge is in the trash by the time it is fixed.

We have a combined family of 8 (4 kids under the age of 9 and two 13 year olds). We can’t afford to go a week without being able to refrigerate things like milk and cheese and fruits and vegetables.

This time we reported it broken on the 21st of January and the repairman showed up on the 25th of January and informed me that the same part was broken again. I asked if there was anything that we could be doing that might be causing it to go out and he said that there was absolutely nothing that we could have done that would cause this breakage. The last time he was at the house he said that putting the fridge on a surge protector might help, which we did immediately. He then put in a request to have it replaced, which Best Buy denied.

He then had to order the part and wait for it to come in. Today (February 1st) he is supposed to show up between 11:30 and 1:30 to fix it for the 4th time. That is 12 days without a refrigerator.

When I called Best Buy they told me that the policy is that when an appliance is repaired 4 times they replace it, but they refuse to replace this one.

I’ve also been informed that if this part goes out again after the warranty is up (April 6th) I will have to pay more than $300, out of pocket, to get it repaired. It seems to me that it will be better to spend another $1300 and buy a new refrigerator instead of getting this one repaired for a 5th time.

Last night I called and informed Best Buy that if the fridge goes out again I will be dropping it off at the front door of their store with a complete description of the problem written in permanent marker on the front of it. Not only will this provide me with the personal satisfaction of knowing that they will have to deal with the bad publicity and the hassle of moving it out of the doorway, but it will also save me the $100 disposal fee to get rid of it.

If you know of any other method of getting this problem resolved I would love to hear it.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide and thank you for all of the great tips that I’ve found on your site.


First of all, Steve, please don’t dump your fridge. There are some pretty steep fines for doing that and we’d hate to see that happen to you. Second, you didn’t mention which state you lived in but we’re going to pretend for the purposes of this post that you live in Colorado. Fair enough? Colorado lemon laws only cover vehicles, which could explain why Best Buy is refusing to replace your fridge.

You could try contacting Samsung and negotiating with them, because you’re probably still under their warranty. If you bought the fridge with a credit card that has extended warranty protection, you could wait until the manufacturer’s warranty has expired and then contact your credit card company. It’s possible that they will replace your fridge.

Finally, there’s always the EECB.

We’re going to toss this one over to the comments for further review. Any brilliant legal minds out there who can help Steve? Or loan him some coolers and ice?



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  1. warf0x0r says:

    If you didn’t buy a BBY PSP then don’t call them. They outsource repairs to you local guy and I can’t imagine they’d care if you have a lemon. Call the Manufacturer like Meg suggests.

    Just my $.02

  2. Ariah says:

    This raises an important question: How will someone manage to blame the victim for this one?

  3. Derp says:

    Exactly, you’re fridge breaking is not Best Buy’s fault, you should be beating down Samsung’s door about swapping the fridge, since it is a manufacturer’s warranty you possess.

  4. rmz says:

    In before “breeder,” “crotchfruit,” and/or “snowflake.”

  5. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    “Reader and Flickr Pool member Steve has 6 kids and no fridge thanks to Best Buy.”

    I’d be shocked if Best Buy stuck me wtih 6 kids!

  6. sickofthis says:

    Yeah, I think that title could use a little work.

  7. laserjobs says:

    You could probably just trade one of your kids for a good fridge on Craigslist and save the $300.

  8. bigdirty says:

    You’d actually wanting to be dropping the fridge off at 105 Challenger Road (The Samsung North American HQ) Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, it’s off the NJ Turnpike exit 18E, and fairly tricky to get to if you haven’t been through that complex before. ;)

  9. milty45654 says:


    Let me take a crack at that Ariah…LOL
    There’s one sentence that sticks out in my mind why he is having this issue: “Last April 6th we purchased a new Samsung refrigerator from Best Buy.”

    Problem 1: Samsung Fridge
    -Buying a fridge from people whose core competency is entertainment…not a good purchase.

    Problem 2: Best Buy
    -Anyone who reads this blog knows that Best Buy isn’t exactly known for their customer service.

