AT&T MMS Pics Are Being Reduced Without Explanation, If They're Sent At All

What’s up, AT&T? Your MMS messages have been acting wonky since the beginning of the year, according to posters on HowardForums. When they do come through, they’ve been reduced to a tiny postage-stamp size, whereas in the past they were delivered unaltered. We’ve been testing the service all morning with our N95 and not a single photo MMS gets in or out.

Was there a change to the terms of service? Something along the lines of, “We have decided to greatly reduce, and perhaps entirely disable, a part of the messaging package you pay for.”

(Thanks to Sorin!)

“ATT, N95-3 and mms issues” [HowardForums]


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  1. JJ910 says:

    Those f**ktards at AT&T Wireless are the worst bunch. It’s like walking into an RMV office. Go to anyone of these corporate offices and you will see what I mean.

    Besides, they are cutting corners by stiffling you as small pictures = less bandwidth. Its pretty simple! Good old corporate greed.

  2. logie-al says:

    I have an Nokia E70 on AT&T and noticed that the pictures I was receiving since the beginning of the year were small, but I assumed it was who was doing the sending. Since my screen is high resolution, the pictures that I’m getting are so tiny now I can hardly see them, and when I zoom into them, they just pixelate. Pisses me off to no end.

  3. Amalas says:

    I have AT&T Wireless (and so does my mom) and I couldn’t receive any pictures she sent me. She said she sent them, but I never got them. I just shrugged it off, but maybe it’s part of a bigger issue…

  4. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    So does this only affect MMS? Has anyone tried e-mailing their pics to see if those get resized?

  5. Charybdis says:

    Apparently emailing them doesn’t alter the size, just receiving them on an AT&T phone. Turns out this is affecting me, too. Somebody was telling me just last night that they had been wondering why I wasn’t responding to the pics they were texting me.

  6. TheOtherJen says:

    I have an iphone and I can’t get picture texts. Instead I will get a text that says I have a “multimedia message” waiting for me at such and such a web address, and I have to get on the internet (not on the iphone though!) and download the picture. So irritating! You’d think the iphone, with its myriad functions and gizmos, could download a dang picture.

  7. firesign says:

    @TheOtherJen: thats because the iphone doesn’t actually do mms (or it does and at&t has the feature disabled). the t-mobile sidekick is the same way, or at least i was when i had a sidekick 2.

  8. spanktastic says:

    Not only is there a problem with sending/receiving pictures, their text messaging service has stopped working consistently since the first of the year. When it was Cingular there were no problems sending/receiving. wankers

  9. m0unds says:

    I haven’t had any trouble with either MMS or SMS.

  10. yetiwisdom says:

    I recently sent 2 MMS pics – 1 to a friend and 1 to my own email account. Friend got hers but I didn’t. Texts have been Ok for me (as far as I know).

  11. shadow735 says:

    AT&T sucks, SBC bought them out(as I found out) and now SBC sucks hard just like AT&T, they should have dropped the AT&T name, stupid voice computer that doesnt understand yes when you say it in proper english.
    Disabled the touch tone option so you have to take to a stupid computer and repeat yourself 20 times before it transfers you to a live person so you can actually pay your bill.
    AT&T is the suck!!

  12. firesign says:

    i have had no problems with txt on at&t, either on or off network. i just had a friend send an mms pic. he is also on at&t. received it within 1 minute, no size reduction. he is in portland, ore and i’m in cincinnati. he has a v3 razr, i have a v3xx. i don’t use mms regularly, so i can’t really vouch for consistent reliability.

  13. PermanentStar says:

    Could it possibly have to do with the fact that the file size might be too large for their EDGE (or whatever they call it) network? We have had problems with a nokia 6265i not being able to send pictures when they are taken with the highest resolution, but if you change the resolution, they come across just fine. (That’s not on AT&T, though) – so if the phone has a higher quality camera, the file size may be too large for the network settings to accomodate.

  14. babaki says:

    mine sometimes don’t get delivered until 2 or 3 days later. and sometimes its at like 3am, which is never good for the person receiving them

  15. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    @spanktastic: Agreed. My text messages reach people more than an hour after sending them, thus defeating the immediacy implied by texting. AT&T blows.

  16. thatgirlinnewyork says:

    p.s. when I’ve complained about it to AT&T, they say that I “don’t turn off (my) phone often enough”. Yeah, right.

  17. rhombopteryx says:

    It’s that whole policing the network for copyrighted images thing… Your picture looks like it might be a copyright violation, they shrink it until its too small to be anything.

  18. linoth says:

    AT&T has also been having a problem with the Instant Messenger clients on some of their phones. Everything from my two year old v557 to Sony Ericsons to brand new ROKRs. Email support tells you “it looks like everything you’re doing is fine” as if they’ve logged all your data connections for the past month. Phone support tells you to do things your phone isn’t capable of. The forums have no answer for you. I’ve been having a lot of problems getting “Page cannot be displayed” errors on websites through Opera as well.

    AT&T is clearly playing with their data network, possibly as a result of the iPhone. If it wasn’t for the fact that coverage out here is spotty on all the other companies available, I’d think about changing carriers when I’m up in April.

  19. BadBadKitty says:

    I sent the hubby a pic of the dog being cute , and he said he didnt get it… 10 or so days later , it arrives .
    Were both AT&T and even though he was across country from me i thought surely it woulda been faster than sending USPS ..

  20. deadlizard says:

    If you have an iPhone that’s no problem because the iPhone can’t send/receive MMS pics anyway.

  21. jrdnjstn78 says:

    I took a pic of a friend this morning and sent it to him as soon as I took it. Did he get it? No. he always tells me that he doesn’t receive pics I send him. Damn AT&T for not letting the naked pics of me that I send to him not getting to him!

  22. elislider says:

    come to think of it, i just got a picture message from a friend the other day and the image was clearly resized from original (weird line aliasing only found on poorly resized images) and it was barely legible, definitely at least 5x smaller than the image taken on my friends phone originally was

    do i have a claim?

  23. jp661 says:

    We have a AT&T business plan, with unlimited text, video, IM and pic. Any message, MMS or SMS takes at least 5 minutes if not more to arrive if it is sent out of network. In network messages either arrive instantly or not at all. I am also not able to use Video share even though both myself and the recipient are in a 3G data area and video share is provisioned on the account. Phone based IM has also been very spotty lately. Cingular based handsets never used to have these issues, get your act together AT&T!