I Escaped Sprint Without Early Termination Fee And Lived To Tell The Tale

A Consumerist reader reports his success with escaping Sprint without paying an early termination fee by calling the Sprint Consumerist Executive Help Line (703-433-4401), who were the only people who didn’t give him a line of bull when he called. He argued that the new fees Sprints was imposing were a material change of contract (see “Sprint Mails Customers A “Get Out Of Sprint Free” Card“) and thus voided his agreement so he could now switch carriers and port his number without penalty.

Jeff writes: “I called Sprint and spoke with a customer care rep. I was advise that the increase in fee’s was government regulated event hough it states on the post card I got that “these charges are not taxes and are not amounts we are required to collect from you…”

.”..well the customer care rep thought other wise. He put me on hold for awhile to check with another department. The other department stated there is nothing they can do until it bills to my account. I asked why. The lady stated because it is not going to be charged to all customers but everyone got the post card just in case. I was dumbfounded…

I then called retentions the next day and was advise that the charges are coming but I can’t disconnect till January 1st because the system won’t let them waive the ETF because it has not started to bill yet. I thought BS.

Today I called Executive Customer Care, someone answered on the 2nd ring. When I mentioned the post card she knew exactly what I was talking about. I then asked about having the early term fee waived because of the fee change and she stated sure. She asked when I was looking to do it, I told her today and she placed me on hold. In about 5 minutes she came back and stated okay here is your case number, her name and direct line and to call her once I got the service ported.

So I went in and ported my number. I called the lady at executive customer care back and she took care of the problem in 2 minutes. She stated that the fee has been waived.

I just got what seems like my final ebill and it shows a lower bill then my original bill. So executive customer care works wonders. The people on that line are more knowledgeable and friendlier to talk to.

Once again another success story just by reading Consumerist.com and following the advise given.


(Photo: Sam Wilkinson)

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