When 5/3 Bank acquired another bank, a computer glitch in the records merging splooged incorrect information into thousands of customer accounts, in some cases totally fudging up their credit reports and credit histories. The bank says it’s fixed everything but one customer says that’s not true and lost three loans due to the errors. [Orlando Sentinel via U.S. PIRG Consumer Blog]


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  1. beavis88 says:

    +1 for creative and amusing usage of “splooged”

  2. Kos says:

    Now there’s a lawsuit if I ever saw one.

  3. catcherintheeye says:

    @beavis88: You beat me to it – the whole reason I even wanted to comment.

  4. Buran says:

    @Kos: And an EECB.

  5. MonsieurBon says:

    This is why I won’t bank at places with doofy names. Now where’s my Ninth Forty-Second Bank checkbook?

  6. bilge says:

    financial bukkake

  7. aaronk says:

    Great, because they just bought First Horizon branches/accounts in Georgia!