Reach Verizon Executive Customer Service

If you’re having an intractable problem with your Verizon telephone, internet, or FiOS TV, that calls to regular customer service can’t solve, here is one cat you can call. Remember to state your case clearly, calmly, and succinctly. This is not the place for histrionics or epic sagas, just let ’em know what they need to fix.

Mark D. Reddick
Executive Customer Relations
140 West St.
Manhattan, NY 10007
212-321-8457 (office)
212-321-1047 (fax)

There’s also a Cassandra Flippin in the same office, her number is 212-321-8458 – so it looks like the base number for Verizon Executive Customer Service team is 212-321-845*, where you can replace * with any number.
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  1. WenVenice says:

    Thank you! We are in the Sarasota, FL area and recently switched. We are not receiving the promised $114/mo rate due to all sorts of fees and taxes. Fios also said we will still receive the normal channels, but they do not carry the Ft. Myers market, which we were previously receiving. Too late to switch back but getting no where with local customer service.

  2. scoosdad says:

    I left a message at that office on New Year’s eve about my Verizon landline being dead for 12 days with no resolution in sight (a screwed up DSL install on 12/23 at the central office), and on the morning of the day after New Year’s, I had Verizon people coming out of the woodwork to try to fix my problem. Hell they would have baked me cookies or walked my dog had I asked.

    My issue, BTW, was fixed in 70 minutes flat after I received the first call that Wednesday morning. Too bad it took 12 days to get around to it.

  3. scoosdad says:

    @scoosdad: OK, 11 days not 12. Seemed like 12.

  4. GeoffreyM says:

    Shouldn’t that be “New York, NY” not “Manhattan, NY?”

  5. dvdrttr says:

    I had a problem with Verizon that needed a supervisor to rectify. Despite promises that a supervisor would call, no one did. My son found this link on the Consumerist. I tried it. Mark Reddick didn’t reply to my email but ‘amazingly’ a supervisor called this evening and my issue has been resolved (the credit already appears on my account. Thanks for the information.

  6. autumnmist says:

    Coincidentally this was posted the day after we had finished getting the runaround and calling regular support 3x and getting 3 different answers. I called, left a message. Mark Reddick did not reply but a guy by the name of Charlie called back twice (a week later but whatever) and left voicemails for me. Finally finished the phone tag and it looks like we might finally have our account straightened out. I mean, really, we were trying to SIGN UP for more FiOS service with them, you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to give them more business… The Executive Customer Support people, on the other hand (compared to the regular customer support), were great. They found our account and order number (despite regular support saying they didn’t exist), figured out what was going on, and FIXED it! Thanks!

  7. pwslaw says:

    I called Mark Reddick and got his voicemail that was obviously recorded in response to these posts directing that I call Verizon’s Consumer Advocate at 800-483-7988, option 3. However, when I called that number and pressed option 3, I was put into the twilight zone of calls – no sound whatsover. I then called 800-321-8700, as directed by another person’s extension, and got a very nice gentlemen who again directed me to the Consumer Advocate number. But, when I told him that that number takes me to the “void”, he took down my information and said that a member of the team would get back to me shortly. We’ll see how long that takes.

  8. cupovnoodles says:

    I just emailed Mark reddick to see if he can get me some answers. I had a service on my Fios TV subscribed, but I never subscribed to it. I never heard of it, and don’t know what channel it is. Its called TV Asia, 14.99 a month. I hope he responds quickly. I was charged last month but after speaking to numerous reps, and getting the runaround I finally got the charge removed. Too bad, it appeared again this month when they promised it would be removed.

  9. QMB says:

    Thank goodness I found this site. I was having trouble switching DSL service (for faster speed). It took 43 days, 13 phone calls and 2 1/2 hours on the phone with tech support to get the DSL service switched. A new modem was installed and Verizon claimed that the service was switched, but (a month later) clocking the DSL speed on and a new bill (at a higher rate) claiming that our service had expired and hadn’t been switched proved otherwise. I have some issues with Verizon’s automated line (didn’t get to talk to a person when I used my voice- female, but was connected right away when my son did the talking and didn’t get to talk to tech support when identifying my OS as Mac, but getting connected to a person right away when I said I used Windows) and the fact that it takes up to six phone calls to get to talk to a tech support person. I am sending Mr. Reddick snail mail.

  10. QMB says:

    Wow! I got a call from an executive at Verizon. My issue has been resolved, and this person is looking into the concerns I had about the whole repair process, etc. She also gave me her personal number to report any other issues that come up. Thanks for this site!

  11. acarver67 says:

    I am so very very happy I found this site! For the last FIVE MONTHS I have been struggling with Verizon Customer Disservice because my internet connection went out every time it rained. When things dried out, my connection returned. It seemed pretty clear to me that something was being affected by the rain, but I have spent over $225 replacing everything Customer Disservice told me to, saying it would solve the problem. At this point, whatever was being affected by the rain is now seriously damaged, and the longest I’ve been online since the end of April is 2 1/2 hours. For five months I’ve been dealing with this, I’ve only been online when I’m at work or borrowing my neighbors bandwidth. I’m nearly giddy with excitement and anticipation of tomorrow, when I can start calling NEW numbers.