    I’d dump it..the personal satisfaction would be great..too bad he told them he was going to do it.

  10. HykCraft says:

    It’s not BB’s fault. Talk to your manufacturer.

  11. milty45654 says:


    The title says “for the fourth time”…so he actually has 24 kids.

  12. inkedfusion says:

    I may be able to help if this is a Best Buy CANADA purchase. I hear the US agents for bestbuy are terrible but we usually point out the no lemons policy in Canada when it hits the 4th repair and all we need from the tech that we contract out is if a part needs to be replaced. If it does we setup for the customer to go to the store of there choosing (after telling us) and they’ll exchange it.

  13. ironchef says:


    Trade in all the kids. That will save thousands of $$$$

  14. RenardRouge says:

    Depending on where you are, you could just put your food in the garage…it’d stay plenty cold, at least here in Ohio.

  15. savvy999 says:

    @ironchef: But the tax deductions are marvelous!

  16. JJ910 says:

    As I am in a bad mood today – thanks to some Helpdesk retard at work, I will go ahead and REALLY say what I mean. BestBuy is clueless about processing, provisioning and managing service calls. Why – because the person who used to manage it well faced so many bottlenecks and bereaucratic nonsense that he quit. The other guy who came on board knew jack shit about this stuff – it was an internal “promotion” and he was the one who signed off on RFP’s of vendors (hint hint). So from the s/w they use to the practice they manatin to the way they handle complaints – it incredbly mindnumbingly bad.

    To see an example – if you think I am kidding – next time you go to BestBuy, just look at the POS computer terminal they are using. It’s something out of a 1983’s middle-school classroom in Tokea, Kansas.

  17. toddiot says:

    SIX KIDS?!?!

    /better than 5 cable boxes

  18. winstonthorne says:

    @milty45654: Actually Samsung branded appliances are manufactured by Maytag. Which is also Whirlpool, Kenmore (Sears only), and Frigidaire. Small world, isn’t it?

  19. wazmo says:

    Sounds like it’s EECB time for both Best Buy and Samsung-BBY for failing to honor their own lemon policy, and Samsung for having a craptacular refrigerator. It’s in Samsung’s best interest to resovle this; if this kind of issue keep happening with their major appliances Best Buy may think twice about selling Samsung appliances if it keeps getting in the way of selling a product that’s causing lots of grief for them post-sale.

    Anybody know what Sammy’s appliance repair history is like? Better/worse than Whirlpool, GE and Electrolux?

  20. Mom2Talavera says:


    Its not Best Buy’s fault that hes a breeder! ;-p

  21. HalOfBorg says:


    Maybe – just maybe – because a broken defrost element does not SPOIL food – it just keeps the freezer from defrosting, like they never did for ages before.

    OK – Now I suppose the broken element is shorting out the system so fridge won’t run at all, but it’s not mentioned.

    Sounds rather like some part of the fridge is wired for the wrong voltage and that is burning out the element/controls. Or maybe a 110v element in a 220v fridge?

    Are there 220v units for homes? She did describe it as a ‘behemoth’.

  22. wazmo says:

    @winstonthorne: Interesting: I knew that Electrolux sourced a ton of the low-end front loaders (Kenmoore and GE), but I didn’t think that for as big as Electrolux is that they’d source their fridges to Maytag/Whirlpool. Hell, what’s left of any of the Maytag production lines post-merger anyway?

  23. HOP says:


  24. HOP says:


  25. Aesteval says:

    See, milk going bad shouldn’t be a problem with six kids. They should be drinking it by the gallon as you bring it home.

  26. Imaginary_Friend says:

    “When I called Best Buy they told me that the policy is that when an appliance is repaired 4 times they replace it, but they refuse to replace this one.”

    1. New fridge from Costco.

    2. Take Best Buy to small claims court, show judge your contract highlighting the lemon clause, collect money.

    3. Tell everyone you know your story.

    4. Never shop at Best Buy again.

  27. BrockBrockman says:

    First of all, great photographs. Second of all, I would go directly to Samsung and bypass the Best Buy jerks. My guess is that under Samsung’s warranty, they’ll stick you with a refurb replacement fridge, or maybe you can ask for one; that way you’ll have a working fridge.

