Woman Asked To Leave After Shopping At Walmart For 72 Hours

Police escorted a woman home after she was shopping, eating, and sleeping in a Georgia Walmart for three days straight. She blended in with the general Christmas madness and sustained herself by eating at the on-site Blimpie. When asked by employees at the end why she stayed for so long, she said, “I’m shopping.”

Woman Stays At Gwinnett Wal-Mart For Three Days [WSBTV2 via BoingBoing]


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  1. crazyflanger says:

    I can’t think of anything right now. I think america needs to chill with this whole christmas spending BS though….oh there we go I did think of something.

  2. elislider says:

    has the world gone completely mad?
    yes. yes it has…

  3. vaxman says:

    How to tell when christmas has gone to far in your life… That or she really likes christmas music on a 5 hour loop…

  4. trollkiller says:

    There is not much in Gwinnett Ga for a 70 year old woman to do. Sounds to me like we need more social programs to keep people from becoming geriatric delinquents. Maybe some midnight knitting or wheelchair parks.

    Seriously I hope one of the cops that escorted her home checks in on her. Sounds like dementia is setting in.

  5. Dan25 says:

    what could she possibly be doing for 72 hours? She had to have covered every square inch of that store several times.

  6. homerjay says:

    “The woman was escorted home by police after she paid for her merchandise.”

    If it wasn’t for that line I would have assumed she was just homeless. Now I simply shudder at what her home must be like.

  7. JessiesMind says:

    @trollkiller: Geriatric delinquents!!! Too funny, thank you!

  8. evslin says:

    Wow. I can barely go an hour in Wal-Mart without being pushed to the edge, let alone one day or even three days…

  9. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @vaxman: 5 hour loop? I thought it was only like an hour…

  10. ptkdude says:

    It’s too bad that annoying high-pitched noise doesn’t drive off the seniors like it does the teens!

  11. gman863 says:

    Instead of kicking her out, you would think Wal-Mart would have dressed her in a happy face vest and put her at the front door asking, Would you like a basket?”

  12. savvy999 says:

    Sure, she was ‘there’ for 72 hours, but, much like Walmart employees, only 39 counted.

  13. ideagirl says:

    @vaxman: I have 2700 songs in my Christmas collection…are you talking about me?

  14. TonySmash says:

    oh jeez, gwinnett? this was probably my aunt…

  15. Chris Walters says:

    Maybe 24-hour stores should alternate between 12 hours of the high-pitched noise to drive off teens, and 12 hours of A&F/Urban Outfitters soundtracks to drive off old folks. Of course, then we’d suffer a plague of hard-of-hearing delinquents standing around pointing knives at us and smoking… so then maybe we’d need 8 hours of bass turned up so high you can feel it move the hairs on your arms, then 8 hrs of the high tone, then 8 hrs of loud rock. Yes. Yes, this sounds like an ideal shopping experience. I will put this in a PowerPoint and pitch it to Wal-Mart.

  16. DrGirlfriend says:

    I tend to think that this is more of an isolated, this-lady-is-insane case, rather than an example of rampant Christmas spending. But maybe I am underestimating Americans’ shopping habits.

  17. jodles says:

    is there a time limit for how long you can be in a 24 hour wal-mart? not like i’d really want to spend more than a minute in there, but it doesn’t really sound like she did anything wrong…

  18. Buran says:

    @jodles: That’s what I was about to ask. What did she do that was actually illegal? I know a business can ask you to leave if it wants to, but honestly, I don’t see why they would do it. Don’t they want more money?

  19. UpsetPanda says:

    I think she was escorted out because she was sleeping there. Do stores assume any liability in a situation where a customer sleeps there and somehow dies? Could it be considered loitering after a significant amount of time in which it’s reasonably assumed that someone could’ve covered he whole store already?

  20. trollkiller says:

    She was escorted home not arrested, I don’t think she did anything illegal, I think the cops and Wal~Mart workers were concerned with the old gal’s well being.

