Man manages to stay at what he describes as the most ghetto Sheraton in the world. How bad was it? Well, it’s called the “Sheraton-Miami-Mart.” Yes, “Mart,” and it has the same high level of quality, cleanliness, and accommodations that you would expect from any place with “Mart” as a suffix. [Shankman]


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  1. noquarter says:

    Let me just save everyone else the trouble of reading his long and boring post:

    He stayed at a luxury hotel and had a regular hotel experience. The horror!!!

  2. youbastid says:

    You know, I travel a lot too, and a crappy hotel experience is something that is guaranteed to happen to everyone once in a while. When these people act so shocked and infuriated that it could happen to THEM, well, it makes me think that they don’t travel as much as they say they do.

  3. adrock75 says:

    Now wait a minute – I’ve stayed at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza in Chicago.

    Come to think of it – that was a shit hole too.

  4. arch05 says:

    @noquarter: I wouldn’t call a flooding shower a ‘regular hotel experience’.

  5. noquarter says:

    @arch05: It hardly flooded. The tub was clogged and then he exaggerated.

    And I wouldn’t call a flooding shower a rare experience. Maybe it’s kind of rare in itself, by annoying things of that nature when staying at a hotel certainly aren’t.


    I don’t know, I had a slow drain two hotels ago and my personal favorite, the shower handle that came off in my hand at the last one. That’s regular in my charmed life.

    I concur with NOQUARTER. His car wasn’t stolen out of the dark parking lot, he wasn’t electricuted from the exposed wiring, the wilty broccoli didn’t poison him. And seriously, he finds time to vent about “overcooked eggs”? So many worse things could have happened to you, guy. Zip it.


  7. FishingCrue says:

    Yeah, it’s a terrible hotel, it’s across from the airport and abuts an expressway. It’s in the middle of an import export district, what do you expect? Sheraton’s are luxury hotels? Really?

  8. ncboxer says:

    I’ve stayed in crappy hotel/motel rooms- old, ugly, hard decor, dirty, band aids covering little holes in the wall, dirty shower, etc., but this guy stayed in a real shit hole. Wires hanging from the wall, flooding tub, broken shower thingy, charging outrageous prices for crap, etc. Sure he plays it up a bit much because he is used to being more pampered and can’t believe he isn’t being pampered (after all he is platinum and gold and whatever), but still this place can definitely be considered a non standard hotel experience. He has a right to be angry and I enjoyed reading his post.

  9. friendlynerd says:

    Why are people defending this shithole as the norm, or somehow acceptable? If I pay $45 for a hotel room I might expect such bullshit but for close to $200? You better believe I will go nuclear.

  10. Starfury says:

    At $188 a night I’d expect a quality room without exposed wires, slow drains, and a shower handle that breaks. As for the food…well it’s a hotel so what do you expect. McDonald’s is better.

    Once a year I stay at a Hayatt and have never had any issues like this. The rooms are always clean, staff friendly, and everything works.

  11. noquarter says:

    @friendlynerd: I guess after you stay at enough hotels with fleas in the bed, or ants in the bathroom, or used tampons on the floor, or unflushed feces in the toilet, a guy complaining about bad parking, overcooked eggs, and a clogged drain seems like quite a whiner.

    It’s not like the wires were hanging dangerously all over the place – they were neatly bundled and in place above the door. It just looked like they were about to add a new light fixture or something – no big deal.

  12. youbastid says:

    @Starfury: Read: It wasn’t $188 a night. It was $188 after the room service ($30). If it was $158 after taxes and fees, the actual price of the room is probably closer to $140.

    I’m not defending it as the norm, or acceptable, but I’ve stayed in worse places that cost the same or more. If you travel a lot for work, it’s something that comes with the territory. Instead of creating powerpoint presentations and internet manifestos that make you look like a whiny brat, it’s best to just remember to never go there again when you’re back in town.

  13. MDSasquatch says:

    I had reservations for almost 30 days in the Old Town Marriott in San Diego ( over $200 a night ), the first night I got there, the room smelled like a shelter for wet dogs. I informed the front desk, and moved to a Residence Inn. Writing a BLOG is one thing, taking nearly $6000 worth of business somewhere else is another.

    If the room was bad, go ask for another or go to a different Hotel. This guy sounds like a whiner, they probably identified him as such and gave him the room as payback for some past whinefest.

    Word to the wise, if ever in Pasadena California, stay at The Courtyard by Marriott… world class!

  14. Scudder says:

    These hotels are businesses that should supply a clean and completely functioning room for whatever price is charged. One should expect nothing less from any hotel. Period.

  15. youbastid says:

    @scudder: Uh-huh. I suppose when you go to McDonald’s and get something that isn’t fresh, you throw a whinefest and state that McDonald’s is a restaurant that should supply hot and crispy fries, and one should expect nothing less from any restaurant. Period.