  28. B1663R says:

    ok, here is the confusing parts. why is bestbuy responsible for the 6 kids?

    secondly, why doesn’t anyone review the product they are planning on buying? the web does have it’s useful features.

    third, and the fun one, why is this guy who is obviously a daily consumerist reader buying something at bestbuy knowing he is gonna have problems if something goes wrong?

    as for the fridge, sell it while it still works craigslist, ebay, kijiji, whatever! just dump it off cut your losses and RESEARCH your next fridge! a good source is the baby boomer staple “Consumers Reports” failing that try epinions.com or cnet

  29. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Call the manufacturer before the warranty expires. You will get a factory authorized tech to come out and fix your fridge, instead of a low bid sub-contractor sent by Best Buy.

  30. MustyBuckets says:

    I don’t enjoy saying this, but people need to shop locally. Support your independent dealers, more so if they also do service. I’m aware of a lot of independent dealers not offering LGs and Samsungs due to their repair rates, and the availability of parts. For a good reason, as shown here.

    Support your independent appliance dealers and service techs!

  31. alhypo says:

    Next time, have less kids.

  32. pibbsman0 says:

    You couldn’t be wronger if your name was Wrongy Wronginstein. Whirlpool Corporation consists of: Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, Maytag, Jennair, Magic Chef, Amana, Roper and Inglis. Frigidaire is made by Electrolux. Kenmore is made by everyone, including GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and LG. It all depends on the model you are looking at. Samsung used to have Maytag manufacture other items like washers/dryers, dishwashers and ranges for them, but it is all now manufactured by Samsung themselves.

    And as far as all this crap goes about a bad fridge, I agree with a few people above that mentioned this is a MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY. YOU NEED TO SPEAK TO THE MANUFACTURER ABOUT THESE REPEAT PROBLEMS. Unless you buy an extended warranty, you should not be biatching that Best Buy won’t replace it. It’s not their problem. It’s Samsung’s. Last I knew, with the exception of Dynex and Insignia products, Best Buy doesn’t have little elves putting together fridges in their warehouse.

  33. JiminyChristmas says:

    A word of caution: If your refrigerator is on a surge protector that basically means you’re running the fridge through an extension cord. Make sure the surge protector is rated to handle the draw from the appliance, which can be anywhere from 6A to 15A depending on the type and size of fridge you have.

  34. GearheadGeek says:

    Alright, I don’t have any kids. I’m not going to have any. I don’t want any. I still think it’s ridiculous for people to say that the problem is that Steve has 6 kids. I have nice food in my refrigerator, and if it stopped working I’d be pissed if I had to wait a week to have someone even come and look at it. If it happened multiple times for the same product I’d be REALLY pissed. There’s a reason these are categorized as “durable goods,” they’re supposed to LAST a while.

    What difference does it make if he’s got 6 kids or 6 beautiful 10-oz filets? He bought a product that should work, they seem unable to make it work properly, it’s not unreasonable to want it replaced with one that works after the 4th instance of the same failure in less than a year.

    If you don’t like kids, move into a retirement community with a minimum age limit. Don’t use kids as a reason to blame the buyer of a product for the product’s shoddy quality.

  35. DeliBoy says:

    @alhypo: Next time, have less kids.

    “We have a combined family of 8 (4 kids under the age of 9 and two 13 year olds).”

    I know you’re kidding, but everyone is assuming this guy personally had six kids. “Combined” indicates a few possibilities here:

    – OP is widowed or divorced with kids and remarries, spouse has previous kids. (e.g. Brady Bunch)
    – Adoption or foster kids (especially of multiple siblings).
    – Or any combination thereof.

    With eight in the house, the family could probably use a second refrigerator (provided they have the space) in case one should fail.


