Circuit City posted a rather large loss this quarter, $207.3 million, up from $20.4 million a year ago. Stocks fell nearly 21% on the news. We went into a Circuit City a few years ago and remember it as being overwhelmingly gray in color. [CNN Money]


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  1. KelbornCmd says:

    In terms of the color scheme and amount of ambient noise, I actually much prefer Circuit City to Best Buy. Best Buy gives me a huge headache as soon as I walk in the door.

  2. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    The Circuit City near me feels like a really big Radio Shack, complete with the clueless employees.

  3. Dead Wrestlers Society says:

    The atmosphere is nice, the prices are insanely high.

  4. JeffMc says:

    I think I know the problem.

    You can’t find the friggin’ check outs in Circuit City. It’s very hard to turn a profit when customers can’t figure out how to give you money.

    Granted I’ve only been to two CCs ever but both of them had these weird little checkouts around the store – instead of at the front near the doors like very other store in existence – and even when I found one of them there was no one staffing it.

    I actually put the CDs that I’d picked up on impulse down on one of these counters and left in frustration.

  5. HRHKingFriday says:

    I went there a couple years ago, and was frustrated by the fact that you have to walk around that “ring” set up. I kind of just wanted to get directly to the back of the stor so I could get the CD-RWs that were on sale. Oh, and not be flagged by like 10 salesmen on the way. Sure! I’d love a new 52 in. plasma to go with my $2 pack of CDs!

  6. Vicky says:

    My opinion of CC has actually greatly improved in the last few months. They’re easy to get in and out of and can quickly and accurately tell me whether something is in stock when I call. No such luck with BB or Target.

  7. bigat says:

    Ok, Compusa has closed. Now BB and CC is reporting big losses. One day there will be no big electronic’s store only online retailers with big warehouses like,, ect…

    The future sure does look interesting, doesn’t it.

  8. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I agree that the check outs are annoying. I was there just the other day for printer ink (which, for some reason, almost all of the type I needed had damaged packaging…) and I couldn’t find where to check out. It was a small table with one cashier, and a broken recipt printer.

  9. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    For savy internet shoppers, there would be no problem if we were left with stores like newegg, monoprice,, etc.

    That is because those shoppers know how to do research. Check reviews of items on various sites, hunt for bargains, download PDF manuals to check out specs. Chances are most of us on here are that kind of shopper.

    The ones who get screwed as stores like CompUSA and Circuit City go under is the uninformed shoppers. While we may bust on them, they are the majority, and keep things going. In order for them to buy a better product, they like to handle the digital cameras, see the TVs on display, or talk to a sales person about why one computer may be better for them than another (and probably be lied to…but whatever). Those folks will still need the in store experience, no matter how bad it can be.

  10. meneye says:

    @JeffMc: no, it’s the horrid customer service. If they had good customer service they could point you to the nearest checkout.

  11. Sudonum says:

    BB is not reporting huge loses, quite the contrary. []

  12. gorckat says:

    href=”#c3424956″>AlteredBeast: Maybe the savings rate will go up if all the B&M electronics places close shop!@AlteredBeast:

  13. CompUSA goes down first, I’m calling Circuit City going down next.

  14. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Yep, I can see Circuit City going next. I don’t see Best Buy going for awhile, but I could see Sears doing away with their electronics department.

  15. UpsetPanda says:

    Wow. Going from 20.4 million in loss to 207.3 million in loss isn’t big, it’s catastrophically massive!

    A few problems for CC…when I walk in, I feel like I’m in a cave or a lair of bloodsucking fiends in red shirts with name tags. There’s a reason the producers of “Chuck” named the fictional electronics store Buy More, a Best Buy clone, rather than a Circuit City clone. When I walk in, I feel like I need a decontamination chamber waiting outside. At least BB people leave you alone if you want them to…at CC I was hounded and even when I was leaving, they asked me if I looked at the ______ department.

  16. humperdinck says:

    @Jaysyn: You found employees at Circuit City? I made the mistake of going to one last night – 5 days before Christmas, and there were two cashiers, one guy behind the computer service counter, and NO sales people on the floor in any department. I wonder why they can’t make sales.

  17. hn333 says:

    @AlteredBeast: Agree with you 100%

  18. iamme99 says:

    @JEFFMC AT 11:56 AM
    I think I know the problem.

    YES! After standing in line at the counter at the front of the store about 1 year or so ago for nearly 20 minutes, I get to someone who can take my money. I complain about the long wait. The guy says “oh, you could have went to to one of those other cashier stations”. Gee….

    Unfortunately, those stations were fairly hidden and didn’t stand out in the crowded mess of the store.

    And they should be in the front anyway.

    After that experience plus management’s decision to lay off much of their salesforce earlier this year because they were making too much money (what $16/hr w/commissions?), I haven’t looked at Circuit City ads since. There are too many other places to shop. I don’t need them. And given their latest results, looks like many other shoppers feel the same way.

  19. Counterpoint says:

    @AlteredBeast: BBY won’t be going anywhere, except for up. People like to touch and visually compare major electronics purchases. Would you decide between three 60″ LCDs solely based on Amazon reviews? Of course not, you’d want to view them in a store and decide by yourself which one has the best picture.

    That being said, I think electronics retailers in general are going to keep having issues, and we’ll be left with one main b&m retailer. For better or worse, that looks like BBY.

  20. The Stork says:

    @iamme99: “After that experience plus management’s decision to lay off much of their salesforce earlier this year because they were making too much money (what $16/hr w/commissions?), I haven’t looked at Circuit City ads since.”

    More like $11.35/hr with no commission or spiffs. Some employees made upwards of $16-$17, but there were employees fired who made as little as $11. Circuit hasn’t had any commissions or bonuses (other than the worthless yearly shrink bonus) since early 2003, so there was no additional compensation above that hourly wage.

  21. ToadKillerDog says:

    I predicted Circuit City’s death spiral on Daily Rotten years ago. As CC continues to reward incompetent upper management and fire competent employees, the company profit will continue to go down.

    The reason that you couldn’t find anyone to help you is two fold. 1. They cut hours in order to put more money in the pockets of non productive upper management. 2. The people who are still there are to lazy or despondent to actually do work.

    Boy, am I glad I didn’t accept their bogus come back to us offer.

  22. edrebber says:

    The sales associates are looking for old people that they can con into buying accessories and extended warranties. The associates will get fired if they don’t sell enough accessories and extended warranties. They would rather not sell anything then to sell something without the an accessory or extended warranty.

  23. Keter says:

    I am going to miss CompUSA – other than overpriced cables, they were pretty good, and their online store was nice, although it required too many clicks to navigate. I helped them develop their ratings and reviews system, and used it myself to pick things to buy and to report on things I had purchased. It was easy to find things in the physical stores, and the sales people weren’t afraid to admit it when they didn’t know the answer to a question and would let me use a computer to go online and find out.

    I hate Circuit City: it’s red and black inside – feels like being inside a blood clot. It’s also noisy: somebody has got a stereo or TV cranked way up every time I have to go in there. The sales staff is uninformed and smarmy. They deserve to die.

    @KELBORNCMD: That headache comes from an active noise cancellation system. Many big box retailers use them, and they drive me out of the stores immediately.