Have A Best Buy Card? Check Your Local Store Before Using It Online

Matt writes in with a tip if you’re unlucky enough to have a Best Buy credit card and plan on using it any time soon: check whether the brick and mortar store near you has any special promotions running first. If so, buy the item from their store instead of online or you’ll be bound by Best Buy’s 90 days same-as-cash terms regardless of whether or not the store is offering a better deal.

The only part we find hilarious is Matt’s assertion that “Best Buy stores will match the online price of merchandise.” Well, sure they will, since they’ve got that special in-store version of the website. If you can find a way around that problem—we suggest bringing in a phone with web access, or at least some screen print-outs—then you might have better luck getting a price-match without having to argue up the chain.

As a general rule, if you are using your Best Buy credit card to purchase merchandise, try to avoid buying at Bestbuy.com and picking up in the store. If the store already has the item, call the store and ask to have it held for you. When you buy from Bestbuy.com same-as-cash credit terms are ALWAYS 90 days, no matter what the in-store promo. Best Buy stores will match the online price of merchandise and you get the promo terms.

(Thanks to Matt!)

(Photo: gamerscoreblog)

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