  36. VeeKaChu says:

    Seconded. We were fridge shopping a couple of years ago, heading to the “big box” stores, and noticed a tiny ‘lil Maytag franchise less than a mile from home that we’d never even considered prior. Honestly, from the road it looked like a dump, but we thought “WTF, let’s see what’s up…”

    We received informative, personalized service, got a competitive price, 2-day, on-time delivery, and we also were able to arrange to have them take not only the old fridge, but also a dead fridge and a dead chest-freezer out of my garage in the bargain (I did duke them an extra 20$ for that, as pre-arranged; my local Waste Management wants 35$ just to come out for major appliances, and about that much again per item…).

  37. Canadian Impostor says:

    I would assume this guy does have the Best Buy warranty, since without said warranty they would never come out to fix it in the first place.

  38. Roadkill says:

    “Reader and Flickr Pool member Steve has 6 kids and no fridge thanks to Best Buy.”

    Seriously? BB hooked him up with 6 kids? I didn’t realize they engaged in human trafficking, too.

  39. adidascrosscountry says:

    Obviously however many kids someone has is of no consequence to Best Buy. If you have six kids, perhaps it might be a good idea to have an inexpensive second refrigerator in the basement or garage. This will enable you to buy bulk.

    Regardless, Best Buy is required to properly support the products they sell. In spite of Samsung’s recent move upmarket, they’re still fairly low end products and the internal componentry is generally quite chintzy. I’ll bet that Best Buy is overwhelmed with what appears to be a systemic failure. This is probably why they’re pushing back.

    First, check with your credit card. Many will handle this type of stuff on your behalf.

    Then, if that doesn’t work. Send a firm but friendly letter explaining the problem to Best Buy’s Customer Service Department. Make sure to CC the President of Samsung America, Dong-Jin Oh. Also CC the president of Best Buy, Brian Dunn. Add fluff that compliments Samsung and Best Buy and that this experience is clearly an exception. Also say that you expect a response by email or letter as to how they plan to resolve this. Give them a time limit by when they need to respond.

    If that doesn’t work, consider it a cheap price to pay to know what brands to avoid going forward.

  40. matt says:

    @Roadkill: Maybe they should start trafficking all the employees who stand around when someone needs help. That’d help clear up the store.

  41. loochiebear says:

    As an appliance salesman I have to say that Best Buy is not responsible. All appliances these days come with a one year parts and labor warranty from the manufacturer. What that translates to is that it’s not Best Buy’s fault or problem.

    Usually a good firm call to the company’s customer service will result in the replacement of the refrigerator at no cost to the customer, especially when you have it documented with service records that it is a manufacturer defect and has broken 4 times in a row.

  42. ancientsociety says:

    “Butbutbut…I always use my lack of proper birth control and family planning as an appeal to emotion when problems arise!”

    /BB is still teh deevil!

  43. Areric says:

    Hey all. I’m guessing since best buy is doing the service on his refrigerator he purchased their service plan. If so then he qualifies for the lemon clause of the plan (not a state law but in the contract of the plan). More information can be found on this page – [www.bestbuy.com]

    Here is the relevant quote
    “No Lemon Policy
    If your product requires 4 qualifying repairs, we will provide a replacement of comparable performance. Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product.”

  44. Munsoned says:

    Awww… I liked the original title better–it was funny. Remember what I told you before, Meg: middle school english teachers trapped in consumerist bodies.



  45. bohemian says:

    We are sort of in the market for a new fridge. Ours is getting old and were socking away the money for a new one.
    Whatever I end up getting either needs to be from a local place that does their own repairs or one that ALL of the warranty and complaints go direct to the manufacturer. There are just too many horror stories about people trying to get appliances repair from Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes etc.

    In looking it seems like the price of a fridge has gone through the roof. Almost all the ones at Lowes were $2500 unless you wanted an old style white apartment fridge. We did see a side by side at Menards for $999.

  46. Michael Belisle says:

    @Areric: That’s what I understand too. But there are some details missing from the story. Why is Best Buy refusing to replace it? Does he have a service plan from Best Buy?