  21. trollkiller says:


  22. Voyou_Charmant says:

    She was obviously caught up in a serious game of Wal-Mart survivor. I wonder if she won.

  23. synergy says:

    I think she didn’t do anything wrong technically, but spending that much time at a store that you sleep, eat, and use the facilities probably isn’t right either.

    Did they say what she bought? Being able to buy a pack of gum doesn’t mean she’s not homeless.


  24. mrestko says:

    Sounds like a bipolar woman having a manic episode.

  25. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Hey, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” American consumers are supposed to spend every waking moment between Thanksgiving and Christmas putting themselves in debt and buying carloads of crap, and this woman was just doing her part.

    It’s a 24-hour Wal-Mart, and she wasn’t breaking any laws.

    Personally, I think she’s an extraordinary woman, because I can’t even stand to spend more than half an hour in a Wal-Mart without losing my mind, and that’s in the off-season. This woman deserves some kind of award!

  26. WraithSama says:


    Every time I read one of your posts, my mind subconsciously narrates it with that deep voice.

  27. kwsdurango says:

    What the big deal? I spent 73 hours in line just the other day.

  28. GOKOR says:

    @jodles: She did sleep there.

    Maybe she wanted a Wii…really bad.

  29. Hoss says:

    Either she has no relatives — or got a bunch of uncaring relatives. Hope she didnt buy them presents

  30. scampy says:

    I can imagine anything I would rather do less than spend 72 hours at Walmart. I cant even stand driving through the parking lot there. Id rather be in jail for 72 hours. At least its quiet and there isnt any screaming kids running around like jackals

  31. niteflytes says:

    Ugh, she must have been pretty ripe after 3 days. No wonder they wanted her to leave.

  32. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @kwsdurango: And that was the express lane!

  33. camman68 says:

    @trollkiller: If the police “Escorted her home”, I don’t think she was homeless.

  34. Electroqueen says:

    Wow. One of the reasons why people from other countries look down upon us Americans.
    Baths in sink, food at Blimpies, sounds to me that woman could have gotten away with it if she wasn’t so conspicuous. She should have lived in a box between the aisles, preferably someplace in the dead spots of security cameras.

  35. trollkiller says:

    @camman: I think you were aiming at someone else. I never said she was homeless.

  36. trollkiller says:

    I am just glad the store had a Blimpies instead of McDonald’s…. can you imagine the havoc that 3 days of Micky Ds would have on a 70 year old intestinal tract.

  37. nardo218 says:

    When my friend got kicked out of her house at 19 for being trans, she spent the overnights in Walmart.

  38. hills says:

    I just have to know – WHAT DID SHE BUY?!?!

  39. meneye says:

    she probably didn’t even buy that much, considering she would have had to lug all that around.

  40. SkyeBlue says:

    They come into our towns and stay forever, why can’t she go into their store and stay 72 hours if she wants to? I thought that is what they wanted, for everyone in America to be at a Walmart 24/7?

  41. weezedog says:

    She was probably there because her heat was turned off because she couldn’t afford the outrageous natural gas/heating oil/etc.. prices.

  42. surewriting says:

    Gwinnett is Great! Success lives here! Where it is great, because success lives here, because it is so great…

  43. forgottenpassword says:

    Ok we need more info on this one! Was her heat turned off at home? WHat did she buy? Was she escaping the holiday hell of screaming grandchildren & annoying relatives at her home? Was she on a holiday shopping marathon? Or was she one of those seniors who isnt all there?

    I used to work as a security guard & evey once in a while some elderly person would arrive at a closed store or restaurant at midnight thinking it was noon…. I kid you not!

  44. kalmakazee says:

    WoW! She beat my record. My wife and I shopped at a Walmart once for more than 5 hrs. Lol! We must have no life, lol. I can’t believe that that old woman beat our record, :-D

  45. HOP says:

    that’s a nice record to get into the record books….btw,,,merry christmas everyone……

  46. Musician78 says:

    Sad. Even when I am not doing anything, I am trying to think of better, more effective ways of avoiding Wal-Mart.

