Sprint Solves Krystyl's $14,062.27 Phone Bill Mystery

Krystl and Sprint tell us that the cellphone provider has seen the error of its ways and decided that Krystl no longer owes them over fourteen thousand dollars:“They dropped all the charges and had told me that the person who had initially signed me up for sprint was supposed to put me on the new EVDO technology system at which they didn’t.”

Which made the bill $14k. But even then, the bill should not have been over the $59.99 plan that I was signed up on. So not only was there a technical issue on their end, but also a billing issue.

Sprint called me on Monday morning. NOT because I had called them to file a complaint with them, but because they saw the video on your website. I thought it was rather entertaining to see that they had called me to fix the problem because I made the issue public, rather than calling me because I had filed a complaint with them.

They didn’t offer me anything to keep me as a customer. But in the end they do owe me approximately $150.

They did mention how sorry they were and they could never imagine opening up a bill for $14,000.00.

So a video posted on youtube is more powerful than a complaint filed in their system….for all consumers with sprint…they should take note.

Yep, unfortunately, that’s the case. Simply filing a complaint with Sprint is tantamount to trying to leaving someone a message by putting a stickynote on the sidewalk they cross on their way to work. In both cases, there’s a small but unlikely possibility that they will notice and care. Instead it’s sometimes necessary to go the extra mile and make your Post-It into a sky-banner.

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