American Airline's Weather Delay Excuse Successfully Debunked

You don’t need to hire a forensic meteorologist to dispute an airline’s so-called weather delay and get the compensation or rebooking you’re deserved, sometimes you just need the internets! Here’s how Jasmine did just that with a recent flight on American Airlines:

My last canceled flight was blamed on the weather. I called a friend with the internet, had them look up the weather at my destination and en route (which was fine). I went back to the desk and said, “The weather is fine. You sure there aren’t other problems?” That’s when then he said that it was the weather AND technical problems with the plane…

At that, I mentioned the rule, and suggested he try to re-book me, which he did.

See, they didn’t lie, they just didn’t tell you the whole truth, because that would have cost them money. That Apple commercial with the pilot using his iPhone to question a 3-hour weather delay? That could be you.

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