  47. Trick says:

    What about her daughter, Americus Nation?

  48. Yankee_Babe3 says:

    I’m not sure what happened here. Why such a thing would happen. The police, however, did not arrest her, and for those making statements such as, “just because she can buy a pack of gum doesn’t mean she is not homeless,” the idea here is that the police ESCORTED HER HOME, leading us to believe she is NOT homeless.

    This is sad on many different levels.
    1) Walmart stays open 24/7 thus inviting the most bizarre behavior/people.
    2) Where was her family? Why were they not concerned with her wherabouts?
    3) This is a fine example of how rude and passive we are toward our elderly, three days unnoticed… hmmm… put a goth teen in the store for two minutes and they’ll be watched like a hawk.
    4) If she shopped for 72 hours did she ONCE get asked if she needed help looking for something? Yet another fine display of Wal-marts, “customer courtesy!!!” But then that would have to mean somebody cared enough to even notice her (refer to number 3)
    5) Who brought her to Wal-mart? How did she get there? Did any one citizen, employee, police officer, etc care enough to ask her this?
    6) Has Guiness been contacted?
    7) To all those big time CEO’s, if you care enough to take a poor man’s dollar wont you at least care enough to acknowledge them while they’re spending it in YOUR STORE!!!!
    Merry Christmas to all!!! Spend more time loving and caring!!!

  49. banmojo says:

    yeah, this wasn’t about the shopping, this was about something else. and as for Americans shopping too much, yeah, like I wasn’t in Hungary last month, and I didn’t see truckloads of people at the 24 hour Tesco at 2am SHOPPING, and then I didn’t come back through London, and I didn’t see TRUCKLOADS of Brits crowding Harrods and Oxford street station (and its vicinity). NO, that wasn’t me eye-witnessing those events. Merry f4#@ing Xmas, US haters. We love you too.

  50. Tonguetied says:

    More likely the lady was confused and somewhat disoriented (she is 70 years old). A trip to the hospital was probably more in order but if she is insisting that she doesn’t want to go to the hospital then home is the next best option.

  51. surfacenoise76 says:

    What’s not being reported is when she was lead out of the store, she was screaming, “but I thought I’d reached the Innermost Circle?!?!?!”

  52. econobiker says:

    She had told her husband that “I’ll only be a few minutes.”

    If I was Walmart security, I would check the parking lot for a Mercury Grand Marquis with a dead 75 year old guy in it.

  53. KogeLiz says:

    i’ve spent about 4 hours at walmart.
    the lady is 70, probably bored.

    she paid for her food from blimpies, paid for her merchandise. i mean, if it wasn’t for her going to sleep (makes me wonder where she slept), i don’t see what’s wrong with it. I mean, what if she came in and out 20 times in 72 hours? No one would care.

    Also, everyone is making 70 years old seem like she is a white-haird 4’3″ elderly woman who can’t see or hear. I mean, come on. I have two grandmothers that are 70 and still date, have full-time jobs, travel, cook, drive, etc.

  54. mir777 says:

    Wonder what the staff was thinking at hour 37.

  55. hi says:

    If the lady is 70 she wasn’t bored. She probably went to one side of the store, then the other then came back to the side she was at before and it was all new again! Yay!

  56. just_paranoid says:

    that surely has to set the guiness book of world records.

  57. RollOverForMore says:

    She was actually looking for a product made in America.

  58. timsgm1418 says:

    I agree, they should give her a $1000 Walmart certificate as a prize for longest shopping spree@dwayne_dibbly:

  59. WheelDawg says:

    How many shopping carts did she fill? :P

  60. jakejarmel says:

    Crazy story, though Walmart does have some great prices: [bountii.com]