The Truth About Kobe Beef

Real Kobe beef can only come from one region of Japan—and since the U.S. has banned Japanese beef imports due to mad cow fears, the best you can hope for now in an American restaurant is Kobe-style beef, writes Debonair Magazine. They explain what to look for if you’re shopping for this premium beef in the U.S., and the best way to prepare it.

If you’re a budget foodie, give up on the dream of tasting Kobe or Kobe-style beef anytime soon:

If you’re looking to cook at home and you can find Wagyu at $30 per pound, you are better off buying USDA Prime. This is one instance when you should go big or go home. In Japan, full-bred Kobe costs upwards of $300 per pound, but Lobels in Manhattan and other premier retailers sell the top quality American versions for around $100 per pound.

“Kobe Beef – Did You Pay For Fake Kobe Beef?” [Debonair]
(Photo: Getty)