Death By Overbooking?

Here’s an interesting lawsuit. The widow of an Air France passenger is suing that airline, claiming that their decision to bump her husband “caused him to miss a life-saving dialysis treatment at home.” The lawsuit charges Air France with breach of contract, negligence and wrongful death.

Gold star to anyone who can guess what the airline’s response was.

From USAToday:

Air France told Travel Weekly it could not comment since it had not seen the suit, but the carrier added that it takes “very seriously any incident involving the death or injury of one of its passengers onboard its flights.”

Overbooking is a pretty routine business practice, but there are some airlines who don’t do it, like JetBlue.

Widow Sues Air France, Claims Bumping Led To Husband’s Death [USAToday via Tripinator](Thanks, Craig!)

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