Citibank Gives You 6 Minute Window To Write To Them

Citibank’s online form for communicating with their customer service department times out after 6 minutes, a customer discovered—after that, it looks like it successfully sends your message, but actually just discards it.

Christian found this out after several messages went unanswered:

“Finally, I sent them a short email saying essentially, ‘What the hell is going on?’ In the response, I got this message:

I have reviewed our past messages and have been unable to locate any regarding a transaction xxxx. It may be that the page timed out when you were creating the message and so it was not sent.

Please note that when sending an online message, you will have six minutes in which to compose and send it. If you exceed the six minute time frame, the page will time out and the message will not be sent.

Citibank Online Customer Service

Christian points out that this isn’t just a function of the general security settings Citibank uses: “My login to doesn’t even timeout in that amount of time.”

If you’re trying to contact Citibank through their website, you may want to collect all relevant data and compose your message in another app before bothering with their short-attention-span form.

(Thanks to Christian!)
(Photo: Getty)

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