Gawker Launches io9 Sci-Fi Blog

io9 is Gawker’s newest blog and it’s obsessed with the world(s) of science fiction. Site lead Annalee Newitz tells us what it’s all about:

Are you an unrepentant neophile? Do you sometimes think post-apocalyptic futures and alien invasions are pretty cool? Want to know what’s going to happen next to the climate, the shape of skyscrapers, the contents of your genome, or your favorite scifi TV show? Then come to

Sounds fun. Incidentally, legions of customer service drones rising up to overthrow their corporate overlords would make for a good sci-fi scenario.

i09 [Official Site]


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  1. Meg Marco says:


  2. ncboxer says:

    Can’t look at it- my corp network blocks this as “Pornography”.

  3. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @BEN POPKEN: “Incidentally, legions of customer service drones rising up to overthrow their corporate overlords would make for a good sci-fi scenario.”

    Sci-fi scenario?!? I was hoping it would REALLY happen!

  4. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    @NCBOXER and others:

    There is some nudity on the site. Particularly a vintage postcard with a guy in a robot suit surrounded by topless women. Also, the meta tags on the site include “cybersex”.

    I was browsing the site earlier and it kinda sucks. There are a few interesting stories related to science, but the site is mostly comic book/fantasy/sci-fi related material.

  5. ragold says:

    It’s blocked for me too. Nick Denton, please tell the editors to use euphamisms in the tags/headers. It would be really annoying to be able to only look at this from home.

    PKD 4eva

  6. B says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat: It is a Sci-Fi blog.

  7. Womblebug says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat: If you want science, try SlashDot. I’m all for comics/movies/etc. Is this Kotaku minus Japan, though?

  8. toddiot says:

    You would think 14 blogs was enough… =/

  9. Dustbunny says:

    So between Jezebel, Consumerist, ICHC and this new blog, I basically have no time for work or any other life at all. Thanks, Gawker overlords.

  10. threeoutside says:

    Haven’t checked the new site out yet (since it’s not Work Friendly) but did folks not know that there are literally HUNDREDS of science fiction and fantasy webzines out there with tons of great stories, art, interviews, & more? is a writer’s listing of markets but it has links to all the e- and small press zines…If you’re hungry for sf and/or fantasy stories, look around.

    The tone of the post and comments sounds like no one’s ever heard of online sf…

  11. Skiffer says:

    Oh wow…the comments on IO9 are awesome…

    I guess their version of the usual Consumerist Global Warming flame wars are whether or not TIE fighters are solar powered…