Costco Employees Are Heroic, Help Catch Shooting Suspect

Several Costco employees who spotted two men breaking into a car parked near the store’s tire center chased the men toward the main store where an assistant police chief happened to be shopping.

One of the men turned out to be a 24-year-old accused of shooting his girlfriend in the head in front of her two children.

From the Seattle P-I:

That officer happened to be Assistant Police Chief Lori Sutter, who was using her lunch break to return a sweater.

She heard about the incident on her police radio before she went inside. In the store, she saw the men in the bakery and found it odd that they were wearing T-shirts on a cold day.

“I know shopping, and they weren’t shopping,” she said.

After following the men around the store for awhile she eventually used her shopping cart to block their escape. “It’s my first incident of arrest by shopping,” Sutter said.

Costco workers help police catch suspect in shooting [Seattle P-I] (Thanks, Lee!)

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