Common Waterproofing Sprays May Cause Lung Problems, But CPSC Won't Warn You About It

Several cheap waterproofing sprays—like Kenyon Water Repellent, Jobsite Heavy Duty Bootmate, Rocky Boot Weather and Stain Protector, and Stand ‘n Seal grout sealer—can cause “shortness of breath, persistent cough and in some cases long-term lung injuries,” writes the New York Times. Unfortunately, you won’t see warnings on any of these products, because the CPSC keeps ignoring state requests to do something about it.

Julie Vallese, a spokeswoman for the product safety commission, said the agency had received such requests and agreed that the topic merited attention. But a shortage of money has prevented it from doing the work, Ms. Vallese said.

Here’s hoping that an increased budget in 2008 gives the CPSC the means to, um, ensure product safety.

“State Health Officials Fault Lack of Federal Action on Waterproofing Sprays” [New York Times]

“Dangerous Sealant Recalled, Replaced By Just-As-Dangerous Sealant”
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