    It doesn’t sound like he does, since he purchased it “last April 6” and is afraid of the warranty expiring on April 6 of this year. There’s no 1 year service plan from Best Buy.

    If he doesn’t have a service plan from Best Buy, then it’s not Best Buy’s problem and he should take it up with Samsung.

  47. Nighthawke says:

    Lemon laws take effect in this case. BBY has little recourse but to work with you in this case to resolve it.

    Failing this, a call to your local magistrate or gov’t rep can put a burr under their saddle.

    Oh, and a EECB never hurt matters any either.

  48. shadow735 says:

    cant you get a fridge directly from maytag, dont they have a good track record? best thing to do is check out BBB and see who ranks lowest I guess.

  49. bearymore says:


    True, shop locally unless, of course, Best Buy used predatory pricing to drive their competition out of business. In our area, BB opened a new store several years ago just a block from a very popular locally owned discount appliance/electronics store. BB’s prices were fantastically low (to say the least) when the store opened — far lower prices than anywhere else. Needless to say the local store’s customer base went away and it closed. Guess what happened to those fantastic prices when that happened.

  50. kcrusher says:

    Jeebus! 6 kids? Have you heard of birth control? Aren’t there enough people on this planet already?

  51. spryte says:

    @ancientsociety: Someone having a greater-than-average number of children doesn’t necessarily imply “lack of proper birth control or family planning”. Maybe they WANTED the number of children they have – OMGZ! Personally I don’t want any, but some people actually like and want lots of kids. Just because their fridge isn’t working doesn’t mean they can’t care for their kids properly….FFS.

    I think the point is that, while this situation would be annoying and problematic for anyone, it’s even more so for someone with a large family to feed.

    But at least Consumerist readers are consistent in their reactions – and their frigging jokes. HAHAHAHAHAHA BEST BUY GAVE HIM KIDS for the 18th effing time. Jeez….

  52. mastermonkeyhabib says:

    Dry ice. When your fridge goes out get a few chucnks of dry ice (btw, it takes GE 4-7 days to fix a fridge). Our fridge went out, but we saved most our food. Grocery stores like Kroger might carry it.

  53. shadow735 says:

    Albertsons caries it where I live. SO check your grocery stores

  54. ancientsociety says:

    @spryte: Nothing wrong if they wanted that many kids. I never said there was, good for them.

    What I f***ing HATE is when parents use their kids as a crutch to get what they want or to make an appeal to people’s emotions. Really, it sucks that his fridge is on the blink but saying “ZOMG! If I don’t have a refrigator for a week my CHILDREN won’t be able to eat X. Think of the children!” is just wrong.

  55. Starfury says:

    This is what you get for buying a Samsung Fridge at Best Buy. I’d buy a Samsung TV or computer memory but not an appliance. My current fridge is a Kenmore, it has ran without a single problem since January 1994; the ice maker finally died about 3 months ago. Because of this we are getting another Kenmore Fridge. While Sears may have problems, we’ve had nothing but good luck with their products including a dishwasher and our washer/dryer.

  56. artki says:

    Ditto on the Small Claims court suggestion. You’ve got the a claim that’s right in the ballpark and, apparantly, a strong case.

  57. sarabadara says:

    What a bunch of assholes.

  58. alhypo says:

    @DeliBoy: Actually, I was trying to point out how irrelevant it is that he has six kids. Everyone knows that having kids makes all aspects of life more difficult and there is no reason why a company should provide better or worse service to people with kids than those without (except in cases where that is the specific demographic they want to target or exclude, but everyone buys a fridge).

    I’m quite sick of people trying to make me feel sorry for their kid-having infliction (actually, I do feel sorry for them, but not in the way they want me to) or using it as an excuse to get off work and such. I’ve decided not to have kids… but I sure as hell expect my fridge to work just the same.

    I don’t care what the circumstances are that resulted in the accumulation of a vertically challenged domestic terrorist cell, because he knew (or should have known) the potential consequences of each decision he made along the way.

    Think before you have kids people!

  59. ihateauditions says:

    Man shops at Best Buy, is surprised when it ends badly.

