Sprint Solves Krystyl's $14,062.27 Phone Bill Mystery

Krystl and Sprint tell us that the cellphone provider has seen the error of its ways and decided that Krystl no longer owes them over fourteen thousand dollars:“They dropped all the charges and had told me that the person who had initially signed me up for sprint was supposed to put me on the new EVDO technology system at which they didn’t.”

Which made the bill $14k. But even then, the bill should not have been over the $59.99 plan that I was signed up on. So not only was there a technical issue on their end, but also a billing issue.

Sprint called me on Monday morning. NOT because I had called them to file a complaint with them, but because they saw the video on your website. I thought it was rather entertaining to see that they had called me to fix the problem because I made the issue public, rather than calling me because I had filed a complaint with them.

They didn’t offer me anything to keep me as a customer. But in the end they do owe me approximately $150.

They did mention how sorry they were and they could never imagine opening up a bill for $14,000.00.

So a video posted on youtube is more powerful than a complaint filed in their system….for all consumers with sprint…they should take note.

Yep, unfortunately, that’s the case. Simply filing a complaint with Sprint is tantamount to trying to leaving someone a message by putting a stickynote on the sidewalk they cross on their way to work. In both cases, there’s a small but unlikely possibility that they will notice and care. Instead it’s sometimes necessary to go the extra mile and make your Post-It into a sky-banner.

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  1. Bladefist says:

    sprint people know how to surf the internet?

  2. girly says:

    My question, even with a contract breach or signing screw-up, did it really cost them anywhere near 14k to provide the service?

    Is there some kind of protection against too high of a markup for services? (as perhaps in the many text message cases?)

  3. tinmanx says:

    Last time I was with Sprint they gave me a $200 “credit limit” and my service would get disconnected if I go over. They told me it was for everyone and that I couldn’t get rid of it, even if I was going to open up a family plan.

  4. catskyfire says:

    @girly: “Is there some kind of protection against too high of a markup for services?”

    Nope. It’s called ‘free enterprise’ and it’s the reason competition is usually good. Businesses charge what the market will bear, from a mom n pop store to a big conglomerate.

  5. SacraBos says:

    @catskyfire: Looks like $14K satisfies more than the market will bear.

  6. girly says:

    @catskyfire: hmmm…well there are usury laws for loans despite the ‘free market’, so I just wondered

  7. emona says:

    @tinmanx: T-Mobile did that to me, but that was many years ago. I think that was pretty common practice back in the early 2000’s.

  8. floydianslip6 says:

    I got an $800 phone bill from cingular (NOW THE NEW AT&T WIRELESS!) for calls FROM my phone, TO my phone. According to them I had called my own phone, continuously for about 3 days.

    I had to go through several CSR’s, some said that it was a billing error, some said that’s what happens when a unknown call “bounces off the tower”. They couldn’t explain the logistics as to how I would manage making these calls constantly over several days. They offered to refund $250 (random number much?) but I refused.

    Ultimately I had to threaten to file a claim with the Attorney General. I started reading them the fields from the form I was filling out over the phone with them. Funny, after i did that it was completely credited back to me, INCLUDING my current months balance within 24 hours. Not too shabby.

  9. Sudonum says:

    I recently had to call Sprint and talk to a CSR. I had bought my wife a new Sprint smart phone for Christmas and wanted to activate her new phone with her old number, and keep them under the same Nextel calling plan. He couldn’t find a way to do that, but worked out a way to open a new Sprint account with the old Nextel number and keep the minute total the same with the same monthly charge. Anyway, we were on the phone together for approximately half an hour. He even told me he was getting IM’s from his supervisor asking if he needed help to resolve my issue since we had been on the phone together so long. I told him that he was screwing up his metrics. His response was “screw the metrics. I can’t give good customer service if I am handcuffed by how long I can stay on the phone with them.” One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had.

  10. goodkitty says:

    I hope this settles all the people who were clamoring to scream “FRAUD” over her original story.

  11. IrisMR says:

    @goodkitty: Nah, it probably doesn’t. They probably will say that she also made that resolution part up.

  12. Balisong says:

    My God, stop the presses!

  13. glass says:

    That girl is really annoying. She deserves the bill, because we all had to watch five seconds of her video before having “Clueless” flashbacks followed by convulsions and twitching on the floor. Sephora called. They want their makeup dept back.

  14. faust1200 says:

    I think this girl should go on tour with the Southwest miniskirt chick. Attention Whores ’08!!

  15. stevegoz says:

    I can’t blame anyone who thought Krystyl’s tale might be bunk, what with her being a “promotional model” and all….


  16. pigeonpenelope says:

    I totally thought it was bunk. I’m glad to see her issue was resolved though.

  17. shncon says:

    I guarantee I know what happened in this situation. I used to work for Sprint in the Billing department and we used to fix these types of “errors” all the time. It truly was not a billing error. It was a rep error. They didn’t put the girl on the right plan and it was calculating at a default rate. I’m sure Executive Regulatory Affairs was involved which is why she got the apology. I think it was both because of the video and the complaint. Anymore sprint issues…let me know.

  18. shadow735 says:

    Go with Verizon, I have had them as a provider for 7+ years, excellent customer service, excellent coverage. The only problem is the $5 late charge fee other then that its like a perfect marriage. Someone would have to pay me a million bucks to go with another service provider.
    Sprint sucks plain and simple terrible coverage, terrible customer service, plus they cut your service if you go over a set amt or if your bill is late. or if you go over your minutes.
    Bad, dumb provider….AT&T is no better ever since they bought SBC my service has gotten crappy,
    Oh and I love those voice recognition answering machines that cant understand clear english so you have to say Yes 20 times before it trasferes you to a actual person. keep it touch tone capable.

  19. Xapa says:

    I’ve been screwed by Sprint SO many times…


  20. Anonymous says:

    Sprint has been constantly screwing me over for 8+ years. I guess I am the only one to blame for allowing this to happen. The problem consistently occurs EVERY time I change phones. The most recent time, I paid for the phone via telephone using a debit card. My card was immediately charged. A couple days later when the phone was shipped, my Sprint account was charged FULL retail ($599.00) for the phone. At the time, I had a pre-set spending limit. Therefore my service was immediately interrupted. After several calls and several hours of my time FOR THEIR MISTAKE, my service was restoreed with temporary credits. As the word “TEMPORARY” means, once the credit wore off, my service was once again interrupted. This pattern ensued for three months until I finally Googled “Sprint CEO” and came up with the phone number to Gary Forsees’s office. After one call to his office, my billing problems were a thing of the past. Everything was happy again in Sprint-land. Now, I have recently gotten married and wanted to bring my new wife over to Sprint from Suncom/T-Mobile. I did extensive online research (on their website after logging in to my account) and even chatted online from their website about the various plan options. I was advised that I coupld receive a certain plan, but OF COURSE, as soo as I called to sign up, I was told that the person had made a mistake. I as then transferred to to Manilla, Phillipines for resolution. I could not only understand the English of the representative, but it sounded like a a factory in the background. To top it off, the representative I spoke to, Jeremy, told me that the new CEO, Dan Hesse, was not the CEO but just a hired actor. How does that feel Dan?? call me at 8433189320