  12. acarver67 says:

    This is typical of my experience with Verizon. One week later, and despite the great fortune others here have had, still no one from Verizon has returned my call OR my email. It would seem that, at Verizon, customer DISservice goes all the way to the top. My question now is, when Executive Customer Service doesn’t have the courtesy or professionalism to respond to customer service issues, where do I go for help? What is my next step?

  13. rewinditback says:


    Mark added a comment on his voicemail saying ” if you got this number off of the internet, call the 18004837988 number”

    i guess his inbox got a little full =)

  14. nazgul00 says:

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    oh well. more research needed.

  15. JenniferPandarus says:

    Verizon needs to be investigated! Terrible customer service. I have DSL issues for the past 3 months. Each time it rains, i get booted off line. When Verizon FINALLY sent a tech to my home, he determined that the outside wires were worn & needed some work. He said he would be back and 8 AM the following morning to begin addressing the issue. He never showed up…instead i find that when he left my residence, he closed out the ticket saying everything was fine. Today i tried to reach a supervisor…well, these “supervisors” are in INDIA! One supervisor promised to help and said he would call me back withing 3 hours. NO CALL CAME. I called the number he gave me to find out that it’s a number in Verizon “space”. No one got on the phone. Verizon needs serious investigation. Let’s see if Mark Reddick will return my call. Part II to come.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I busted out laughing after reading what other have said in here. I thought I was the only one that has been giving the Verizon run around.I don’t have a clue how this company has ever made it this far in this day and time. I waited all day for them to come out and switch from Cox to Verizon. They never showed. There reason, someone else got my DSL line, the phone line is bad, I was giving the wrong date, I need a DSL modem before they can install a phone line. Did I forget to say I also had the pleasure of being transfered from one dept. to another and listen to just about every lie and excuse someone can give. I learned just about every song that Verizon offered while having that phone stuck in my ear. Bottom line, I canceled everything because the left hand has no clue what the right hand is doing. Who in there right mind would want to be put through this kind of harassment ? Life is stressful enough, who need this treatment. Verizon called me over this package deal, I made the mistake by saying ok.

  17. Anonymous says:

    RE FROM ABOVE STATEMENT: Well Direct TV showed up and I said what the heck, at lease I can get one part done. I decided to give Verizon another chance. My mistake again. You guessed it they set up yet another date and no show.There internet said the install was suppose to be on Nov. 24, so at around 11:00am I called to make sure. I was on hold and transfered from 11:00 till 1:30…go figure. They gave me the usual run around but kept saying sorry and he should be there soon. At 5:00 I called and wonder where the tech was or was he even going to show up. They said there was a problem with the order and now they decided to come out ten days from now. I am out the point now I could really careless if it gets done or not. I have wrote a letter to Mr. Reddick….let’s see if he can do something. I have but one suggestion for anyone that comes to this site for there problems. If you are trying to get any service from Verizon, DON’T. They have major internal problems with not only there employees but both upper and lower management. I bet you if there own employees had to put up with what they do to there customers they would be just as livid as I am.Maybe if someone buys Verizon out thing will change, but for now I would stay clear of not only there site but anything that has Verizon on it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    sent 3 emails to Mar Reddick today andeach rejected by postmaster at verizon as undeliverable us, the and then…any suggestions re email to Mark.D.Reddickat verizon executive customer relations?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well after dealing with Verizon and 20 (I kept count) different individuals and for OVER 30 days! I have now been told by their Executive Customer Service, that even though Verizon’s customer service individual set up my Bundle Pkg. incorrectly and switched me from 3 mgbys speed to 1 mgby, and I originally had 3 mgby for over 2 years…..They will not switch me back. I am on a remote box and there is no room to put me back where I was.
    How sad is this to have been a customer for over 17yrs and to be treated this way.
    Am now pulling my service from VERIZON.

  20. SJ Stanaitis says:

    The email addresses do not work. They changed the format again, but the number DOES work. I called Riddick’s number and got his voicemail, figured I will play the game a bit more and called the 1800 customer relations number he mentioned in his voicemail message – 1-800-483-7988 Option 3. I’m a Verizon Business customer, but from the sounds of it, any Verizon issue can be tackled there.

  21. Here’s the number I used today to access Verizon Executive Customer Relations: 1-212-321-8456

    My question was about wireless service. The number for Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Relations was 1-908-559-5490.

    PROTIP: They don’t like being called Executive Customer Service…call them Executive Customer Relations :)

  22. Omen says:

    Main number is actually 1-212-321-8700

    • LisetteKoopman says:

      That is the phone number to Verizon Executive Customer Relations.

      The phone number to Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Relations is 1-877-282-0788

      • LisetteKoopman says:

        Oops, I just realized this thread is with respect to Verizon and not Verizon Wireless. Well, in any case, the phone number to Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Relations is in my previous post. They told me they would be in contact with me within 24-48 hours to resolve my problem. If they do not resolve it, I will be posting what has occurred on this website.