    This always happens, yet everybody keeps on doing it, and acting surprised.

  60. ldavis480 says:

    I mean this in the nicest way possible, this is not flamebait or trolling, but here it goes:


    This has been a public service announcement (not directed at an individual but everyone :-)

  61. ihatebby says:

    Best Buy’s lemon policy only applies if he purchased a PSP, which it sounds like he didn’t. Under manufacture’s warranty they can send a service tech out as many times until the warranty runs out. Best Buy won’t take care of their customers unless they have purchased a protection plan. They tell customers “we don’t make commission” which is a LIE! MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS make commission based on your protection plans and return rates. So that manager who told you no, did it so he’d make a bigger bonus. Next time you are bored, go into the blue box of death and ask a manager about it, see if they lie.

  62. HykCraft says:

    @ldavis480: Agreed.

  63. reasonsnotrules says:

    Best Buy’s service plan has a no lemon clause. If he doesn’t have a service plan then Best Buy really owes nothing to the guy. They merely acted as a middle man in a transaction between company and consumer. Also if he did have a service plan, Best Buy will reimburse you for cost of food up to a certain dollar amount. In reality this article should be about how his Samsung fridge is crapping out. How Best Buy is going above their call and sending techs out to try and fix the problem, which is reoccurring.

  64. Sudonum says:

    DO NOT BUY ANOTHER KENMORE!!! My wife and I bought a new Kenmore fridge in 2001 based on past experience with Kenmore appliances. This had been the biggest POS appliance it has ever been my misfortune to own. One thing or another has broken on it at least twice a year. The only reason we haven’t dumped it yet is because despite the fact that it is costing them on average $500 a year to keep it running, Sears, in their infinite wisdom, keeps on offering us an annual service agreement for $65. We also keep a spare in the garage for emergencies.

  65. solidstate42 says:

    Depending on the language of the service plan he purchased and Samsung’s warranty, his legal recourse would for breach of the following implied warranties under Article 2 of the UCC: (1) warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, §2-315, (2) warranty of merchantability, §2-314. If I was in this situation I would contact Samsung and try to resolve it through that channel first.

  66. wellfleet says:

    @Starfury: You’re mistaken. 70% of Kenmore appliances are made by Frigidaire. Some of their high-end stuff is made by LG. Some is rebranded Whirlpool stock. If you look at the same appliance from both companies, they look exactly the same.

    Further, this customer doesn’t sound like they bought the PSP. They keep getting the same tech from Samsung. BBY doesn’t have any in-house service people, it’s all outside service people contracted out to the MANUFACTURER. If the customer does have the PSP, they just need to call 888best-buy, talk to consumer relations, and ask for an RA. I do it about 10 times a day with no issues. The no-lemon in the PSP should kick in on the 4th repair, and will also include $200 for food spoilage!


    I’d just like to point out that BBY doesn’t manufacture ANYTHING, and without a PSP, how long would you want us to stand by the product? If I built that fridge myself, I’d take it back in a heartbeat.

  67. swalve says:

    “My problems are more important because I have kids!”

    Samsung makes crappy tvs, vcrs and dvd players. Who buys a Samsung fridge??

  68. scarlin says:

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I promise not to have any more children.

    Here are some of the details that were missing…

    1. I did not get the extended protection plan, therefore it is only covered for 1 year.
    2. I do live in Colorado, so lemon laws do not apply as far as I know.
    3. I don’t believe that I would be in any trouble for simply returning the merchandise to the store where I purchased it, even if I left it at their front door. But I’m not an attorney so I can’t be sure on that one.
    4. I did not purchase it with a major credit card.
    5. Best Buy won’t disclose why they made the decision not to replace it. I’m assuming that its not cost effective.
    6. I have not contacted Samsung, but you can rest assured that I will do so as soon as possible – thanks to everyone who recommended that.
    7. I did research the fridge when I bought and couldn’t find anyone saying anything truly awful about it at that point. Today I checked epinions again at DSADDICT’s suggesting and found that there is someone with the same problem with a very similar model, but they didn’t start having a problem until August, 4 months after I had already purchased mine. [www99.epinions.com]
    8. For those that are interested – she has three children (6, 8, 14) and I have three children (5, 6, 13). We have each dealt with our own divorces prior to having met and we are both done breeding. So BB had no hand in the conception, acquisition, or upbringing of said children.
    9. I did mention the fact that we have 6 children to garner emotional support for this issue and hopefully to shine a brighter light upon it. I apologize if I offended ANCIENTSOCIETY or anyone else on here by doing so.

