You People Are Buying A Lot Of Champagne

Americans have gone crazy for champagne, says USAToday.

Not since the buying frenzy of 1999, when people bought champagne in bulk to ring in the millennium, have U.S. champagne and sparkling wine sales been so high. Volume for 2007 is expected to hit 900 million glasses, up 4% over 2006, says the 2007 Impact Annual Wine Study.

“Americans are developing a taste for champagne and sparkling wine — slowly, but it’s growing,” says Frank Walters, director of research.

There is speculations that Americans are starting to drink champagne just because they like it, and not necessarily because they have something to celebrate.

Are you kicking back after work with a glass of fizz?

Consumers get bubbly about champagne sales [USAToday]

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