Smart Glass Of Denver Uses Sneaky Post-It Advertising

When Kristi went to her car the other day, she saw this mysterious note stuck to her mirror. “PLEASE CALL ME ABOUT YOUR CAR!” Immediately, she thought someone had run into her car—she walked all around it looking for damage, but couldn’t find anything. Worried, she called the number from the parking garage.

I get put on hold for 4 minutes! I hang up. I call again. After 4 billion rings, some dude answers. I say, “hey, are you the person who left a post-it note on my car?”. The dufus on the other end basically tells me that one of his guys probably did. I’m like, “who are you?”. He tells me he is from some auto glass repair place and they would like to fix my cracked windshield.

Okay, we’ll admit this is a pretty sweet use of social engineering to drum up business. But hey, Smart Glass, you freaked out a stranger and tricked her into letting down her guard in a parking garage and walking around her car in a distracted state. Ever heard of business cards?

(Thanks to James!)


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