    Thank you again – all of you – for the great advice. I’m just glad to see that almost 6,000 readers are now considering purchasing their next refrigerator somewhere other than Best Buy.

  69. m4nea says:

    Yeah…without buying PSP, you’re lucky Best Buy has repaired it for you AT ALL.

    It is SAMSUNG’S problem that they made a shitty fridge. Not Best Buy’s.

    Also, the “no-lemon policy” only applies if you have PSP, so you aren’t entitled to it.

  70. m4nea says:

    @Nighthawke: what lemon laws? what are you talking about?

  71. persch5 says:

    Samsungs are not made by Maytag. Samsung made the Maytag Neptune but that is as far as the relationship got before Whirlpool purchased Maytag. Samsung now make 2 models for GE. It is a small world in appliance manufaturing just not the same world as the one mentioned above.

  72. Counterpoint says:

    @scarlin: I don’t get why you feel entitled to a new refrigerator from Best Buy. The fact that they are even repairing the problem and not having you go through the manufacturer is generous enough. Maybe I’m a cold, heartless capitalist, but I don’t see any logical reason why a retailer would be responsible for replacing rather than repairing a product outside of their returns period.

    This is 100% a Samsung issue, and it’s kind of ignorant that you blame Best Buy in this case.

  73. wellfleet says:

    @scarlin: So, without the service plan, why are you mad at BBY? I don’t understand. The no-lemon policy ONLY applies to appliances covered under the PSP. Samsung needs to replace your fridge, not BBY. If you total your car and don’t have insurance, do you ask Ford to replace your car? A service plan is an “in case shit happens” insurance. In your case, shit happened. Appliances are made on a line assembly, and a Samsung is as likely to die on you as a Viking. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, Viking and Sub-Zero have the highest failure rates in the industry.
    Samsung is the number one selling fridge in Europe. Its 4-door fridge is award-winning. You happened to get a dud. I’m really sorry, but BBY would not be able to get its money back from Samsung a year later and cannot be responsible for your purchase.
    Why do you feel differently?

  74. Boomahret2008 says:

    I,ve had issues with BB products before – even the electronis ones, a DVD player specifically. The common thread I see in this post isn’t who is responsible for the repair but rather the lackluster and inconsistent customer service we consumers get from these large stores. But, there’s hope. If you don’t like what one store says…go to another. Sometimes this works, but, what do you expect, it only worked sometimes with mom and dad too!
    Enough banter…If you want satisfaction and your lawyer tells you not to ‘drop it on their doorstep’ then try this. Use your pickup, or a friends, load it up with the fridge, complete with appropriate graffiti, and park it in their lot and go shopping for a while. This worked a few years ago with a car that had signs on it saying ‘A certain car dealer “sold me a lemon.’ After the local paper got involved, taking care of the customer and doing the right thing all of a sudden became a priority for this dealership.

    Best luck – Wow six kids, phew!

    OK all of you English Majors….have at it!

