Best Time To Shop For Seasonal Bargains

Bankrate informs us that winter is the best season to shop for certain seasonal bargains, including:
Air conditioners, bicycles and outdoor gear, boats, and carpet and flooring.

Who knew?

Unlike some products on sale near the end of the year because of gift-giving holidays, flooring may be on sale because no one really wants to buy it at this time of the year. “Generally, the slowest time of the year is around Thanksgiving or Christmas and New Year. People generally have guests and are thinking about other things. With business being slow and retailers being motivated to move merchandise, that would be the best time,” says Chris Davis, president and chief executive officer of the World Floor Covering Association. “People tend to do their home renovation in the spring. If you’re in a place with seasons, for instance, Minnesota, the time to buy would be when you’d least expect it.”

Time to get a new floor!

Best time to shop [Bankrate]
(Photo:Jay Adan)


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  1. emilymarion333 says:

    I got a bike rack for my car for dirt cheap!

  2. m4ximusprim3 says:

    This is espescially applicable if you’re buying a real (read: expensive) boat.

    A buddy of mine got almost 7 grand off on a brand new X-star (30k mastercraft wakeboarding boat) because he bought it in November.

  3. azntg says:

    When retailers catch wind of the fact that consumers are taking advantage of that, well, it’s not a seasonal bargain any longer.

    I fear it’s only going to be a matter of time where there are no substantial bargains of any type.

  4. DamThatRiver says:

    Whoever wrote on that car misspelled “invincible.”

    Nice handwriting, though.

  5. RandomHookup says:

    Now is a good time to buy Christmas stuff.

  6. SaraAB87 says:

    But if they don’t put it on sale then it will never sell, and they will never move what they have to move. There will always have to be bargains because someone is always trying to sell something no one wants.

  7. don’t be so pessimistic azntg, there will always be deals to be had, you just have to be crafty

  8. jetmore says:


    They also left 2 words out of the quote. “…finally found IN ME an invincible summer.”

  9. theblackdog says:

    Well duh…it’s why I bought my leather jacket in July and got a $210 jacket for $75.