Bed Bath And Beyond isn’t doing so well now that you’re having trouble tapping that sweet, sweet home equity to buy 8 zillion thread count sheets. The WSJ says they’re discounting their merchandise heavily to try to tempt you. [WSJ]


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  1. balthisar says:

    Duh. They need to send out even more of their asinine 20% off coupons.

    Really, I do love Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but I know never to go there without coupons, and I know there’ll never be a lack of them.

  2. ElizabethD says:

    In terms of price and quality/designers, I do much better buying home goods at the TJX family of discount stores than at BB&B.

    Did you know BB&B will accept their competitor’s (Linens N Things) coupons as well as their own? So, you can double up that way. They will also accept their own coupons after expiration date, although not the limited-time ones that discount 20% of your entire purchase price — just the individual item coupons.

  3. HooFoot says:

    BB&B would save a fortune in printing costs and postage if they stopped stuffing my mailbox with those damn coupons.

  4. notlazyjustdontcare says:

    @ElizabethD: But you can use up to five individual-item 20%-off coupons in one transaction.

  5. ImmaterialGirl says:

    @ElizabethD: Every BB&B I’ve shopped at (only a couple in NJ and Pennsylvania, admittedly) has accepted any kind of coupon past the expiration date.

  6. ARP says:

    That’s the problem. Their coupons are their only draw. Almost everything else there is at full retail price. Full retail price doesn’t work with consumers as much, especially in that market.

  7. grepme says:

    Yeah, sorry guys, This is my fault. I rummage through people’s mail and garbage for those 20% off coupons. They will take more than 5 if you are reaaaaally nice.

    If they tumble, I will have no place to get my “as seen on TV” product fix on the cheap.

  8. mike1731 says:

    I always forget to bring the coupons with me, so I end up not shopping there — lots of their stuff can be found at Target w/o having to bring a coupon.

    I wish they’d kill off the coupon racket and just sell everything for 10% less.

  9. MonkeyMonk says:

    They’ll also accept any of their competitor’s 20% off coupons.

    They sometimes shoot themselves in the foot with all those coupons though. I’ve gotten to the point if I don’t have any of their coupons on hand (e.g., stop in on a spur of the moment) I won’t buy anything. People have become so accustomed to those damn coupons that if they stopped sending them out their sales would plummet.