How To Reset Your Password If Your Yahoo Account Is Hacked

A friend of a friend’s Yahoo account was hacked and now all the guy’s personal and professional contacts are getting emails saying that he’s stuck in Africa and needs to be wired money immediately. Here’s some solutions we found that might help him reset his password.

  • Call 866-562-7219, press 2, press 2. Be ready to provide DOB, date account was hacked, some details about the last emails you accessed, and the answer to your secret question.
  • Repeatedly email customer service at
  • Email, in the subject line, put your old password.
  • Call 1-(408) 349-1572, tell them you’re a premium member (even if you’re not), they will transfer you to password department.
  • Have you ever gotten your Yahoo account hacked? How easy/hard was it to regain control of it?

    What You Can Do If Your Yahoo Account is Hacked [Castle Cops]