Here’s 10 top questions frequently asked about starting a Roth IRA. Don’t have one? Why not? They’re a great no-brainer way to save for retirement. [Yahoo! Finance via Money Crashers]


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  1. timmus says:

    Of course all this investment advice is predicated on a strong, stable dollar. I’m looking forward to a $3000/month pension in 2040 when a loaf of bread is $300.

  2. MonkeyMonk says:

    “Don’t Have One? Why Not?”

    It’s not a no-brainer if you make too much annual income to qualify for one.

  3. nweaver says:

    Unless you have too much annual income, it IS a no brainer.

    And if you DO make more than 120K/year or whatever it is thats the cutoff, you should be sinking 15K/year into your 401(k).

  4. laserjobs says:

    GLD SLV and some ULTRASHORT PROSHARES should do the trick

  5. SadSam says:

    There is also a newish option (it was new for my company in 2007) the Roth 401k. You divert part of your 401k monies (part of the $15,500) into a Roth 401k its after tax money but grows tax free (just like the Roth IRA) it counts towards your total 401k contribution and there is no income cap.

  6. sleze69 says:

    So after reading up on Roth IRAs, the wikipedia articles say they are better if you are going to into a higher income bracket as you get older. But who is in a higher tax bracket AFTER they retire?

    I am not sure how it is better to pay taxes on it now than to pay capital gains on it in the future. Besides, what happens when congress finally kills income tax in favor of a national sales tax. People who already paid tax on their Roths are gonna be PO’d.

  7. dollywould says:

    Thanks for posting this. I would like to start one this year. I already max out my 401K and have an ING savings.

    Those with Roths, who do you recommend I go through? How is Fidelity?

  8. jeff303 says:

    @timmus: You don’t have to tie your retirement accounts to the US Dollar if you don’t want. Depending on your plan you may be able to buy foreign investments or possibly even cash.

  9. Get Rich Slowly has a seemingly good ongoing beginner’s series of posts about Roth IRA’s, that I unfortunately haven’t had the patience to read yet. I should soon, because all this talk of stable dollars and AGIs makes my skin hurt.

  10. floydianslip6 says:

    @heidiho: Fidelity is fine if you don’t mind funding a genocide.

  11. mikelotus says:

    anybody know the scoop on Roth IRA’s for kids?