  16. AD8BC says:

    I kind of enjoyed this story…

    Although the wires hanging from the wall were probably harmless, I do have a rather shocking story of my own…

    At a Holiday Inn Select near Los Angeles, I was upgraded to a really nice suite. In the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom. On the way there I stepped on something and got a quick and nasty electrical shock. Turned out there was a floor outlet missing the protective covers and a piece of paper clip had fallen into the hot slot on the outlet.

    Although I was unhurt I brought it to the manager’s attention as a safety issue, as code requires a proper cover on a floor outlet. Got a free night out of it!

  17. Scudder says:

    @youbastid: No, actually not. I would, however, expect to receive food that was properly cooked and not spoiled.

    It is simply not unreasonable to expect to have a clean room and a fully working bathroom…including a free-flowing drain. Why would you accept less?

  18. Scudder says:

    @youbastid: PS–I’m not prone to eating at McDonald’s. Should I expect and accept mediocrity there as well?

  19. youbastid says:

    @scudder: No, you don’t accept it – but you should EXPECT it to happen when you travel that often. While your vision of a perfect world where everything you pay for is the pinnacle of quality would be nice, that just isn’t the case.

  20. ihateauditions says:

    Starwood is one of my less favorite chains, excluding their excellent ‘W Hotels’.

    That said, any time you’re paying mid-market prices, you have a right to expect a clean room, without exposed wiring. Active or otherwise, it’s just not reasonable.

  21. Scudder says:

    @youbastid: Understood…I honestly ignore a lot of “quality” issues when traveling and dining out. That said, I never find it acceptable to pay for something (fully, or otherwise) when the minimum standards have been violated. One has a reasonable expectation that should be fulfilled in order to justify charging for that service.

  22. Scudder says:

    @scudder: should say: One has a reasonable expectation that should be fulfilled in order to justify being charged for that service.

  23. noquarter says:

    @scudder: I don’t disagree with your statements, but I think the minimum standards for a hotel are a clean room and a bed, and he got that.

    A nice parking space, decent breakfast, internet access, top-notch shower, and pleasing aesthetics are all extra. And they took some money off his final bill, too. His experience might warrant complaining to a few friends about it, but not a long ramble online or sympathy from Consumerist readers.

  24. Scudder says:

    @noquarter: Non-working drain.
    Really don’t want to beat a dead horse on this…seriously. I would have really been unaccepting of a clogged drain; housekeeping should have noticed this when cleaning the tub.

  25. missdona says:

    @adrock75: I stayed there too (in a crisis). And you’re right it’s a shit hole.

  26. youbastid says:

    @scudder: I’m not suggesting that what happened to him was reasonable. If something like that happened at every hotel you went to, that would be totally unacceptable. All I’m saying is, when you travel a lot, you get a really crappy deal once in a while. It comes with the territory. I travel a lot for work. I’m friends with a lot of people that travel a lot for work. We share horrible experiences and tips on where not to go, but whining on the internet (and creating powerpoints, like the site he linked to) is just…whiny.

    Look up the hotel on Trip Advisor. Out of 99 hotels in Miami, it’s listed as #36 in popularity. It’s rated by guests as 3 out of 5 stars. Not fantastic, but clearly this guy’s feelings of how this hotel has SEVERE problems isn’t shared by the majority of guests.

    When I get a room like he did, the answer is simple. You ask for another room. If they can’t provide that, you ask for some perks. If they won’t offer you that, then you maybe write a letter to corporate and never go back to the hotel again. Simple as that.

  27. arkitect75 says:

    @FishingCrue: You’ve got it right. Honestly, what’s this guy expect if he’s staying the the airport location? Isn’t this the norm in most big cities? Aren’t the airport hotels usually the worst ones? I know never to stay near the airport, since most airports are in industrial type areas.
    The area where this hotel is located is only other airport hotels, some corporate office buildings, and warehouse type business centers.

  28. armour says:

    some of you people are missing the point. Look at it from a PR perspective you have a brand name and you sell that brand as a better quality then other brands.

    Now if you stay at that chain on a regular basis and have always had a good experience with them then you stay at a particular location because of the past experiences and repetition of the brand and turns out to be shit how pissed would you be?

    People pick locations based on Brand name and reconciliation and pay good money for that when it doesn’t live up to that reputation then of course your going to be pissed. @

    href=”#c3979843″>youbastid: When you travel for work is your company paying for it or is it out of your pocket? what if it was coming out of your pocket instead would you be as accommodating? I don’t think He’s spoiled at all, he’s expecting by the brands reputation and past experiences to get his moneys worth and in this case he didn’t.

    He runs a PR firm and often writes about customer service and how it relates to brand imaging as that what his company dose in this case the hotel didn’t live up to the image. He didn’t set out a new blog to whine about a single issue it’s just part of a long ongoing blog of day to day interactions of his life and relates to PR.