Another Customer Escapes Verizon Contract For Free

Reader Bret writes in to let us know that he was able to escape the chains of his Verizon contract with no ETF thanks to a txt message increase:

Okay so I read the script from last years price hike on messaging rates, to get out of your contract scot-free. I thought I read some where else that they were going up again to 0.20. So I called Verizon and ran the script on them. No one in cancellations had heard about it. I called the general customer service line. Of course the csr didn’t know anything and wanted me to pay the ETF’s. So I went to her supervisor. His name was Aundra (pronounced Andre), employee # 7817 out of the Birmingham office.

He had just received a memo about the price increase and had not read it or been educated yet. I fought him for about 15 minutes finally he said he would look into it and call be back, but he did not think the increase applied to current contracts. Yeah right I thought, he’ll never call back. Guess what I just got off the phone with him and out of my contract for free!!! HA!! I guess Verizon didn’t learn their lesson last year.

Oh Verizon, they’re dropping like flies. If you’d like to escape your Verizon contract with no ETF, give them a call and let them know you’re exorcising your right to terminate the contract without penalty thanks to a materially adverse change in the agreement.

That’ll show ’em.

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