Reach Time Warner Cable's CEO, General Counsel, SoCal Division President

Time Warner CEO/President
Glenn A. Britt:
Phone: (203) 328-0670
Fax: (203) 328-3295

Time Warner General Counsel
Marc Lawrence Apfelbaum
Phone: (203) 328-0631
Fax: (203) 328-4094

President of Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside counties in California
Fred Stefany
Phone: 714-414-1418


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  1. Bladefist says:

    Really the only person this hurts is his secretary that has to screen these calls.

  2. Treved says:

    OMG you are my hero. I emailed him immediately. I have a lot of questions. :)

  3. davefattal says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  4. fhic says:

    Can you perform this same miracle for Cox Cable in San Diego?

  5. socalpilot says:

    I emailed all three of the individuals listed in this article regarding the fact that I pay for cable and an HD box yet still have to have advertisements shoved down my throat on the “Guide” menu… and received a reply from Mr Stefany within 10 minutes:

    “Dear xxxxx,

    I hear your concern. I am having one of our experts in this area contact you very shortly.

    We appreciate your feedback and look forward to talking to you.”

    …So stay tuned!!

  6. silbercoupe says:

    to FHIC:
    Try contacting this guy
    Vice President , Region Manager, Cox Communications
    5159 Federal Blvd. San Diego, CA 92105
    Bus: 619/266-5353
    Fax: 619/266-5060


  7. O/U on new phone numbers and emails all around?
    I say Tuesday.

  8. stacy75 says:

    Stephen Colbert is the CEO of Time Warner??

  9. fhic says:

    @silbercoupe: Thanks, that’s a new name to me. I’ll give him a shot. I think I’m about a week away from either trying to get my problems with Cox either publicized on Consumerist or filing in small claims court. Or maybe both.

  10. silbercoupe says:

    @fhic: If you read the bio, William Geppert is the head honcho for Cox in San Diego. He is your best bet to get any problems resolved. And if you Google his full name, you can see that he has made contributions to the GOP and that those forms list his home address. Perhaps you can drop by his house and ask him to fix your problem personally.

  11. sdun says:

    @fhic: We are disheartened to find that you are experiencing issues with your Cox services. Please contact me directly at 619-266-5577 and I will be happy to assist you.

  12. kimberlyb1983 says:

    I am livid, livid, livid with TWC. I have been searching for an email address/ phone number of any living human being for the last three days. I’ll take any help I can get. Time Warner Cable- Mid Ohio. I’m not giving up. They’re going to listen to me!

  13. rlovebk says:

    Thanks for the info. I have an issue with Time Warner that is either going to resolved or I will be the next new Direct TV customer. I will report back in about 30 days or so to let you know how it goes.

  14. karlmarx says:

    This worked, I was able to keep my old package price and save $25.

  15. FRUSTRATED says:

    I usually do not complain about the disservice a company has shown me, but in this case it has been hard to get a refund for a service I never received & I pray that no one else has the same experience I have had with your company. Let me lay it out for you.

    My husband requested DSL/internet service from your company. We PAID for the service set up an appointment for installation & thought we would receive what we PAID for. Our appointment was scheduled 12/4/09 between the hours of 9am & 12noon. We received a call from the installer at 11:30 stating he couldn’t install the service because out building isn’t set up for cable. So I call customer service, who tells me they can do the wiring need for your service if the leasing office will give them permission in writing. After going back & forth for a week with the leasing office, who verbally said it was ok but refused to give anything in writing to your company, I request a refund on 12/11/09. I was told the request was put in on the 11th & it would take a week to get the refund. We hadn’t receive any refund by the 20th so I called today to check the status of the refund and was informed that it had not been requested like I was told on the 11th. Needless to say I am very dissatisfied & disappointed with your customer service. Something as small as a refund should be customer service 101. I’m sorry never got a chance to see if your cable service is any good or not, which makes no difference to me because there are so many other DSL/internet options out there. But one thing is for sure, your customer service reps & supervisors in Ontario (SoCal) need to be retained for their jobs. Because of their lack of service, you have lost a customer who has never experienced your service & never plans to in the future.