Answers To NYC Renters' Questions

How do you get your landlord to require the upstairs neighbors to put down carpets? A lawyer who “has practiced in the landlord-tenant arena for more than two decades” has been answering these sorts of questions on the New York Times’ “City Room” blog. The advice he gives, while helpful and specific, is mostly based on what we imagine are NYC-specific problems and cites New York statutes, but it still might be helpful for renters elsewhere with similar problems.

For instance, with the noisy uncarpeted upstairs neighbors, he advises not just creating a log of all the disturbances, but hiring a professional to come in and measure the noise levels: “An expert’s analysis will buttress your position and will likely be more persuasive than your mere recitation of the facts and circumstances.”

“Answers About Tenant-Landlord Issues”
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 [New York Times]
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