  75. metaled says:

    It varies by state, California, both parties must be aware that the call is being recorded. If they have you on hold and it says that the call may be recorded for “training” purposes (Legal), then both parties are aware, just make sure you have that message in your recording… Even though they are making the statement.
    Before I found the Consumerist, I had a problem with a Compaq Laptop (cracked screen) right out of the box. I had paid cash and the store was telling me to call Compaq, I called tech support to get it fixed. The CSR told me they would not repair the monitor under any circumstance. Even though I had never booted the computer, run any software, never even unpacked the battery and charger! ..They accused me of damaging it on the way home or removing it from the box incorrectly. Warantee would not cover user damage to the screen, I got heated and told the guy I was recording our conversation, He told me company policy was to end the conversation unless I understood he was not legally allowing me to record him. I argued that they were recording.. he said by my staying on the phone, I was agreeing to it. Both parties know in this instance, just don’t mention it unless you want the conversation to end.
    BTW, I was stuck, either toss it or pay a few dollars to get my new computer working. Compaq Service Center tried to charge me $800!!! for a new screen on a $650 laptop.. I already lost a new laptop and this time I REALLY lost it and I started screaming at the tech who called for repair authorization and a credit card.. The poor guy went down to $400 using his employee discount and then finally said he would write it off as a defective replacement part and not record the repair to my machine. The poor guy was so shaken and I could swear he was crying by the end of our call. The result… Hot head prevailed in this instance and the laptop was repaired at absolutely no cost to me, when they originally said I had to pay for all repairs and shipping! Worked great for a couple years too!

  76. photog says:

    my experience has taught me that buying from the local little guys and the big box doesn’t make any difference when the product breaks… which is a fact that made me quite sad.

    we purchased a bosch washer from a local shop in berkeley (home of “vote with your dollar”) with the high hopes that — should something go wrong, we’d have some recourse. wrong.

    the machine breaks, you have to deal with the manufacturer. period.

    so (sadly), lesson learned… get the machine on sale at the mega-lo-mart and hope it wasn’t dropped on it’s head en route from it’s country of manufacture… because 6 months later, we still do not have a functioning washing machine.

  77. foxmajik says:

    Not being able to keep it in your pants or use a condom doesn’t give you special privileges.

  78. alhypo says:

    @scarlin: “I did mention the fact that we have 6 children to garner emotional support for this issue…”

    I appreciate your honesty. Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all if you deployed this tactic against Best Buy, I just don’t appreciate when it is used on me.

    Perhaps in aggregate you will derive more sympathy than scorn, but for myself, it has just the opposite effect.

  79. endless says:

    Yeah, since the original poster didn’t mention a PSP, i think it is a safe guess they didn’t buy one. Since it’s from best buy, they probably got offered it and turned it down. Now they complain that best buy didn’t take care of them? You can’t have it both ways.

  80. antisocial says:

    worst buy…

  81. bigsss says:

    Have you contacted Samsung?
    With the exception of Sears, Best Buy and all the other appliance dealers do not have repair people who service appliances. They contact the manufacturer to arrange the repair. They probably did not jump on it quick enough when you called. Samsung should have repair centers throughout the area and if you call Samsung, they should be able to dispatch. Whe an appliance has to be replaced, it is the determination of the manufacturer and not the store. Once the sale is complete and the appliance is in, all your dealings should be with the manufacturer.

  82. Id_LQQK says:

    @scarlin: My Best buy Samsung fridge fiasco turned out a little better but still took 4 months to complete.
    I bought out of box @ BB a Stainless Steal Side-by-side Samsung Fridge w/ ice and water in door (I did get the PSP). About 1-2 months after having it delivered. the water dispencer stuck on. Had to pull the fridge out and turn water off behind it to get it to stop. Call BB. they sent a repair man out in about 2 weeks. Repair guy diagnoses prob. to solenoid… will get part and return. After replace, it lasts about 3 weeks, then same problem. I contact repair man directly… but line is disconnected… Contact BB… they don’t have any other repair people for Samsung fridges… They contact Samsung on my behalf… About 3 days later BB calls back (amazing, I know) to say Samsung is sending me a new fridge and will be delivered in 2-3weeks. I actually get a new model fridge. No more problems except it is slightly larger and I have to trim some over fridge cabinetry to get it to fit under.

    So, short and sweet… Contact Samsung or have BB do it for you. You may even get an upgrade or new model…

  83. Charlotte Rae's Web says:

    Six kids? I think I see a whole new line of products for BB – crappy for sales & service, fantastic for adoption.